Monday, January 30, 2006
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wish i??? this exists?
i was surfing up limewire the other day and i found that 'wish i' really exists. Sung by Jem in a hawaiian tune! sounds nice. Not bad for a hawaiian that sort of song. There's drums and some piano thingy for the background. nice..nice...

as a matter of fact i wanna dedicate this song to stella. As her loved one has gone to another state for chinese new year. So stella, this song is just for you!


Baby, you're sailing today
Baby, you're sailing away
Sugar, wish I could go too
But honey you know
I'm happy for you

Wish I, I wish I, I wish I
Wish I was going too

Baby, your ship has come in
Baby, adventures will begin
Sugar, don't you worry bout me
Cos honey you know
i want you to be happy

Wish I, I wish I, I wish I
Wish I was going too

But if you find that you don't like it
That the people there aren't inviting
Or that city life is too frightening
won't you come home
But if you find that you don't like it
That the people there aren't inviting
Or that city life is too frightening
won't you come home
please come home

Wish I, I wish I, I wish I
Wish I was going too
Wish I, I wish I, I wish I
Wish I was going too

Thursday, January 26, 2006
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wish i..
...wish i...

wish i.. was on the way to freedom,
wish i .. was at the top of the mountain,
wish i.. was at the deep blue ocean,
wish i.. was at the open wide sea...

many people running about,
with children there with their adults,
singing high and singing proud,
marvellous thoughts, fill us now..

wish i was a part of this ecstasy..
wish i was a part of ths brand new me
wish i was a there to hold your hands
wish i was the one who'll understand
walking out into the open life,
stars are bright, and so's the open ..s-k-y...!!
wish i .. wish i.. wish i was there.. with y-o-u..

***** lyrics by me!
i got a catchy tune from my cousins.. it's a smooth song for new beginers, though still incomplete, i think it's a good song. i wrote this after seeing the beautiful breakdown of my cousin's relationship with his girlfriend and my own experience with another close friend of mine who's expecting too much of herself. i can't say 'i understand' cos i really do not know but how i wish i was there to comfort all the sad people around the world..

'wish i..' was sung by my cousin, Johannrockstheworld, guitars also by another cousin, DragonRaichio, with a little help of the piano by me (*special thanks to Uncle Wekwek for coaching me). Peace out!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006
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i saw you..
"maybe this is not my time.. maybe we are not meant to be.. but still i.. dream of you.."...

Beautiful words spoken by some famous actor. This is a new year! Another page in my diary, if i'd ever written one. Uncovering the old times, i saw some pictures of my friends and i, and oh, how i wish i was there back then, together with them. Then would i cherish more of their hearts and implement every single one of them deeper, in my mind. Would i? Yes, definitely. i miss those sunny days where my cousins and i used to ride bikes to parks, hide behind bushes and play by the river bank (* more of a drainbank). How i wish i was young again!

But then things seemed to charge. Even more dramatically. i'm older now, and much more mature by my thoughts. Just that day when i was sitting at st thomas kindnergarden and making moulds from caly and now.. disecting a male frog in the bio lab! 'How much have i changed', i thought to myself. Perhaps it isn't me, perhaps it's the harsh reality that pushed me into evolving into something more than i can imagine. As said, flipping the pages of my photo album, i see my friends.. from the time of old cassy and cheung wai, to primary school where i was a prefect and now, secondary, i am now me! Joanna! who knows in a year or two, i might become somebody after all. sigh.. this is so not like me. .but this is the sentimental me.. or should i say.. the 'romantic me' not in a sense i'm in love or anything but just.. being.. closer to nature and deeper into myself.. (*refer to the Romantic Age).

Alrightie! Now, CNY is coming up! i'm planning to bake.. but atlas! All good things tunred bad! First when i looked for the ingredients.. i accidentally placed the recipe on the sink and my dad just happened to wash his hands and *drip drip* the whole paper was soaking wet! then when i took out the flour and began to weight, i saw worms in the DARN plastic. man i had to throw that away. Then when i got back from 3rd mile after buying new flour, i didn't bring my key! i had to stand outside for like 20 minutes before my neighbour came back from work and i asked to borrow his phone. While i was calling my mom, his batteries turn flat and before i can say.." Hurry back.. i need the......... *tut...tut*.." i stayed at my neighbour's for 1/2 an hour before i heard my dad's engines. I hurried backand found that i did not close the fridge and i got scolded for that!!! Moreover, at the time when i was taking my rest, my neighbour was hammering some pictures on his wall and it was like *CLANK! *CLANK! My goodness... what did i ever do to deserve all of these...

Currently, today, i am still lucky to retain my good aura and not let my evil one conquere. Luck is a matter of though. If you think you're lucky and so you are, If not, the other side! But if you're feeling lucky, i'll bet you'll be extra careful of the thigns going on around you. Luck is not to be depended on.. swt.. but luck is useful sometimes.. hehe.. alright.. i've crapped enough.. i just wanna wish everyone a good night's rest and to all my froggy friends out there... thanks!!!

p/s: i'll try to get some pictures in here.. soon enough.. >.< .. watching american idol now.. don't kacau me!! >.<

Sunday, January 22, 2006
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Chinese New Year ar..>!!!
Hello everybody! it's been such a long time.. but heck!

Hmm.. i'm in a new class now... 5 Science 1.. yay!!! it's not a good class location.. (it's near the toilet..boy it sure stinks..!) and there's plenty of homework waiting for me.. i mean like.. tons of it.. now introducing our new teachers..

1 Add maths - Pn Fu
2 Maths - Ms Yii Ling
3 Bio - Susieanna
4 Chem - Mohd Jasmee..
5 Physics - Ms Chung
6 Eng - Pn Chan
7 Bm - Elisza
8 History - Ms Tan Lee Suan
9 PM - Salbiah Ali
10 EST - Pn Kong..

who.. those are their news.. listed down on our cover pages... phew.. gotta rush now.. more homework on the way.. exam's 24 feb though... havent' touch a book.. wish me luck!! chow

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