Wednesday, July 27, 2005
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I feel... good.. that's the spirit!
Yes, finally.. the final showdown.. heh, mind me, i'm just breaking my leg after a long period of suffering and pain. Not physically.. see i've been suffering from a severe case of betrayal. To think that, people actually talked bad about me?? Yeah right, i know.. and i don't care no more! HAH!

C'mon people, who here can actually promise not to talk bad bout people, Huh? Huh? Any answers? OF COURSE NOT! You can't, it's nhuman nature, you got to gossip sometimes, although it sucks and you'll feel the guilt of it later, it FEELS good when you're GOSSIPING. Okay, okay, i'm not promoting gossips but just.. it's true isn't it..? Hehhe

For some cases, people don't actually gossip, they hear em then agree with whoever gossips about it. Ain't that weird, yes, it does occurs to many people, regrettably..

We'll be forever the bad guys.. yes.. i know.. but what bout them? always the merciless, begging victims.. selling their lives away to some other people? Isn't that pathetic and weak?? My goodness, aduh.. and you're acutally spending time to read this crap, heh it's alright, you don't have to agree with anything i said, for most, this IS my blog.. and you're just an observant, think wisely before chosing friends, my friends, or you'll regret it.. my apologies..

Well, i'm trying to forget everything, but.. i'll keep it close to my heart.. heh for certain reasons..

P/S: today mr teo just said. "IDIOT to some girls in the hall.. whoa.. he said it twice.. Go Mr TEO! go MR TEO!.. You RULE!! but still i can't believe it... and the principal was there it... tch tch... javier, you gotta watch your dad's tongue.. heheh joking.. joking..

Friday, July 22, 2005
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To whoever out there (you know who u are),
Okay okay, i'm at my limits now. please you guys gimme a break.. allow me here to express my thoughts .. just after my birthday.. for karen, i know you're not happy cos sometimes, we forgot, yes FORGOT to tell you things, but try and understand, but i promise not to do that again. It's just that sometimes, when stella and i got nothing to do so we'll talk about the halloween. LET me ensure you it's nothing big. Paling banyak.. halloween card.. edit la.. bar table who buy la.. small things.. and LET ME STRESS here again.. any ideas will be told to EVERYONE, nto among some of us. I've gave you my words, so you have to trust .. And please, let there be no more misconcepttions on this, else, let's jsut cancel it off, my life will be so much easier..
There's another issue, TRUST. we're friends, c'mon let us trust, when we say 'NOTHING' it measn nothing.. Trust is hard. Fine if you're reluctant to even read this, you have my blessings. THIS IS CRAP! i know, but i'm unsatisfied too you know.. and i have my own problems.. right YOU have yours. Right.
Sorry for the caps, yes i am sort of 'kecewa' with certain people and i tuly apologise if i hurted you, injured you, torn your heart out and rip it to pieces, then dug your eyeballs out and place it on the alters, then throw your guts and give it to the cats.. or something like that/.. believe me, i am sorry. if you're still unsatisfied, roght, then bring it to my face. I won't back down anymore and i will stick to my words. It's something i've learnt from experiences.
Lastly, pheww. i feel lighter now, thanks.. i appreciate your attention. Especially on this CRAPPY blog here.. but, you're a great friend, and no matter what, you'll always be a friend.. you have my trust and the rest is upon you.. i do hope the party goes well.. trura..

i need medication... i'm dizzy...

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