Monday, April 28, 2008
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.A Mirror To Myself.
A Mirror To MyselfThe past few days has been wonderful. I can see myself clearly from where i was. I can see where i am going. And i can see where i started. I may be an optimist. Believing that everything will turn okay in the end. Trusting that there's the bright side in everything. And i chose to believe in it.

A mirror to myself. Yes, this life is a mirror of myself. Of me.. Who i was. Where i was. Who i chose to be. A memory of events. A memory of what changes me. Of what i feel proud of. Of what makes me happy.

And i pray that everyone looks into their mirrors of themselves. And see the difference, the significance, the beauty of their lives. Revolving, and changing, adapting and colliding with others. What magnificent chains of waves, we've created, in this life.

May be live by it, and be contented. Love...

~ much of a deep thought, but these few days really meant much to me.. tehee...

owh yeah i'm having 4 days holidays starting from may 1st till may 4th. No place to stay except for college.. anyone wanna tumpangkan their crib to me?? sobs/-_-!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008
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OO i went to my college's Photography Field Trip last Sunday.. for inspiration, since the annual photography competition is coming up.

- Black and White
- Festivals
- movement
- architecture
- nature
- potraits

We went to three different places, FRIM (some forest place.. ), KLCC and then Petaling Street! pictures are worth a thousand words, so i'm going to show and blog instead of blabbing away with infos..

This is the remarkable, virgin rainforest of our country, not-explored, and conserved. The view was breathtaking. no intruders. we are one with nature...

this might interest someone. This is a giant worker ant! it's damn huge.. it can grow up to 2 inches - said by our guide. We can hold and kacau worker ants, only soldier ants bite. The queen will be in her nest 24:7..

i like mushrooms, and this one's my fav photo for the day! It's just an ordinary mushroom.. but the focus and the colors are fantastic! i think i'm gonna send this for the competition.

this cute little dude here, is Oggy (nickname) - he's the Housecaptain of Garnet, my house! Fun, bubbly, away on the go, and photogenic, no matter where and when. Long live Oggy!

Another one of my favs, this is the 'burung murai' it's black with a white band around it's neck. Makes beautiful LOUD sounds.. i was just close enough to zoom and snap a picture of it. yays!

After a moosey around FRIM, we headed to KLCC.. Whee SHOPPING>... now really, KLCC is not a place to be if you're on a budget or 'tak cukop duit!!' - BRands flashes through the walkway.. LV, Gucci, Chanel, Marks and Spencer, Jimmy Choo, Isetan, Salvatone Ferragamo.. whoo.. i was sweating when i saw a drop-dead gorgeous red Gucci heels for OMG.. RM 799.00. OMG i didnt know that was a possible value for just a pair of shoes!! Dang!

this is was taken at the Petronas souvenir shop. We were early enough to get tickets to visit the Sky Bridge - in case you dont know, it;s the middle part of the building connecting both the towers. Whee that was wayy much fun! ** proud to be Petronas scholar.. ** ahem ahem

another picture while i was up at he bridge looking down..

haha.. this is after our KLCC trip, heading to Petaling Street. Letha didnt wanna loiter around the 'dirty' or 'unsafe' area of Petaling Street, therefore i brought her to Pasar Seni - least they have air-con and food.. Saw these printed tees for only Rm 35. no photoes are allowed but i sempat snap before the salesperson saw me.. tehhee

Overall, the trip was nice.. i enjoyed it.. very much.. *giggles.. happy memories

Saturday, April 05, 2008
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There are some things in life that you cannot take with you. No matter how much you try, you will never get it. Not in this life..

Aww Recently i've developed this new obsession. Not just any obsession - in particular, obsession of looking at guys in the RC (Resource Centre)! This is rather embarrassing but i dont know why!! I was 'trying' to study since i came back to college, but after the April Fool's incident, where i cannot take my Maths test, i'm devastated, and i lost my 'semangat' to study. But then i started to look around the RC..

Since seniors are taking their finals soon.. they're busting their asses, studying in the RC ka, Room ka, Chalet ka.. wherever.. but since i'm at the RC, i was looking at em; .. GUYS esp. i would just stare at one person, and watch him study.. creepy isnt it.. *cant believe im admiting this.. -__-!! malunye. . but i guess there's no harm in watching people studying.. sigh..

Chem test on monday!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008
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Today is April 1st.. i've just been told that i'm being exempted from my supposedly 'full mathematics paper' A2 examinations.. Haha.. Very funny?

Busting my ass to get all the maths work done, time i sacrifice for self study (since we're not cathing up on our syllabus), all the pratice, all the effort.. now.. sighs.. what a bad prank.. Owh wait, it's not a prank.. what a day... what a day on April Fool's Day

You fooled me, you fooled me again,
Dear old April, havent you the heart,
You caught me, you caught me again,
Why not just a whoppie cushion??
It'll save me all the confusion..
All the hardwork, pain and the fusion,
The urge to work hard, wheel of the motion,

Dear old April, what else have you got..
Bring it on, i'm here,
Magic tricks, and all sorts,

-_-!! it what i'm feeling now,
Thanks for the trick, April,
I leave you now with a bow... -_-!!



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