Saturday, July 28, 2007
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.. browse@KYUEM
i am sharing with you today what exactly I’ve been experiencing for the past week in a new world, none of my territory.. about living in doubt, living in sigh, and living with perseverance... this is a true story about Mr. outside...

As i was reading a book, i could relate a lot about the author and i myself. we were as of same position. Stuck. Wasn’t able to move.

I saw things differently from other people. I have heard things differently. I viewed the future differently.. at least my future.. Most times, I asked more of myself much more than I then I was able to give. I unquestionably had to be lucky, since my struggle for survival was not more than a patchwork of trial and error. And I’ve got to tell you.. there’re still satisfactory options, pleasure – not a thrill in what successes happened as a result of dancing near the flame and beating the odds. In just being lucky.

“Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.” I did that a lot. That was a credo that enabled me to get from crisis to crisis. Without tears, without vengeance, without frustration.

Let me make this clear that there’s a line between being an outsider and a survivor. A clear line! This term began to resonate within me, causing me to wonder who I really am, at the center of myself. Eventually I became to see myself in the outside, and the outsider in me. I knew that outsider works as partners, but hey are definitely not TWINS!

Being here is like being in a Broadway play of the big apple, New York City.. as the author of whose book I’ve read. Respect is priority one. No compromise! You’re good, then you’re in… You do bad then you get lost. Everyone’s striving for the best, but the best is not what everyone tries in their hardest get.. and once again.. that tinge of luck makes all the difference..

Being Mr Outsider you say… nah you wont probably understand in my state of mind here.. it’s not about being minority about religious stuff or race… hey I’m not a racist by the way. I learn from those people and I am proud to say that I have good and nice chaletmates that are worthy of my respect.

It’s just certain things are so confusing and hard to grasp that you now learn to walk alone in the midst without any lights.. in search for a coin.. lost in the forest. Yet, it is not impossible.. Bear with you that I am not in any state of myself, complaining here.. this is just a clarification that I’ve been wanting to ask myself for a very long time. And now, I’ve made it clear…

I am indeed the Outsider, the one whose adventures goes on and on… one who travels and seek for knowledge. One who fights and prevail in the silence.. I am the Outsider..

Piece of crap...

~ for your information, people, i am fine.. i am independant okay.. no compromise! Well, it's about time that i got a clear line connection and i get to blog a little about my college here in the middle of nowhere.. seriously.. no shopping mall, no balai polis, shops, no hotels.. the nearest town is like.. 40 mins away.. so imagine that.. but it's a nice healthy place here.. Tehee..

chalets!!... a view of it..

the multi million field... KYUEM's treasure.. the football field (actually it's multi-thousand field..)

students on their way to the TV room.. Yes, they do have astro but only.. channel 1-29, discovery, sports, and ... news... lucky still got AXN HAH! Pirate Master on Sundays! wohoo!

way to my chalet.. aahahhagot air-con hor...
some other long paths .. near my chalet

tower-building.. one of the games in the induction.. FUN FUN FUN! we built towers from straw, and manila card... must be at least 1.5 m tall...

ahaha.. never thought i could see one of these signs.. ever in Kuching.. No WOMEN tresspasing..

hallway - sheltered.. to the acad block from the chalets..

another one of those funny signs... No MEN Trespassing.. ahahha">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">

Garnet netball players during the InterHouse Competition!! GO GARNET! and yeah we tied..">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">
GArnet's bball players... guys... go go .. we won this game too!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
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.. wohoo ... bear in patience...
Okay... okay.. i'm here in KYUEM finally.. after those days of evasperating short of breathness and etc.... finally i'm here... well for starters, the school's not bad at all... nice reputation, nice staff, nice people.. nice gym, nice IT labs with super fast speed internet connection.. nice Olympic-sized swimming pool... mind you..

of course, there are some other not so nice things..

induction week.. 7 days of fully-packed stuff from 6.15 am in the morning till 11.30 at night. .pheww and like less than 5 hours of sleep.. bad toiletry and stupid doors which cannot lock.. dirty chalet floor... wa... wanna complain banyak yang boleh aku tulis nih...

not to mention, being a minority here really gives me the freaks.. but hey.. that's gonna stick with me till like.. 2 more years to come.. so bear with it lar....

and i've yet to find out that there're are only 22 non-muslim ppl in the whole juniors consisting of 164 students.. be it private, sponsored or subsidised.

this is my second day here.. ahahah i've manage to share rooms with letha.. and two other malay friends.. they're nice.. and YESH>>>> the question y'll been dying to hear.. TYB is back... ahhaha her hair looks exactly like her mum's.. but i'll talk more about that when she's not spoofing around..

ahaks... the seniors here are nice.. but man.. what's with the TONS of signatures we had to look for plus their names ... and they aint giving it that easily.. i mean like.. NO WAY man... to get their signatures.. you gotta do something as equal.. WHOA>> i've yet to get mine.. soon or else... we're gonna get it .. i'm real scared... ahahhah not really la.. well... i'll try...

so as far as this goes, i think i'll probably have to stop here.. i mean like.. got dinner and stugg in like 30 mins time.. okay .. so see you guys soon..

p/s: bro, stel, claire, .. miss you guys.. muaks.. take care!!



Saturday, July 14, 2007
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... my birthday wishes ...

Heeyak.. yesterday was a blast .. and i thought no one will remember my birthday but.. lookie here... at all those birthday wishes i keep getting

(12th july 2007)..
1) Arthur 23.44
2) Stel 23.57

(13th july 2007)
3) Shaun 00.00
4) Alau 00.00
5) Claire 00.01
6) Adrianno 00.01
7) Happy 00.03
8) Cherry 00.03
9) Letha 00.03
10) Pat 06.52
11) Mum 08.37
12) julie (Li Che) 08.42
13) A Jennifer 09.43
14) Kuku 11.22
15) Lena 11.23
16) Javey 11.23
17) Nelson Tan 11.27
18) Kelvin Chan 11.30
19) Toh 11.31
20) Tiff 11.35
21) Kimberly 13.12
22) G chan 15.34
23) Kat 15.59
24) Lynn 18.37
25) Jess 18.38
26) Uncle Sim 19.07
27) Jenny 19.23
28) Euri 20.17
29) Pan 21.17

(14th July 2007)
30) Sugi

Hehe and the list stops there cun cun at 30.. got somemore but sry sry if i 'tertinggal' anyone... heheh.. Thanks for the wishes and i appreciate them sooo very much..

i drew this when i was bored.. it's a see-copy image lar.. impressive isnt it? had to use 3 dif pens.. and the marker sucks.. that's why the black's uneven.. there's suppose to be another layer of pink for the flowers.. i'll fill it in later.. maybe in the plane..


i've just watched HP 5.. Hmmm... for someone who hasnt read the book, and doesnt even bother.. it's was okay... but i think Transformers kick-ass.. hahah...

some of the pressies...

a cake.. my cousins made for me.. how sweet! Blackforest...

INCANTO: Charm... hahhah finally... my hands on these babies.. comes with a miniature INCANTO:dream too!

this is not a pressie.. but i fixed this.. haha with my sis in.. like 3 days.... this is gonna be in my rooM!

So this is goodbye for now.. BYE BYE KUCHING! ...

I cant wait till the next post.. i'll be in KYUEM Perak then.. and these few days.. i'm gonna SHOP.. ahahhahah... then STUDY time liao.. good cause my brain... *sudah lama tidak berfungsi*

My last few words in KUCHING...


and to all my friends and families and relatives.. TQ.. i'll see you real soon..

Losta Love,

Friday, July 13, 2007
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.. happy birthday ..
How to say Happy Birthday!!

生日快乐 (Chinese)

gelukkige verjaardag (dutch)
joyeux anniversaire (French)
alles Gute zum Geburtstag (german)
ευτυχή γενέθλια (greek)
buon compleanno (italian)
축 생일 (korean)
feliz aniversario (portuguese)
с днем рождения (russian)
feliz cumpleaños (spanish)
誕生日おめでとう (japanese)

Happy Birthday to Me...
Happy Birthday to Me...
Happy Birthday to Meeee...
Happy Birthday to ME!!

nothing but a good slice of choc banana cake from secret recipe.. Hmmss...

~Lalala haha i know im very perasaan .. ahah.. lalalalal

And stella too!! Happy Birthday Stella! Muaks

Yays, another year passed, another year stronger, another year older, another year wiser, another year and that makes me officially 17 ~ wohoo..

i'm enjoying the last few minutes of my life being 16.. thinking of what i've accomplished so far... and then planning new strategies and tricks being 17.. ahah watch out world! i'm coming to bite chia!

OO yes too, i'll be leaving real soon.. 2 more days after my birthday... BooHoo.. but this is indeed a start of something new.. something fresh and i look forward to spend every moment of my life in it.. For all life is priceless! We should enjoy it!

p/s: tomorrow's Friday the 13th.. OOoooooooOoo, i was born of Friday the 13th as well.. does it bother you??? MUahahahahha

Sunday, July 08, 2007
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.. 07.07.07 .. a significant date...


what a significant date it is...

it's a day for weddings and anniversaries....

and all the restaurants and churches get full and there isn't any place left to eat...

... it's a day of birth and thanks for the little ones..

... new to the earth ... HELLO!!
then hospitals get packed and doctors cant get their day off...

... it is a day of celebration and parties ....

... day of remembrance, the ones you love ...

then all the taka cake house, mita, taiwan, etc.. bakeries get all packed and jammed the whole road.. parking's near impossible... cis!

yet again.. there's still something...

something out there...

that definitely made my day...




... introducing my new joy...

the Sony Ericsson W610i

my new pride, joy and glamour.. with this phone i can..

~ walk down the street and show off to everyone i DONT know.. wohoo

~ go to my friends and relative's houses and show off to those i DO know.. yays

~ go to the market and step on the wet dirty floor.. and still look cool... muaks

~ go to the kopitiam and look FILTHY RICH.. ahaks

ahahah.. perhaps that is too much... >.

People: Why this Ahjo suddenly so self-centered?? Showing off is definitely not her niche.. the last time she tried to show off her new pair of shoes.. she stepped on dog's sh*t and slipped onto the wet and dirty floor next to a rubbish dump.. Ahah...

Ahjo: swt you people... support me lar.. cis...

slick, slim and stylish... urgh i'm not getting enough of this..

Sayang.. it's not white.. charging lar... need to charge like 8 hours before use.. cant wait...

Story behind it..

~ i got this phone .. haah not i buy.. not purchase.. my MUM's friend (auntie J.) buy for me.. Wohoo.. actually she wanted to buy me a mp3 player but then stella bought the **** pink ipod for me already so i guess that made her changed her mind. And then she thought i could use a brand new phone! And wahlah..

bits n pieces of our conversation*

Auntie J called me to go to saberkas to look at something.. so i went with my mum.. and there she was standing at the entrance with her husband (Uncle M).

"Eh, what is your phone model now?Sony E?.. Flip phone? How old?"

"Whoa.. erm erm.. motorola.. not so old le.. 3 years nia.."

"What Sony E models you have in mind?"

".. urm .. i dont know... ??"

"Follow me..."

and i followed her to the 3rd floor at this shop.. her husband flashed the phone at me.. **SHOOOOOWWFFFTT**

".. you like this phone?? .."

**i nodded..

".. good. It's yours.. keep it.. unless you want the other model in white.. W810i. But i'd rather you take this one cause its slimmer.. "

text is Auntie J, text is me


So i guess 07.07.07 really means something after all..
what's your story?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007
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... wedding chaos ..
harloo.. today i'm gonna concentrate blogging about the big event that recently happened in my family.. my cousin's WEDDING! Jang, jang..

Date: 1st July 2007
Time: 4 am to 12 am
Event: Cousin's Wedding
Venue: **varies from different time of the day

my little cousins... flower girls and pageboy.. AHEM or should i say .. P-I-M-P !

This wedding that was organized, it was small, simple, rushing and yet confusing, draining and WILD.. whoa.. it was one heck of a day.. i'll go slow on the details.. so keep your eyes open and be ready for some 'bragging'.. tehhee

Well, the wedding planning started off 2 weeks ago, before the actual date of the event. My granmama (Ahma) picked the date, 17th day of the 5th month (chinese calender) also, 1st of July 2007, as the date.. because it was a good date for marriages... the other one was on Tuesday but working day and that day, it was 'siaw Leong' - (cannot got dragon in hokkien) ..hmm how to explain this.. okay... it basically means on different days.. got pantang some 'animals' cannot attend on that day.. you know when you were born u got this animal character right.. based on which month you were born.. chinese one lar.. yea.. we chose sunday because that day was pantang tiger.. my family only one of my aunt is tiger so good lor.. if we were to choose tuesday, it's pantang dragon and there're 7 dragons in my family.. and also, if you dont get married now.. you'll have to wait until the 8th month of the lunar calender, cause normally the 6th and 7th month are considered unlucky.. so hehe sunday it is...

Hmm the wedding dress, make-ups, car, and all that erm .. my auntie control.. wait i have to tell you first.. the AUNTIES..

AUNITES.. consisting of.. ~ my mum.. as the 'Ah KU' - matchmaker lar.. (very kepoh..swt..) ~ cousin's mummy - second uncle's wife.. ~ my 'seh suk meh' - youngest uncle's wife.. -( most kepoh..) ~ my 'sze suk meh' - fourth's ucnle's wife.. ~ my 'siao ku' - youngest auntie

they are the ones controlling and planning everything.. they decide, they call, the CONQUER.. i just sit back and listen to them,. hehe.. well after a few serious round of planning.. the wedding was coming to life.. before that was just some gossip around 3rd mile or somewhere.. Then approx a week before the actual event, it was time to 'sung kim' - (send gold) to .. somewhat negocaite a price to buy the girl from the house.. ( my dad said it was some sort of downpayment.. ) my mum was the one in charge to bring my cousin for the settlement..

Early that day, it was on the Bak-Chang festival Day too.. cun-cun.. Tuesday.. the AUNTIES prepared a basket of 8 bahan.. erm .. red cloth, gold, powdered longan, tea, candy, oranges,bak-chang and money $.. and was set to go to the girl's house at 7.00 am.. early morning.. So she did woke up earlier that day .. and brought my cousin over to their house.. and negotiate.. yum-cha a bit.. talk about the customs and stuff.. then settle lar.. confirm.. both side.. guy and girl.. so now we buy the stuff and get ready for the ACTUAL DAY!!.. Wohoo

So it goes, day after day after day it fades, more stuff to buy and the intensity draws even crazier.. i cant summarize the whole week of talking and buying stuff.. it's too boring.. all i do is to wait for the day.. of course i helped them a little.. liek deco.. cleaning and stuff lar.. the rest, AUNTIES control.. like choosing mattress, wardrobe, photo taking in studios, dress, tux, etc etc lar.. big bucks dude..

Finally, the day before the wedding, 30th june, we were all psyched up for the next day, i went to my cousin's at noon to see whether they need help or not.. whoa.. so surprised to see balloons everywhere, little kids (my little cousins) running around.. with balloons.. AUNTIES and Ahma in the kitchen .. cutting veggies and stuff.. cleaning etc etc..hehe so excited already lol.. then the car was here.. it was a Rio (Kia) - i told u this was a simple, small wedding mar.. so i guess no need to borrow merc or BMW lar.. Rio is good enough.. it was pink flowers and ribbons.. soo cute!

Oh yah, my 'seh suk meh' very very kepoh one.. wan make the deco soo over over.. bought balloons and ask us kids to blow em up and tie them like all around the stariway to the room.. haiyo.. c'mon la.. dahla the house is kinda small... wan make so fancy again?? where got enough space?? Yes, yes and the last minute stuff... the teapot for 'pang teh' -(serving tea) .. all the angpows needed for the big day tomorrow.. and WHAT?? Still got briefing.. wah liew.. /tsk /tsk

We (the ones following the crew) were asked to be there at my cousin's at 4 am sharp.. yes, let me rephrase.. 4 AM in THE MORNING!! and that time was already 11 something.. /swt.. so little sleep.. Oh yah, i got my job as the camera girl/usherer/coordinater for tomorrow.. sigh..

Yes, finally the day came.. the big wedding! i woke up at 4.05.. >.<>

1) The car cannot reverse when the bride is in the car..

2) Bride must go in from the north side.. (who careS?? no one got compass wad...)

3) Bride must sit at the back of the driver.. while the groom sit behind the passenger's seat..
4) cannot swear - for bridge and groom.. (ahahah like my cousin care.. he swears.. all the time.. ahahha)
5) must put firecrakers.. (what?? 5 in the morning?? siaw man)
6) must put love/wedding songs all day long.. ...

Sarang-Heyo!.. My nerdy cousin with his 'baru bangun tidur look' and my little cousins... and the bride.. arent they cute???

still got somemore but i cant seem to remember.. i'll add on when it gets into my head soon enough.. so.. around 5 we bertolak .. 3 cars to the bride's house... -_-!! soo early...

the bride lives at batu kawah - desa wira area lol.. wah liew so confusing the roads inside there.. it's like.. maze.. you take wrong turn.. you'll end up in some lorong elsewhere.. dahla .. 5 in the morning.. whr got ppl?? no car!! 7 mins already sampai lo.. no traffic again.. when we finally reached thr.. the gate was open but the door was close. ???? APE NI?? My cousin went in.. give angpow.. (* bear in mind that this is a SMALL and SIMPLE wedding.., dont have the people ask for RM 999,999 or ask the groom do push-ups and etc... keep it simple!!>.)

the bag.. said to be.. containing the money.. /gg.. i wan curi..

the GOLDEN chicken, slippers, teapot and etc.. all Chinese couples must have one..

then they opened the door then we all go in.. like.. 12 ppl.. her house was small la.. small terrence.. barely fit 12 ppl.. then the bride like jemput us in.. ask us sit down.. get 'air bunga kotak' for us.. ".enough or not?? .. enough?? . u got water??.." weird!! i know.. but .. i also duno la.. then the parents like belum mandi lagi.. my mum get ready her red umbrella.. put outside.. then siao mek reverse the car and park properly first (L parking) so that they can just terus go when the bride in the car... but we sat down for a while la.. took some pictures.. chat with the girl side family.. then they exchanged rings.. then my mum saw the time... 5.45.. owh man!! late lor.. /omg

7) Bride must step into house before 6 am (* critical hour)

then faster faster i drink finish my teh bunga and faster go out.. ready to snap pictures again! my mum get ready umbrella...

my mum with the red umbrella...

whoa. wan go liao.. siao mek go inside car.. hidupkan engin.. my cousin fast fast say bye bye to auntie uncle there.. then we're off.. zooming through the whole streght of batu kawah at 5.45 to race against time!! then jsut right before we reach.. we call 'ah pek' - cousin's dad .. to put the mercun.. (* at first wan put like the whole row of firecrackers but .. you know la.. 5 something is sleeping time.. @.@) so we placed like.. 1 meter of those little firecrakers... lit it.. timing was just nice.. cun cun the firecrakers finish, the car also sampai at the door.. my mum take umbrella then my 'seh suk meh' take the basket of chicken.. slipper and stuff.. lead the road.. (*like some keh bo..) followed by 4 of my little cousins..

'Pang teh' ceremony.. grandparents.. **nervousness..

then the bride and groom la.. walk slowly into the door... (5.58 am) .. phew.. that was close.. then rest for a while.. eat eat.. then see the bride's room.. Ooo yeah, another car followed us, (girl side) .. it was the family and relatives .. then went in the house and we all kelompok at the small room.. i snap a few pics then chow liao.. too hot.. then we had breakfast.. and some rest.. My mum readied the teapot and cups for 'pang teh' .. My grandma and grandpa.. got in line first, cause they were eldest.. the gave angpows and golden bracelet.. the bride have to wear it .. as a sign of respect.. 'you akur to that family like that la..' then at 8 we went out around to take pictures.. because my grandma say need to so around at least one place to take pictures.. so suggestions were thrown.. to where they should go to take pic..

hiyak! Who's that korean guy?? MEh, it's the bride's bro, Ah Leck .. mauhah

~ the place at summerhouse there...
~ orchid garden

~ waterfront? omg.. so embarassing..

~ damai.. so far.. ...

... In the end.. guess where we picked?? TAMAN SAHABAT.. ahahah, bingo! i also dunno.. but if i were to shoot pictures around kuching, i wouldn't.. but terpaksa la.. so again 4 cars.. go to taman sahabat.. and take pictures.. we took some .. ermm.. cool pictures i think.. and at that particular time, another couple was there too.. but they're in fron..we're at the back.. how can we compare to them? They got like .. possies, photographers, make-up artists.. and we got like.. me to hold the camera.. but we win cause we got 3 little flower girls and a pageboy.. ahaha then we returned to the girl's side house for 'pang teh' .. got a few angpows myself .. (erm.. all those who were tailing the bride's car must get angpow.. it's custom..).. YAYS.. a few extra bucks..
cousin and his best man/driver.. 'siao mek'

my little two cousins.. Natalie and Kenken.. kawaii!!

Phew.. that was indeed tiring.. but it aint end yet! after pang teh at girl's side.. we returned once again to my cousin's house for lunch and more pang teh.. this time.. it's the rest of the family aside from my grandparents earlier on.. very very long process... i got my turn too and got another angpow! YAY!!

then i went back to bath and take 5 mins nap.. too tired liao.. aduh, my mum dragged me up and we went back to my cousin's at around 1.. for lunch.. buffet from satay house! yays.. all my relatives and my cousin's friend were there.. woohoo.. nice food.. yum yum.. for the afternoon.. my mum said i need not follow soo i guess i got the day off.. NOT.. after eating my mum, dad, sis went back to rest.. while i stayed behind to help cleaning up... that lasted like.. 2 hours.. my cousin and his wife pulak went back to desa wira for.. '3rd visit' -.. some pantang also la.. after that they will be going to the studios to get changed and preparation for the night..

this is the part where i get to brag about me being hardworking.. i helped my auntie clear the plates.. cleaned the floor.. mop..sweep.. wash the car porch and clean dishes.. Just right before my cousin went off, he slid another angpow in my pocket! YAYS!! 3rd one for the day man.. Soon after, my 'seh suk meh', 'kimberly' (cousin), ah boy (cousin, also groom's bro), siao ku, ah yang (cousin, siao ku's son) and myself.. went to get our hair done..

hehe we went to several places but all tutup. So we end up in Vienna, Hui Sing.. the lady was the only one who's making our hair.. so we took turns..

My seh suk meh - he did her hair poofy.. like some 70'ies style.. primmadonna... poofy..

Kim - he curled the end of her hair temporarily.. cute

Me - got my hair washed.. refreshing absolutely.. and got it tied half to the back with pins then a bit curly in the front.. it does look weird to me at first.. i like.. grew 5 years older!

Siao ku - she got washed and blew her hair.. macam normal aje.

Ah boy - he too got his hair washed and spiked his hair.. like some tsunami just hit his hair.. to one side..

ah yang - his hair was thick so he got it cut, then spiked.. like cloud FF7.. but not blonde.. and his hair kurang sikit..

Okay, it was already 5.25pm when i got home and i only got like 10 mins to get ready and zoom off the the dinner .. (grandma say have to be there at 6).. so faster i bath and change then we went to cousin's at 5.45.. Whoa my grandparents were ready.. but the rest were.. running around doing this and that.. @.@ ,, chaos..

at 6 the bride and groom got there first to greet the guest.. just in case.. We, family members.. arrived late.. around 6.15.. but still in time.. i got there and did my job.. snap snap snap.. guests arrived slowly... and out of our expectations.. there were more guests than we expected.. yes, we did reserved 2 extra table for unexpected guests.. but this is not enough!.. and half way through it.. my auntie even told us that we might not be eating at the tables after all.. i was like.. ".holy.. macaroni.. what the??.."

But eventually.. we got our seats.. just separately.. i got to sit with X .. im not telling who so dont bug me about it okay.. the went was crazy.. but successfully done.. it lasted and everyone tapao'ed home.. ahhahah.. phew.. we got kareoke.. and my mum sang .. 'tian mi mi' .. omg.. i was surprised myself okay.. dang, i didnt recorded that down.. /hehehe pheww..

mum singing ... omg..

so overall..

~ i typed 'then' more than 30 times i think..
~ it was crazy..

~ i was extremely exhausted after that..

~ grandparents were happy

~ cousin got new wife..

HAPPY ENDING!! Man, i hope we aint having any more wedding in our house anymore.. it's soo energy draining.. so, this is for your view.. i hope this isnt too long and i apologize for the cina-hokkien-english-bm stuff.. i'm lazy to type in essay-style.. maybe for the next event la.. ENJOY!

me and Kenken.. cutie pie~~ im gonna miss you.. muaks..

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
My WishList
- save money to go to JAPAN!
- Bunjee-jump.
- Fly a plane.
- have a Gay friend!
- Get Punk'd.
- Own a taxi company with Claire
- Travel to Ethiopia
- own 'Star-Spanged-Banner', a restaurant
- Join the Amazing Race
- date a pilot >..<
- Go to TOKYO!!
- learn surfing
- Have a nice Bday bash with stel
- Be a nice tour guide to my friends
- Meet Wentworth Miller.

"Must Do"s
- get an external
- tidy up room
- repaint room downstairs
- be good in driving
- get sims 3
- finish PhotoAlbum

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