Saturday, March 21, 2009
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i survived...
It was an usual outing.... 

with Shaun and Stel at Starbucks @ Spring (* note the S's)....

We chatted, we laughed, we were ready to head home.....

We went down the stairs leading to the basement, where our cars are parked....








HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!








We searched for our cars in the midst of fog, and the strange stentch..... WHAT IS THIS PLACE?? WHERE's EVERYONE... WHAT's THE NOISE???

ceeeh, it's FOGGING... as in to 'usir nyamuk'... -_-!! We went in Shaun's car (*after walking in the fog, covering our nose and mouth) =, then from there, we drove 'SLOWLY' to Stel's car.. 

I'm telling you, it's damn SCARYYY!!! It's like no one's around, and you CANT SEE SHIT in the fog (*before we found out it was a fogging process going on ). Before i knew it was mosquito fog, i had a few assumptions;

- dry ice???? 
- Sarin gas??
- CO, but it couldnt be because it's foggy.. it's just a thought
- i'm dreaming???

But it was DAMN cool, it's like we're driving, in the mist, like in some zombie game ( Resident Evil or Silent Hill ) and like, in the car, holding shotguns or a handgun, waiting for zombies to appear and attack you!!! but unfortunately, there was no zombies, only a couple of guys holding the fogging machines... - note that i'm excited when i wrote this!! DANG, but we survived it, and i got LIVE footage, maybe i can post it here??? maybe...



Neways, tonight's my last night here, and i'll be heading back to prison tomorrow.. sigh!!! Here's what im gonna miss..

- family
- Shaun and Stel
- my tele
- my bed
- my closet
- my house phone... * i can call Izzie with it!!
- PC... 
- Starbucks, Laksa, KuehChap, Kolo Mee, ... ...... 

S    I    G    H

BUT! i managed to..

- pass my driving test
- teman Stel to get STPM results & a phone
- met up with a loooot of friends
- bought new heels
- went bowling!!!
- watched Dragon Ball Evolution, Watchmen
- studied (*a bit)
- spend time with 2 of my 3 most important buddies
- get a brand new iPod Touch, which i am proud of until now..

..and the next holiday awaits!! I'm adding new things to my list.. check it out if you have time..

Bye bye kuching.. i'll be back soon!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009
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I passed my driving test!
I woke up early today, 
as told by my instructor,
Knowing that it's 'THE DAY',
I test my skills as a driver.....

Some people say that driving tests are 'HARD' ... well... i'm here to clarify that,

DRIVING TESTS ARE EASY!!! - if you are a good driver

Well, the processes are simple enough, it's just YOU!!! if YOU think it's hard, then it's HARD. So bring in the positive chii to attract the goodness and luck!!! I do seriously think that Driving Tests are soo OVERRATED sometimes..... as in some people think it's like SPM or something, it's not like SPM where you have to study kay... you just need to put in some effort, practice and time for it.

To pass the test, first you need to pass the;
1) Computerised test
Definition: Computerised objective questions about road rules and a color blind test
Procedures: Attend the courses ( 5 jam + Bengkel ), do revision ( read ), go to test center, wait in turn, ANSWER
Passing mark: 42/50 (Theory), 10/10 (for Color Blind test)
Cheats: Just finish doing the '500 soalan' yellow book and you will find patterns. READ CAREFULLY!! Dont rush the test! - hah i did mine in like 17 minutes, of the 1 hour given...hehe but dont take me as an example.. very bad..

Circuit Test
2) Uphill ( Naik Bukit )
Definition: A girl's worst nightmare, driving up an inclined road...
Procedures: Drive up the hill until a bar is parallel to your shoulder ( or your front tyre is in the yellow zone), pull the handbreak, raise your hand, then pump the acc, release clutch and handbreak, and roll down!!!!
Passing mark: As long as you complete all of the above within 3 mins, and you DONT ROLL DOWN the hill, you PASS!
Cheats: when handbreak is pulled, breathe, then pump the acc to 3.0 ++ ( rpm meter ), HOLD the acc, then slowly release clutch until meter reads 2.0 --, HOLD the clutch, then release handbreak.. guarantee PASS!!! - if you do it right

3) Side parking
Definition: Park your car in the box
Procedures: Drive to the side of the parking box, reverse in slowly and park your car IN THE BOX!
Passing mark: just as long you get the car in the box without knocking any steel bars at the side within 15 mins. 
Cheats: Drive in front until your 'indicator' is paralel to the first steel bar, put in reverse gear, turn the steering wheel to the right (pusing habis), then reverse until your back tyre touches the first mark line (its on the road), then turn the steering wheel to the left (pusing habis jugak), then reverse in until your car is in the box. Tadaa!

4) 3-point turning
Definition: It's like driving into a dead end, then you have to turn... 
Procedures: Drive in, turn right, reverse, drive out.. like a drive-in McD..-_-!!
Passing mark: Make a 3 point turning without knocking any of the steel bar.. 
Cheats: there are no cheats for this one.. it's very simple....

and the final test...

On the road
5) On the road driving
Definition: Drive on the road lah!!
Procedures: Depending on whether you get laluan A,B or C... just drive 
Passing mark: 16/20 - you cannot make more than 4 mistakes!
Cheats: hmm i dont think you can rasuah the JPJ person, so there are no cheats in driving..
Hints: people tend to forget these, i know i did...
- check your gearbox to see whether the gear is in 'FREE'
- check signals and wipers before moving
- check ALL mirrors, front, back and rear!!

And by doing all that you'll get your Driving License!! I was waiting at the Pending - Driving place since 8.30 and i did my test at 1.00 pm.. so be sure to bring a book or music or your iPods.. it's bound to get bored.. And the excitement and nervousness wears off.. esp when you've waited for more than 3 hours... i know i was calm and 'emotion-less' but still confident and focused when it was my turn... Just keep your eyes wide open, pay FULL attention and dont rush.. Hehee!

Vrooming in a 'TURBO' kancil!! 

That's me driving... waiting in line.... Damn hot, no seatbelts!!

The rest of 'Sesi 4' waiting in line..

The price to pay.. i scratched my leg when i was about to close the door

No 1: The parking place!!... 

Cars lining up to practice..

The nightmare... Naik bukit!!!

LULUS!! i know it's blur.. camera phone ma.. and the person was too eager to snatch my form from me.. -_-!!

LULUS semua! Wohoo This is for the 'circuit' section

I cannot tell you how HAPPY and TIRED i am after the test, all i know now is...

I CAN DRIVE!!!! WOHOO!! WITH A red-white 'P' STICKER!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009
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WantsMisses & ThankYous
Before the holidays, i thought to myself...

- i want to study hard
- i want to pass my driving test
- i want to jog everyday
- i want to be Ms Organize
- i want to stay at home
- i want to be a nerd
- i want to learn something new
- i want to finish what i started

That was the inital plan... but then i thought again.. How selfish of me, what i planned was for myself only... what about stella? or shaun? or my family? ... I thought once more during my flight back to Kuching.. 

- i miss hanging out with Stel * Shaun
- i miss having supper with my family
- i miss coming home late from a mid night movie
- i miss disturbing my sister 
- i miss college people!!!
- i miss the Old Me 
- i miss Kuching!!!

Yes, and with that, i came out of the plane, and smiled.... i miss Kuching... i miss 'ME' here... but no worries, im here and im soo gona enjoy my holidays this time round.. make it worth while, make it productive, and make it fun-filling, enjoy it to the fullest.... before the battle awaits!! YEAHH!!

and of course, 
- i thank Stel, for being the bestest friend ever!!!
- i thank Shaun, for being my most trusted friend!!!
- i thank Izzie, for letting me into his life!!!
- i thank Letha, for being soo understanding, and keeping me company!!!
- i thank the Fab 5+2, for being there for me when i needed them!!!
- i thank my parents,my sis, for being so caring and loving!!!

Love you LOTSSS!!!!!

p/s: i thank everyone else too!! for making my life that much more interesting.. heee

Sunday, March 15, 2009
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**long sigh...

Phewww... i can feel things changing around me. Better things, great things, more to come..

At this instant, i can feel where i stand, where i am... i'm soo lovin this moment!!!

Thank you! my driving test is in 2 more days! tomorrow's the last practise.. wish me luck!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009
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Current new updates in my life so far...


How's that for a start, hehee i got my first ever iPod!!! and  it's no ordinary iPod, it's an iPod Touch!!! Yeeouch!! I've been longing for an iPod for.... quite some time now, and here it is.. Tadaa! Another 16gb of my life now... I dedicate to music, videos, games and so much more...

Why i want/need/crave for an iPod... because..
- i want one, so what? I just WANT ONE...
- to say buhbye to boredom!!!
- to concentrate, when i cant concentrate - music makes it easier for me
- i dont need to borrow Shahir's or Velu's
- so that i can jog further!!! music is my drive!
- to show off!! kekekekeeee

well, let's just say, if i were to survive on an island for 3 days, the first thing i would bring is my iPod... that's how much it is important to me now.... >..<

2) Celcom Postpaid...
- wohoo! i dont like reloading and ++ airtime just to use my phone... so i'm switching to postpaid. No worries, still the same number.. only that, my dad's paying! Not me! tehee

3) Driving Doose
I came back last week - and i was taught how to park, do a 3-point turning and to 'naik bukit' in just one day... Phew, but at least the sweat paid off, i can do all of th
em now! AND i'm soo ready for the test next tues, 17th! wish me luck!

It's not as hard as it looks, really, sometimes i think Driving Tests are a lil too Over-rated... i mean like, c'mon.. anyone can do it, if they have a good instructor and a sane mind to operate the car!!! Really, just chill when you learn, and take it easy... * i shouldnt say this, what if i fail my test??? Shit..... 

4) Stel's STPM..

Being a good friend as i am, heheeee ( so vain.. ) i accompanied my best friend, Stel to get her STPM result. I sorta made her to go breakfast with me, ( her treat ) at After 3 ( damn nice dim sum and chicken porridge).... then we waited for her result together with K Fong ( who came in later) .... Well, i'm glad that i went, and seriously i think she COULD HAVE DONE BETTER... but we all have to face reality.... and that whatever it is, Stel, there is always a streak of light, even in the darkest alley!!

5) Fun with Friends!

We ( me, stel, both gerals, K Fong and Jardian) went bowling today!! wheee... i wasnt the lucky striker, but hey at least i got a STRIKE!!! Stel was as usual the 'Stale Queen' with lots of zero.. hehee i like the way she bashes the bowling bowl across the alley... heheee very funnY! K Fong was competitive.... Jardian... needless to say, he scored double strikes and a few more... -_-!! Moral of story, guys beat girls in bowling, end of story....

But the important lesson is, we all HAD FUN!!! i'm sure i'll be bowling again. So watchout!!! im going bowling!!

That's about it.. of course, i have like a long loooong list to do for my hols and i havent even completed one... hahahah... and i miss college people!!! Dang.... crap... -_-!!! i'm torn!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
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Izzie's Bday
Promised posts, Izzie's Bday!!

i made him a card, signed by all of us..

okay i dont know what happened to this pic.. but... 


nice shot (p/s: i look like a tofu landing on the floor..

izz & shahir.. -_-!!

group pic!


group shot!!

squashy michelle

us!! loves! 

We love you izzie!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009
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" Life is beautiful.
But it's complicated..
Yea, we barely make it.
We dont need to understand.
There are miracles, miracle... "

Yeseriee, Life is indeed complicated!! Sighs, so much has happened, and i'm in no mood to fix things, patch things up.. it's not that i dont want to, im just too tired. I need a break, break free from all the troubles, the hate, the retrenchment. 

I'm not perfect, i am human. I can break, i make mistakes.. At least i am humane enough to apologize... I have no intention in this world to shoulder burden on anybody.. As how i came in this world, i shall leave it just as that, ALONE.. 

I've said enough, i've done enough... how much more do you intend to break me?...

now, it's time for happy posts!!!

Okay, remind me to post up 
1) izzie's bday pics
2) bukit tinggi - this will be a very very very long post.. hehee
till then..

" Stand where you are.
We let all these moments pass us by... "

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
My WishList
- save money to go to JAPAN!
- Bunjee-jump.
- Fly a plane.
- have a Gay friend!
- Get Punk'd.
- Own a taxi company with Claire
- Travel to Ethiopia
- own 'Star-Spanged-Banner', a restaurant
- Join the Amazing Race
- date a pilot >..<
- Go to TOKYO!!
- learn surfing
- Have a nice Bday bash with stel
- Be a nice tour guide to my friends
- Meet Wentworth Miller.

"Must Do"s
- get an external
- tidy up room
- repaint room downstairs
- be good in driving
- get sims 3
- finish PhotoAlbum

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