Saturday, August 15, 2009
Posted by: JOJO
Time: 23:28
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This is going to be a looong and boring post. Sigh. I am now currently, at my uncle's house, in Kepong, updating you peeps, live from the hands of Jojo.

All the way from Kuching, Sarawak, i dragged 20 kgs of stuff across the South China Sea, and landed at in KL. Then it's off to KLCC to settle things with my sponsor, before driving all the way to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with my close peers. Then dinner, at New Paris Restaurant, and now...

Well, personally im having mix feelings right now. I'm not sad, or angry or happy or emo or anything. I'm just fine.... too fine..... in fact, I dont really think that's a good/healthy thing. Hmm.. I should be missing a lot right now. Food, Family, Place, Town, Friends, Car, Stuff, My creative thingies... lolz..

I do, deep deep deep down inside my heart, i really do. It's just that i dont show it. Well, not to a lot of people. I really am going to miss the past. All the times in KYUEM... chalet gossips, visits to the blackhole, knocking on chaer's window to wake her up for dinner, waiting for the guys to come to the DH, RC revision nights, cafe night outs, jogging, Mr D's maths classes, Mr Hanson's chem classes, Physics, IELTS - No... ENGLISH classes... all the witty teachers, how Pn Rog likes to brag about her students, how wonderful Mr B can be, how nice the technicians really ar, how grumpy the cafe staff are, how tasty* DH food was, swimming classes with Mrs B, the horrid monkeys at the guys chalet... my fishies...

Then there's my gang, or clique you can say. Our photoes together, the time spent, the secrets shared, feelings, emotions, the love... sigh. And of course my family, whose ever so proud of me, no matter what i do, or what i decide. Who's soo near and yet soo far, who will always miss me back at home, and welcome me anytime. Who's willing to go the extra mile, to earn the extra cash, for my luxury, who loves me just the same, no matter how big or how small i may get...

Of course i will miss them, all of you people!!!

Im saying this now, because frankly im just bored and i cant sleep, after the shot of caramel macchiato... Am i ready for this new life? Or this extra chapter in my life.... Yes!!!

:) Bye bye Home(for the time being..) and, Hello USA!!!!

My next post will probably in some airport, or in the states!! Keep in touch everyone! This wont be the end of Ah Jooooo!!!

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
My WishList
- save money to go to JAPAN!
- Bunjee-jump.
- Fly a plane.
- have a Gay friend!
- Get Punk'd.
- Own a taxi company with Claire
- Travel to Ethiopia
- own 'Star-Spanged-Banner', a restaurant
- Join the Amazing Race
- date a pilot >..<
- Go to TOKYO!!
- learn surfing
- Have a nice Bday bash with stel
- Be a nice tour guide to my friends
- Meet Wentworth Miller.

"Must Do"s
- get an external
- tidy up room
- repaint room downstairs
- be good in driving
- get sims 3
- finish PhotoAlbum

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