Monday, September 10, 2007
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... secret ...
~ this post contains certain foul words that may hurt some people.. An apology goes with that.. but for this first part, it's what i feel inside, as for the latter part, (notice the font change) i'll be just me.. posting a regular post... TQ

The incident that let me to this post, is another; SECRET!... What's a secret to you? Something that has to be kept silent.. something that you and I only know.. something i wont tell? Something deep and embarrassing? Something that we all know but not I?

What is this secret that kept bugging me?? Well the incident that lead me into this is, of course, Stella's BF incident.. It's not exactly an incident, so to say. Just a thought, that made me uneasy.. We were talking about the Pot Luck Party at my house, this Friday and we were on the topic of who's coming for dinner.. And pops there goes ...

anyway, what other guy
and your bf...
my bf? wad date isit? he's not back yet. he's only back on the 23.
Me: what? whr he go?
Stella: swt. KL. u know who meh?
Me: whos ur bf?
Stella: lolz... lalalalal~ you are the last to know i think.. ask claire or n him , undergo PROFESSIONAL relationship
Me: dun wan, i ask u sin ma....
nah i wont tell u his name
Me: whaaa??? swt.. just spill it...
Stella: nop. haha. he is in kl
Me: spell the name...
and he is not a decent person. so we are jz out for fun. i wont tell. hehe

.. clearly, BF here, what i meant was Best Friend in Form 6 la.. mankan tahu Stella nih cakap tak tentu pasal ttg satu watak yg aku tak kenal pon. She has a BoyFriend while i was assuming it was her BestFriend.. i was blur and confused but i managed to grasp hold of the situation there and asked her about her BF.. and there you read it... how would you in the this world, feel about that eh... Eh .. EH???

Secrets again you say?? I think, YES!!.. But geez... since you've opened the can, might as well spill the beans hor.. sigh.. some people.. and SIGH to you stella, thanks for making me think.. Geez, and there i was so damn excited about the f***in party i was about to have, until there.. you got me thinking again.. and then you left me hanging.. ask shaun or claire.. geez.. isnt it better to ask from you yourself?? Gosh..

Okay people, i know i sound bitchy here, yes i admit that but gosh.. i just cant stand it.. i was clearly 'away' from Kuching for quite sometime, and 'Away' in people's lives, 'Away' in conversations and there i was trying to rebuild my own reputation by concerning and trying to be a good girl.. listening to people.. manakan tahu, ada sesuatu yg tak aku tahu.. And she aint telling ME!! And i've decided to do absolutely NOTHING (*for now) except for posting this shit in my blog!!.. HUH? i am sooo not gonna share my stuff with STELLA anymore!!

SHHHHHH!!! i know i'm over-reacting here.. but that's how i feel at that time okay.. at THIS time too.. please people, if you ever wanna keep a secret away from me.. then DO IT CAREFULLY.. and make sure it doesnt LEAKS... IF you're not keeping a secret then might as well TELL it straightaway instead of pushing it around like some game of marbles and jacks.. GOSH!! URGHH!!! After all that commotion, i felt a little tired, so i went to the kitchen and got a glass of water, washed it down my throat then back to the computer..

This time, i've decided to hook up the word 'Secret' in yahoo... and of course, my first instinct was nothing other than....

Victoria's Secrets... hmmm...

Then i searched at Wiki's

Secrecy is the practice of sharing information among a group of people, which can be as small as one person, while hiding it from others. That which is kept hidden is known as the secret. Secrecy is often controversial. Many people claim that, at least in some situations, it is better for everyone if everyone knows all the facts—there should be no secrets.

i repeat... NO SECRETS... (esp among trusted friends!!)

Of course, i got my feeling a little better.. sigh.. i'm such a hot-tempered gal ... getting all red and ugly because of this stupid crap.. Sorry, stella.. i gotta spill sometimes too ya know.. and i certainly hope there's no more of these childish things..

I mean like.. if you're having a relationship with some weird guy.. then i'm fine with that.. you're happy.. so am i.. Even when you're dating some drug addict, or some ex-convict or some guy shorter than YOU! (which i think is an insult..) .. i will not mine.. WHY? If it makes you happy, then i'm okay with that.. i'd advice you and give you a few hints and perhaps react negatively towards you a little.. but deep inside me, i'm okay with it..


I hope you're not too intimidated from all of this post.. it's just my way of expressing myself of what i was feeling just now.. Could be harsh to you, then i'm sorry... heyz "what goes around, comes back around.. " so DEAL WITH IT .. hahaha

I'm not angry at all.. i'm just.. 'disturbed' .. i sound angry but seriously.. nah.. i'm okay with it.. i believe you'll tell when the time is right... but is the time is RIGHT and you push it to some other people to tell me.. BETTER not TELL me at all... okay??

whoa.. what a long long long.. comment.. i think this is NOT humor .. Much more of EXPRESSIONS!! Woooo gush of words.. ahhahahah

Please, dont feel offended... heheh it's just my way of expressing myself.. and i'm not usually this naggy and noisy.. i'm much more of a peaceful, freeloader kinda person...

That's all for now..


Saturday, September 08, 2007
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.. one bah baaa bahhhha of a week ..
Baaah.. Babaaabaaaahhh baa baaaaah baaaahaaaahaaa bah...

Hahah, sheep talk lar.. okay.. dun worry ahjo veli pandai translate the sheep language into the england.. you know ma, her england is good.. eh i mean my england veli macho one, come back from the london.. so you wont be dissaponted... cewa...

Well all through these few weeks of boredome and busism.. (busyness).. finally i've found some funny crap to crap about in my blog. Heck, i know it wasnt as hit as the one i blog abt McD being abducted by kids and all.. *goosebumps*.. but i guess it is as same..

Something that caught my eye, Black Sheep the movie, .. this movie is a zombie movie like any other typical zombie movie there ever was.. eg the 'Deads' series (dawn of the dead, shaun of the dead, land of the dead, hand of the dead. etc.. ), 'Resident Evil', movies like 'Slitter', 'Aliens Reborn', 'Halloween Night' and many more ghorrrr movies..

Fact is a fact that is, ghorr movies are.. hmmm... ghorry?? Nonsense, of course they are. And i seem to be kinda used to watching ghorry movies.. bloody and spine chilling, and meat chopping and eyeball pulling and killing and all those non-human things.. zombies i mean.. but this.. this totally changes everything.. every of my perception..

Sheeps?? killing people?? people killing sheeps then turning into zombies? Sheep kills human zombies and being good guys? People turn into zombies and killing sheeps? Sheeps zombies kill human zombies?? WHoa.. the list goes on and on and on....

Basically when i read the synopsis and ask a few other people who actually seen the movie...

cute sheeps by the grassy land.. baaa baaa baaa...

MEAN black sheep comes...

MAN + SHEEP = BLACK SHEEP (some shitty sheep killing machine built by the government to scare off farmers and their sheeps off of their experimental area... )

And that is nothing but my first few impression of the movie.. ahhahaha then suddenly pops up the menu....

whoa.. these sheeps are REALLY getting into my head.. talking about the movie then this?? I gotta be baa baa baaaahhh crazy...

About the movie, hahahahah i haven watch yet la hor.. It's like only in Riverside Cineplex and ONLY 4.15 show time... Freak.. that day the newspaper put 4.15 pm and 7.00 pm i cepat-cepat go thr with KF and what happen? Tak ada... newspaper put salah... Ape nih.. the other movies are like... Rush Hour 3, Impak Maksima (sounds like the fast and furious 4 hor.. macho machno msian ah bengs and chili hot hot ah liens) and perfect stranger..

In the end do what? go to Star cineplex watch The Invisible.. Trust me.. 'indah poster, daripada movie'.. that's what KF said.. reeally ... it's SUPPOSE to be a horror movie.. but end up.. it's a movie like... 'Ghost' you know?? the one got the unchained melody song and got Whoppie Goldberg inside one ar... it's like an inspiring tail like something Oprah would recommend to her viewers.. what the crap??

But at least, the guy cute la.. but haiyo.. waste RM 9 nia... i mean... waste KF's Rm 9.. ahhaha

So please ppl, go watch this movie in cinema.. or buy some pirated Dvd ask daddy and mummy sponsor la.. (go kenyalang, 4 for Rm 20 only).. VERY CLEAR ALSO!! But Shisshhh dont bring the mata mata go thr la.. paiseh later they all wan jual beli ma.. go yourself and pick ur cd and then pay money then watch! AHjo say its good, it's good but please la... pregnant women and those.. got heart problem one.. dont watch la hor.. under 18 also... eh i under 18 also hor.. i mean under 12 cannot watch.. you all UPSR finish go find other thing to do.. dont watch this...

I do not i dont get ovinophobia after this.. Ewwwww.... swt..

for more info, check this site.. it's very cool.. got all the lamb lamb jokes you know (lame) and the reviews and other stuff are there.. but be prepared for some screams and some bloody pics... heheh

okie, peace out..


Monday, September 03, 2007
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.. a stranger ..
A stranger deep inside...

For who knows who a stranger is,
For he knows what that stranger wants,
And she knows what the stranger needs,
And they know where the stranger is..

But yet I,
I do not know who is that stranger,
Nor what he or she wants, needs or desires,
And I do not know where the stranger is..

The reflection in the mirror says it all,
" I am the one whom stranger you address..
The one of piety and poise...
Of darkness and emptiness...
For all who cannot see deep down inside...
That all else can seep through within...
And you, the owner knows no price..
And you, the owner knows nothing..
Nothing.. "

~ sometimes you dont see yourself as others see you.. Be real..

Hello everyone.. as you know i'm back in Kuching for another week or two until 15th sept. ahha holiday ma.. So now i'm enjoying my time here.. ahah no la

Actually i'm helping my auntie in her stall somewhere behind AmBank at Jln Haji Taha.. some kolo mee stall (HALAL) one la.. hhehehe it's not all that hard but swt... i got to see lots of 'things' over there.. trust me..

Life experiences you can say.. nothing beats it.. yes, so let me brag a little about Life Experiences here..

Life Experiences

you can neither buy or sell life experiences. There're for share and for gain.. You might think they're hard to get buy you initially get it everyday for free.. For every moment you stop and think about something, there it is. Experiences... And everytime you learn something, you gain something more.. You mature, you learn, you make mistake, you nurture yourself towards becoming someone important in life.. someone in this world... someone useful..

So get up and get your Life Experiences now.. it's all free.. no need to pay.. Some more.. it's useful to have those.. especially when you're down and unhappy or when you're hung over and sober.. or even when you're angry and when all else fails.. Learn to be a better person... For life is just short.. no time to waste...

Hehee... hmm i' think i'm going to post something funny soon enough.. it's about time i crack up that old fun-o-meter and start to make ppl laugh again.. okie.. till the next time i post.. turra...


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