Tuesday, October 18, 2005
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... we lost the battle but not our hearts...
It's not the way that we stand up and fall,
But the courage that sucks,
With disgrace and pitiful faces,
We may have lost our battle,
But not our pride, nor dignity,
We may have lost our only joy,
But this will regain our health and good might some day...
Till then i'll pray...

Great.. are those... who lives in misery,
Suffers all the pain,
And works the odds for himelf,
Great.. is the one, who stands by himself,
Who falls then rise up,
And bring us life....
Great.. are us.. who die for faith,
Believing in what's to come,
For the better sake of tomorrow..
Great.. are all the people,
Kills all the pain,
Redeemed themselves from anger,
And turn away the shadow..
GREAT is in YOU!!!.

_ShallowHearts- Great_

Thursday, October 13, 2005
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.being me...
Being me is full of fun, i guess. Try, get out from your shoes and be me for one day!

i guess you can say i'm very well, 'wild' and 'crazy' or 'noisy'. but i knwo how to shut up when it comes to certain situation. I am serious when i want to be and not at most of the time. i can't study in class when the teacher's around. i can get 'romantic' not all lovey and icky but it's a feeling that gets into me then i can write poems and stuff. It's a matter of expressing my self. At the 'romantic' mood, whoa i get all serious, and WRITE!

All the teachers, very well know my name. Especially Bm~ always 'kacau' me. I'm always the prey when it comes to reading. /swt.. at home i sleep during afternoons for a few minutes then i go online.. watch tv.. tv.. and more tv.. that's all. Haiz.. i guess it's not that fun being me after all eh.. Swt haha.. be who you are.. that's the best part and no one can be you! Haiz.. i better look for some show now.... Chow

Tuesday, October 11, 2005
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..Ghost Hunting..

Wow, remember the last post i've posted about the ghost hunters, i've done a little more research and look what i've got! More of Ghost Hunters, check this out:

Right as i was staring at the tv for 2 hours, it hit me that TAPS is a world organization that helps people to find more evidence to prove or disprove the existance of these 'beings'. (*haiyo .. so slow..) Hehe, i was concentrating on the voices then. (*sorry abt that..)
That's their site. Check it out when you have time, rite mate?

And so, i think this is a very good site for those who have encountered hauntings. True, you have to see it to believe it. I can't say much but i do believe that we are not alone and 'beings' are all around us. TAPS, a great society i must say, 3 cheers for them! Admirable, i do hope i can be a part of them or makybe create a society to discover answers for these questions myself! Haiz, the good future times.. for now.. it's back to the old books. 3 more days of exams then FREEDOM! HAh, besides Halloween Party is coming. /gg Night of Mischeif. I'll be doing some bad... real bad.. MuahahahhaWakakkakaka... Ohokkhokk.. (-_-!!) Peace out!

Sunday, October 09, 2005
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hello people! how're ya! in this section, you are gonna see some m-i-s-u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d-i-n-g-s! hah!

Apparantly, i've seen the quote... "To be great is to be misunderstood.." far too many times from books. And seriously i dont know what it means. To be misunderstood means to be hated, to be looked down, to be enemies.. And if i'm all that, i'm great. Not.. maybe i've misunderstood the concept but still, i think to be great is to be respected. if you're respected, nothing can go your way. Cos respects are hard to gain.
On the other hand, misunderstand is;
+Disagreement; difference of opinion; dissension; quarrel
+Mistake of the meaning; error; misconception.

As you can see from the picture i've posted above. Misunderstandings happens everywhere, anytime. no surprises, misconceptions are living, aging, in our lives and in certain times. it gets worse.
The reason i posted this is to remidn you that misunderstandings happens. Even when you thought it isn't anything, there is something. So lighten up and surprise the world! As Pamela Anderson once said ,"There's never going to be a great misunderstanding of me. I think I'm a little whacked." Haha, have a nice day and goodnight!

+Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.
+Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.Arnold H. Glasow

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Dreadful, always the 'norms' fault! Haha Hehe, well it isn't.. May i take ur time here to remind you that things aren't always yout fault. well even when it seems to be.. but it isn't okay? moving own.. i saw ghost hunters on starworld yesterday. Cool show! Bummering with the supernatural! oOOOoooO..OOo..
haha, but it's the first show.. so it's more of the intro than the mangeling with ghost thingy!
TAPS- The Atlantic Paranormal Society.. giv em a call if u wanna prove there IS something in ur house disturbing you! For real, we are not alone. Spirits linger anywhere.. and it's up to you to believe or throw it aside. Yesterday's show was about some house in Altoona, with the owner Brenda. There's four 'things' in her house. Eddie(boy), girl, woman, and a man. The girl and Eddie was playing, talking to Brenda's daughter, Anna, fighting over a doll. Throwing stuff at her.. The man lived in the attic ery eerie.. and the woman in another room full of dolls.. Eddie is a boy who Anna saw sat over a corner of the house.. Anna said to he rmom one night as her mom slept with her. "mommi! There's a little boy there.. he's bleeding.. help him! help him!" and brenda got so freaked out!! then she called TAPS! HAHA, the team went to investigate.. Oo caught some EVPs.. the thing to record the 'thing's' voices if they'd ever talk.
Guess what they caught some voices there.. there's one which says.. "Screeach...Eeeech...Can i come in?"... then footsteps.." and another... "..They don't want us.."! and when TAPS asked questions.. erm.. opne of it is.. It's quiet here isn't it... then they recorded a man's voice... deep.. "...YyYYyyeesssss.." whoa that even freaked me out!

As a matter of fact i'm freaking out here as i type this.. Darn it! Just watch Ghost Hunters every Saturday night - 9.00 to 10.00 on starworld (channel 70, astro) Geez.. Chow!! *goosebumps*

Thursday, October 06, 2005
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More than words..
there're times when you can't find the words to say.
Same goes for me, except that i'm used to being the girl that talks crap. Sometimes, talking crap is good. Makes you fell better about yourself, build up your self- asteem and all that. /swt..
today, i saw on oprah, some convicted criminals.. behind high-secured walls. Pitiful but very much alive and full of r-e-s-p-e-c-t! Funny, why not respect others rather than your own decisions? Fighting, bleeding, staying alive. These people are HUMANS and they're gonna be in our society(most of them). Pitiful.. as i see them. They're smart, intelligent people! WHy not practise that in a different way???

haiz.. english tomorrow.. /swt.. for the malays.. happy puasa.. for the rest.. make the right decision in life!! and nothing more.. it's more than words to describe life so make the best out of it!!

Sunday, October 02, 2005
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time flies, as usual, except during exams.. perhaps. As i see it, time goes too slowly during the hardest and painful times. We tend to age in our miseries. What about the sweet, loving memories? Indeed, time flies there.. Sometimes i do think that time live by our miseries. Perhaps it's a living sweet memories sucking machine.. if you know what i mean.. hehe.. my point is here that, i missed the old times.. when i was young.. foolish.. stupid.. dumb.. whatever my parents called it, (the dumb-age of yours.. )

now, it's the dreadful exam time.. the time when everyone had to do something, acheive something, prove something. What will it be for me? guess i'll live by the minute and not by the hour or the second! hopefully i do hope time turn down the level or something. Things are too fast in my life.. haha.. for now, goodnight, and sleep tight..

p/s; i forgot my id and password, that's why i didn't update.. haha

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
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