Sunday, April 17, 2005
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Halloween, Halloween..
Yup! There's gonna be a GM on 21st April, this coming thursday, it's a holiday... i hope comittee members can come. Any 'unfairness' will be discussed, and if you don't feel right or disagree with things, thursday's the day. It's at Sarawak Plaza, to simplify stuff, H20 to be exact. Please be punctual.. Start at 11, ends... who knows... the faster we finish the earlier we can go home! So, see ya....


Here's something i wrote in my book...
.....Pissed off by the cruel reality.. i wonder if it felt the same for the dead.. Do they feel like this too? Are they depressed? Are they better off us humans, trying so hard to extend our time, so hard to destroy ourselves... Are they?? Do they??? I guess i'll find out when my time's here... before that time, i can't help thinking...

Friday, April 15, 2005
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Over.. finally....
Hey, wassup?
Phew.. choir finally over... arggh.. got second place, first by green road and third by st may.. well, at least second... now... need to STUDY,, A.S.A.P! i don't wanna fail... I'm busy ... as always... well, actually nobody knows that.. they'll see me as... 'annoying, lazy, got-nothing-to-do, empty,' girl, sitting there all day.. day dreaming.. well, F.Y.I, i can be useful... well especailly to stella, sometimes, it's not that i'm unreliabe.. it's just i'm thinking far from the other side...
i have reasons in what i have done
i just don't go mess things nor forget. Please understand... though i may have hurt feelings and get mad, i am forgiving and i am willing to do that for anyone who believes..

On the other hand, the halloween party, we're thinking of raising fund!Yay! Mother's day coming and we're selling cakes and flowers (most probably). Any further information, please contact me. Recycling project too.. Papers, and alluminium tins.. we're collecting!! hopefully it'll be a success...

Relief! Relief!.... Jamming with Jesus is on later... See you soon!


Monday, April 11, 2005
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Halloween's back,, Hahahhaha.. for those who didn't know bout this, you gotta check it out! Invitations will be out before OCt. Long way to go, wanna join, better be naughty... wahahahaah.. d-tails more on this site. better stay tuned...

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Lord of the Band, The conclusion...
whoa, let me tell you my whole experience at the SUPP hall yesterday. okay, i reached the SUPP entrance at round 1 something as told by jenny, along with karen. Met up with jenny's mom, sis and uncle on the stairs. then we waited.... at the front gate. Saw a whole lot of people.. Waited and waited.. saw a lot of bands too like evenstarr, dream machine, and lots of musicians... but they went to the back stage... then waiting time again.... duh... POPSTARS... always unpunctual... having sound check while we, audience, have to wait outside in the hot afternoon... then jen's (jenny) dad went up and took us out of the crowd.. (us refering to me, karen, kat, and lelia now..) then to the backstage.. i have no idea how he got the pass but we did manage to get in and give jen a surprise (she's taking part too). we talked, chatted for quite a while, meeting her band members.. nice nice girls.. around the back.. i saw 'clean paper', looking nervous, but still keeping their cool. Boy, 'this is going to be a great show' i thought. then we went back and waited again.... -_-!! until almost 2, sound check over! GREAT! i was 3rd to go in .. wahahhaha BOO YA! went in.. there were 3 sections, up front, empty, for ppl to jump, 2nd.. that's where the sound equipments are.. judges, etc etc.. and 3rd chairs.. sat at the 3 one... first row.. while jen's uncle + dad set up the camera.. cool. then it's waiting time again... until almost 2.30, the first band.. (forgot the name) >.<> jen's and kat's, we went to SCR and dined. Tank filled, then we headed back.. when we got in.. whoa... the 1st section was totally filled with people, jumping.. screaming... knocking round their friends, It was a disaster to me! only the forst few rows though... we had to sit on the floor... end of 1st section, blocked by the sea of crowd hopping in front. lost count of the bands, let me refresh... there were Swells, De- something, Bujang, Rouge/Rose, darn i forgot... okay, it rocked now, it was like a live nirvana/slipknot concert of some sort.. hehe.. well, time flies... last band annouced.. eager to know the winner... but darn it. Nor Prairies or clean paper were listes in the top 10. USh..

While the day turned to night, i now stood eagerly to see OAG. Jen stayed back too, although downed, there's alwasy next year! First band, Dream machine!WHOA! they ROCKED! 3 songs. well the first one was... *si lan ch**** (hokkien) foul language.. 2nd.. some *qui* then 3rd some NPPLNPL??? they jumped, they shriekked with all their might.. i did that too.. but not the bad words.. (Oo yeah, stella was here now.. just came from pbk) it was round 8 then.. (okay, stella was here long time ago, let's say after SCR) then evenstarr.. Silas rocked.. sang Ruang di antara, ??, Masih, ??. yeah.. karen jumped and screamed the lyrics full force, and ended it with a "i LOVE YOU SILAS!!!" hehe, i just sang and jumped making the ROCK sign... Then, moment of truth, OAG!!!!!!! Oh my god, they were sooo hot... Ssssttt... pinch me! started with beautiful, then permaisuri i think and ...*i'm wacthing, i'm watching.. i'm watching.. i'm watching.. 6.....* OOO yeah.. but then it was already past nine.. iad to go back.. darn... wish i can stay and maybe get his auto or picture.. went back early, looking at the ton of homework on my desk.. i though..
"Who cares? It's not like everyday you get to see your friend and celebrities to play in Kuching! HAH!.. I'll
just leave some for tomorrow.. besides i can use choir as an excuse.. >.<..."
but i did do my moral, and bm... then fell asleep on my desk..*drooling*.... ZzzZZzz.. woke up at 1.30.. watched football.. then went up to my chamber... haiz.. busy day.... but fun... had a very nice dream that night.. whoa... ZzzzZZzzZzzzzzzz..........

That's all i can say.. wait.. the winner was BUJANG (unbelievable) 2nd was The ROUGE/ROSE.. for those who missed it, you MUST go next year!

Peace rocks and all the best!! Good night

P/S; Jenny, don't get down, you and yoru band are still rockers and dont give up. i'll always support you. To clean paper, you're new (aorund 2 years??? maybe..) don't worry... i'm sure you guys have a bright future.. You rocked too... i'm envious.. hah... Rock on Dudez... and may The God of ROCK place his piece on you guys forever! ROCKERS NEVER DIE!!! >.<

Keep on posting..... wakakakakakka


Saturday, April 09, 2005
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Lord of The Band! Kuching
This year's hot....
Damn hot! remember to catch it today at SUPP hall and tomorrow too. Check it out! Start this afternoon around 12.. more than 80 bands performing. And a band of my friend's, Jenny called Prairies! Rock em' dudez!and a whole lot more... Be sure to check it out ya! BE there or BE square! PEACE ROCKS!

p/s: need your votes people! and jen, i'll always support you..... kekekek. sing it like you never sang before.. opps... i forgot... you play drums...hahah.... rock the house down then jen!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005
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Critical situation..
What has become of my schooling days now.. haiz.. if it isn't just the same old story... haiz.. this morning, in class, add maths lesson... whoa.... pat vs katherine!!! Go! Go! Go! took the whole's class's attention. What's with katherine you say? Well, just say she's a little high on her heels since this morning. Pat? Just doing her job i guess.. i mean like, who's to blame if both aren't doing anything worng!! Well, enough of that, how bout my life eh... School library.. stinky hot.. man!!! It's like a living hell in there.. The rest of the day was okay... seriously need more time to study. Huh... -_-!! been designing the Halloween party cards.. tough job there and doing somemore serious junk lately. Man, this is boring.. okay.. peace and rock!

Somebody knows, that she is the one..
One in the pink dress walking to the sun...
One in the rain alone, dreaming about her life,
& what's holding her back...
From the mysteries of love from the heart...
Somebody knows that she's the perfect one,
If there anybody who's love affecting me,
She is the one....

written by me! (singing the song) for all the guys, don't give up that easy..

Monday, April 04, 2005
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Iguanna's Blogspot
A place for craptalkers, spammers and all united frogfans! Share your inner intentions (positive only)in your one and only, iguanna blogspot! Heh!

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
My WishList
- save money to go to JAPAN!
- Bunjee-jump.
- Fly a plane.
- have a Gay friend!
- Get Punk'd.
- Own a taxi company with Claire
- Travel to Ethiopia
- own 'Star-Spanged-Banner', a restaurant
- Join the Amazing Race
- date a pilot >..<
- Go to TOKYO!!
- learn surfing
- Have a nice Bday bash with stel
- Be a nice tour guide to my friends
- Meet Wentworth Miller.

"Must Do"s
- get an external
- tidy up room
- repaint room downstairs
- be good in driving
- get sims 3
- finish PhotoAlbum

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