Friday, August 29, 2008
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see.. i know i'll be in this position again. regretting what i wrote.. sigh sigh.. the past's past, let's look forward to happy terms.. tonight's the junior's (Batch xi) Cultural Performance!! Whippie!!

It's a legacy each year, that each batch has to do their own cultural performance! i think my batch's was great!! we had a theme, 'MERDEKA' and lots of culture stuffs..

from mariam's "... SENYUM!! KNAPE TAK SENYUM!!!!!.."
to Abu (Parameswara's..) "... Why are you ALWAYS LATE??.." - *checks position of shadow on his 'solar watch'

and the portugeese dutch maids, and japanese occupation!! I was involved with painting the backdrop and also acting!! i acted in Scene 3!!! i was one of the orang kampung... and haqqa was the merchant who was supposed to layan me... hahah "Dates.. do you have dates?.. This one how much??,, haiyo too exp la... "

Heehe... so all the best to the juniors and i hope to get nice pictures tonight!!! Till then, trials next week.. ARGH!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008
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URGHH!!! i am sooo not happy with my current situation!!! URGH!! it's not about me, it's about XXX!!! URGH!!!! i hate this!!!!

treat me like crap, treat me like crap..
ignore me and push me aside,
neglect me and shove me behind,
silence me and leave me alone,
never reply me, and make me walk home,
treat me like crap, treat me like crap!!!!

i am NOT CRAP!!!!!!! Man, some people just dont get it.. GEEZ, i know i will probably feel sorry afterwards, but as if of NOW!!!! I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!!! *thank goodness, that my temper is short, and i will easily forget this... but as if of NOW.... HATE!!!!!!!!!!

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Food for Thought...

My friend and i came up with this while we were cracking our heads doing maths..

"Hey Jo, boring la these questions.. kalao kalao tak integrate, we differentiate.. kalao x integrate, differentiation pulak. OMG... TAK SUKE!!!"
"Yeah,, i wonder when's the next topic... "
"It's it like... so nice when we have problems, we just DIFFERENTIATE to get solutions.."
"Yah.. and when we have no problems we just INTEGRATE to create havoc!"
"Haha, kalao pon manusia blh 'di-integratekan' .. we'll be mutants.. and scary and whoaaa "
** pandangan slack... " .. Elee.. buat kerja la..."

"Haha, how i wish when we can integrate and differentiate each other.. this world would be much simpler this way.. get it? get it? (calculus is hard, but i said make this world much simpler.. haha .. GET IT??)"


*Jo shoots herself in the head!!! BANG!!

p/s: the 'maths' that we are doing is not your average Form 5 stuff... you know your stuff, and we know ours..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
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Life is beautiful, 
Life is wonderful,
Life is a full moon,
Life is a tale of Spring's Bloom,

Life is a dream,
Life is a fantasy,
Life is reaching out, 
Life is giving in, 

Life is a long journey,
Life is a long stroll,
Life is a living memory,
Life is bio and chemistry

Life is priceless,
Life is a one-way road,
Life is one big heck of a mess,
Life is just a 'ON' mode,

Life is happy,
Life is bored,
Life is together and forever,
Life is alone at night, on your bed,

life is beautiful... life is bittersweet... life is this instance... 
so get your butts off the chair and start living!!!

you know when they say, "you'll never know what you got, until it's gone.." well.. my week's been like that.. though not in a moody way, but in, remarkable way.. it's like my Life's telling me that i should slow it down, take a sec... CHILL LAH!!!... and pointing things that are significant to me.. of which i neglected long time ago.. speaking of that.. 

i neglected.. 
- my homework... maths especially.. months overdue!!
- my msian studies .. still working on it..
- mural painting.. it's still unfinished..
- spending time with my friends... we're all stuck in a busy fantasy world of our own..
- my family.. i miss them
- my drawing time.. i refrain myself from sketching.. and i dont draw much these days..
- movies.. i have tons, but not time to watch em
- studies.. as usual.. but i'm giving them a lot more of 'ME' time now

and it goes on, as you can see, i can always crap up an 'EXCUSE' for each that i neglect. But i know i'll lose it if i dont pick them up and finish them or at least DO something about it. Like blogging too, i miss blogging, and i think some are dying to know what's 'GOING ON' with me lately.. sigh sigh sigh.. Always too much to do, and no time for Anything...

But, NO.. this time, i need to go slow, take things one step at a time.. and getting the job done.. As inspired by a friendly neighbor to excel in my Physics, i need to motivate myself.. Pump it Up a lil'.. and i'd thank Jean, for showing me that 'Life's tough..!!' and Clairey, for making me believe that 'Dreams do come true, though in a different way from what we have hoped for'

Well, let's just hope this is a new start once again.. i wonder where did i put my New Year's Revelation... hmm.. heheee till then@! Dont fret, Dont Neglect!! Peace out! 

Saturday, August 09, 2008
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Sorry again, for the lack of updates, but haha.. here are some Doe pictures.. if you dont know what DoE is,.. goggle it up.. i'm doing the Bronze Award therefore i had to do a TRIAL expedition of 25 km (walking), camping and surviving in the wild!! Pheww

26th - 27th July 08 was the D-day!! From college, we (adventurers) were driven to a pitstop (ladang kelapa sawit kot) and from the pitstop, we were to navigate ourselves to our camp site! It was about 5 - 8 kms only.. Our camp site was at some river with a man-made hot spring.. Kerling...

For the second day, we had to walk all over some jungle-tracks which was later blocked by some deforestation activities, so we had to turn back and switch to our next route, which took us to a friendly Caltex!!! Haha, we cheated cause we bought drinks here.. 100 plus... soothing...

Then walk walk walk some more until... a rubber estate.. then to a oil palm plantation.. and walk walk walk... to the PITSTOP which we were dropped the day before, we has lunch here..

Now, we - refer to me and my group mates - Velu, Lili, Neo, Durga, Corny, me..

so we, made a quick decision, not to take lunch but to finish our last 6-7 kms back to college so that we can finish early.. so we passed the rest, crossed a bridge to a road leading to three separate path, left - road, concrete, middle, up a hill, road, right, jungle, semak samun kinda track. hmm before that mr hanson, our instructor said something.. about the route but none of us were paying attention..

Soo... we made another quick decision to turn left, as said by Velu.. (we trust him because he's a Indian.. hahaa.. just joking... he jsut lead the way, we followed... ) we were damn happy... singing, cheering, can wait to go back to college.. before we passed a few cows, some plantation.. when something went fishy...

Hmmm... what was it?? We stopped and asked for directions,... but the *not-so-kind man from the truck told us that we were heading to some Orang Asli Kampung.. God knows what was happening there.. then we asked another man from a bike, and he told us the same thing. So.. we called mr hanson up, and he told us to walk all the way back (by this time we walked for almost 30 minutes already that's like.. 2-3 kms) OMG!!

We hurdled all the wayy back to the three turns... (*wasted about 1 hour ++) (*owh yea, i complained about my back and my feet and everything else, and Velu offered, yes he OFFERED to take my rugsack.. haha how sweet!) ,.. and saw a huge sign saying, "THIS WAY TO LEMBAH BERINGIN, 6 km.."

we made all the way up a very very very steep hill (*there was a kind-chinese-dude driving a HUGE truck loader, who offered us a lift back, but we kindly said no.. jgn jgn if we see Mr hanson or the other group members.. terkantoi pulak!!) then walked through the NEVER ENDING WINDING road.... .... ...... before we saw our college...... sitting there.. waiting for us...

Overall, it was indeed embarrassing... when the other adventurers called us, and asked where were we and all... *cause we're the last.. dang.. * but it was bittersweet experience, and i cant wait for the REAL expedition, next year!! Whippie!!


rubber plantation.. banyak nyamuk!!


walking down a mushy, muddy lane.. say bye bye to clean old Nike's

getting deeper into the jungle.. wow..

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THank you

9th july
- pressie from Javey & Shaun

11th july
- ecard from Alhafidz

12th july
- angpow from popo
- 12.36 pm Jenny

13th july
00.01 Ah jess
00.01 Shaun
00.03 Pchk
00.04 Ash
00.04 Chelle
00.13 Pat
00.17 Ken
00.19 Iqbal
00.22 Chaer
00.35 Isa
01.05 Asvin
07.40 Wai Shan
08.52 Adam
09.11 Othi
09.22 Corny
09.36 GOC
09.57 Mum
10.04 Iman
10.14 jean
10.16 Julie
10.21 Karen
10.26 Atikah
10.33 Izzie
11.00 Dad
11.24 Joel
11.52 Javey
12.08 Claire
12.50 Letha's sis
13.42 K B Heng
14.10 Sulwan
14.12 Diby
14.26 Irshad
14.40 zaa'ba
15.02 Fahmi - Nonel
15.22 Arthur
16.18 Byan
16.28 Syahira
16.39 Nea
16.39 Ali
21.00 PaT, Jacky, Jackson
21.30 Lionel
21.45 Pan
22.23 Tiff
22.30 Eilyn
23.35 Aiman Kamal

14th july
- My college mates, thanks affira,

Special thanks to: Stella, for making it wonderful, and Letha (*muaks) for making it happen in college.. my love, i send to you..

Okay, my birthday thanks are a lil out dated, but still THANKYOU EVERYONE!!!! (*it's because of the stu connection here.. dang!!)

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
My WishList
- save money to go to JAPAN!
- Bunjee-jump.
- Fly a plane.
- have a Gay friend!
- Get Punk'd.
- Own a taxi company with Claire
- Travel to Ethiopia
- own 'Star-Spanged-Banner', a restaurant
- Join the Amazing Race
- date a pilot >..<
- Go to TOKYO!!
- learn surfing
- Have a nice Bday bash with stel
- Be a nice tour guide to my friends
- Meet Wentworth Miller.

"Must Do"s
- get an external
- tidy up room
- repaint room downstairs
- be good in driving
- get sims 3
- finish PhotoAlbum

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