Friday, December 28, 2007
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Time is indeed the hardest thing to understand. Time is everything. Time can buy us happiness, time can buy us life, time can erase memories, and time can also trace them back. Time is a one-way road. There is no bargain with time. Time does not wait for us, but yet us, we wait for time.

Sometimes, we try so hard to kill time, and some other times, we hope that time flies. Sometimes, we hope that time ticks slowly, and sometimes we prefer not to go through that time.

So many requests and so many pleads, yet time still goes on ticking. To us, there is no end to time, but to time, we are the start of everything.

Every tick is the start of something new. Every second is a diamond. Every moment of time, symbolizes a new beginning, a new life, a new breath, a new journey, a new day, a new tomorrow, a NEW new...

And we, have nothing to go against time, nor can we overtake it. What we can do is, to go through it, tick by tick, second by second, from a moment to another with TIME. And that is what we all are, moments of time. Until time ticks away to our last breath, we shall go WITH time, and TIME will give us everything...

Treasure every moment of time... Be it far away or close by, With your loved ones, or where your enemies lie... Time does not wait, therefore we must make the best of ourselves everyday, so that time will give us everything we longed for.. all in due time...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007
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Ho Ho Ho.. Merry Christmas..

I just came back after visiting my mum's friend's house at Batu Kawah, had lunch there.. it was nice, and simple.. It felt like Christmas after all...

Christmas is here,
Tidings of joy,
Ringing of bells,
Excitement of a boy.

Christmas is here,
I woke up from bed,
Stood by the window,
Oh boy, was i glad.

Christmas is here,
But there are no presents,
There are no guests,
All wishes deserted.

No parties, no cookies,
No socks, no santa,
No mistletoe, No tree,
I thought under the veranda.

Christmas should be cheerful,
Time to be spent with your loved ones,
Merry, bright, pleasing and delight,
Yet, alone, i have no one.

But yet again,
I ponder as i think,
Least i have today,
Tomorrow and yesterday,
All things sweet,
Graceful and polite,
All things deary,
Happy memories,
day and night,

Yes, Christmas is here,
Why sulk? Be merry!
Good tidings of Christmas,
With me and with Everybody!

"Christmas is here",
Once again i shouted,
At least i am happy,
Deep down in my heart.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.. May you treasure this time with your loved ones. Alone or with somebody.. *muaks*...

Sunday, December 23, 2007
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Recently i went to the newly opened.. 'shopping complex', in Kuching, BOULEVARD.. Mind you, i live in 3 1/2 mile.. so it has been a few 'jamming' days for my place.. gosh.. those cars..

I think us, Kuching people are soooo proud to have this huge shopping complex *finally* built. Yesterday was the official opening, and yes, like any other 'kiasu' people, i was there.. haha..

the interior of the place is still new.. much of it hasnt been 'polished' or should i say 'cleaned up'.. if you take a good look at the ceiling and the floor.. it's still.. dirty.. dusty.. but i can tell you that ALMOST the whole population of Kuching is crammed into that shopping complex.. everywhere i turn, there's someone i know.. whoa..

Of course, when there's a new 'jamban', they attract salesman.. and so .. the sell.. it's like free publicity, to attract the ah kong and ah ma to buy their product! *more like cheating them!!

And also, time for credit cards and other weird weird cards..

Salesperson: Lai lai, Ah Kong, Ah Ma... register here.. and you get free gift.. to day we got special for you.. today we give you.. OSIM SO voucher.. very rare..
Victim: Wah.. got OSIM?? OSIM the chair isit? Wah.. what card is this??
Salesperson: For you Ah Ma, i give you special.. free for life special Hong Beong debit and credit card.. so when you not enough money you use this card.. then ask your son to pay lol.. very easy.. no need to call them ask for money ...
Victim: wah.. so good meh.. but later my son marah me le.. how?
Salesperson: Dont worry.. i give you 2 OSIM SO voucher.. one for you, one for your son, okay?
Victim: wah, so nice...
Salesperson: Lai lai.. just put your name here.. your IC here... ...

(* OSIM SO voucher = OSIM 'sit only' voucher... )

Home to 'branded' products...

and more 'branded' products....

and more products...

and more... dresses and stuff...

But mind you, we Kuchingnites, dont see and buy, we follow one GOLDEN rule:

Eyes can see, Hands can move,
Dompet dont touch, selamat la lu..

hahahah... i learnt that from my dad's friend.. haha..

And another major event, yesterday night, the Christmas Parade at Jln Padungan..

miles and miles of humans carrying candles roam the streets to Travilion, caroling and waving, "MERRY CHRISTMAS".. reply: "Siaw ar you! Today 22nd only.. SIAW!!"

and more people...

and THIS is the tree at travilion that everyone's so sakai about.. it's a 15 foot tree i think...

anther blur view of the tree..

i wonder what's on the tree.. if you zoom this image.. you'll get the answer.. little 'X' - like the celcom reload card punya.. Wah liew.. at first i thought it was reload cards.. then i can go steal em'.. but NOo. it's just tiny cards with the 'X's... sigh sigh.. And there's a freaking competition to guess how many X's are in the tree!! WHAT?? Guess?? whoa.. my hopes to the lucky winner!!

Friday, December 21, 2007
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the bells are hung,
Carols are singing,
Everyone's ready.,
For CHRISTMAS is coming!!>.<

Ho ho ho.. alallaalal~ i'm always 'ON' for Christmas and some other festive seasons.. oo yeah and dont forget tomorrow's "TANG CHIEK" *cina la* Time to make those rice balls and eat!!!! WOhoo..

I passed by travilion and saw the tree... so pretty!! wish i can have it at my own back yard... *gleams.. Anyways, stella's off to kl (*during Christmas.. cis her... memang disengajakan..), and tomorrow's going to be busy a lil'.. cooking and gathering all those people crump out at my grannies.. Phew.. But still, gotta keep the tradition alive..

Yes, speaking of traditions.. it's a tradition to eat rice balls during the festival tomorrow ( dont know what it's called in english.. my england lousy la.. not good kai..). So as it's a tradition to give presents on christmas!.. it's not like we HAVE to do it, it's just a TRADITION.. And why do people still keep traditions?.. you'd say..

~ mengekalkan tradisi kekeluargaan supaya sesebuah ahli keluarga boleh mengenali asal usul budaya mereka...etc..

just like bm karangan in form 5.. NO.. that's what YOU might think.. that's what i THOUGHT OF too.. but in My opinion.. why do people keep traditionS?

TO SELL - huh?
~ yes.. people 'nowsadays' chim lousy one.. they dong know.. they lazzie to learn how to make kueh sepit, bak chang, tang yuen, etc.. so they buy la.. And who's the one earning most.. THE BENIFITED is the 'auntie-auntie, taokeh-taukeh, uncle-uncle' that sells these things.. haha..

~ people old liao.. so kolot a bit.. or SOT jor a bit.. they still keep the traditions..

~ some people just want to be funny, be famous.. so they ma go follow or even dare to make some new traditions.. that they follow... ma si make them famous lo

1) If you comb your hair at night, you will be BOLD!
2) If you cook duck upside down, your wife will not be fruitful, if you cook duck right side up, you will not have kids.. then how you cook duck?? cook.. sideways lor..
3) if you take the umbrella and sing Rihanna - Umbrella in the shower.. your wall will leak..

weird customs.. weird...

~ some people.. the good one follow the bad one also follow the stupid ones lagila they follow.. aduhai..

~ people too eng until nothing to do at home.. ma si kua ten si *tengok tv* or play pc.. nothing do to .. so pao bak chang lo.. or make moon cake.. *weird...

~ simply put, KIA KUI * scared of ghosts.. last time, people believe that if you dont followe the traditions, the rules, the superstitions.. you will be punished.. by the Gods.. or Ghosts.. and so, they believe in that, they believe in traditions..


What a weird post today.. i think i'm getting carried away.. shish... enjoy reading today's post then.. Tradition..

Thursday, December 20, 2007
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Christmas is about giving...

Once again, it's that time of year.. where we sing Carols and give presents.. Eat candy canes and buy tree ornaments.. Christmas is coming!! Yays!

Ho Ho Ho.. Hmm What do Christmas really mean to me?? Hmm..

i think Christmas is about remembering the day Christ was born. (*mind you, i am not a Christian.. but i do know about the history a little bit here and there.. ). Anyway, Christmas is that time of the year.. where we sing Christmas songs.. and we enjoy partying.. and the sales.. Wohoo..

~ if you asked me.. i think Christmas is the only time.. when you buy something YOU like and give it to YOUR friends.. Get it.. It's not like the usual occasion, where you buy something your friends/families/relatives like, or you might think they like it.. and give it to them.. But Christmas to me.. it's all about what i like, how i like it, and how i give it... Hahaha..

Had my BBQ party last night, where i wasnt the IDEAL host.. (*clam & lion barbecued instead.. TQ!), but still, before stel leaves, i gave her, her Christmas pressie.. it was small.. tiny.. kinda heavy.. squarish.. and she asked me if she could open it.. i was reluctant but .. it's hers so.. open it up!.. and she got a... a... a....

*drum rolls..


Picnic Eraser... Tadaa!! Very cute.. i dont have the EXACT picture but this is as close as it can get.. SO .. So?? Cute isnt it?? haha .. it's not in a container like the ones above.. rather it's a meal.. some salad and sausages on a plate, tempura prawns, and an onigiri.. hahah.. i'll ask her to post up the pic soon.. i hope.. And then she asked..

stella: Jo.. so unpredictable ar you, give me this.. this.. picnic eraser!!
me: haha.. cute isnt it.. nice ma.. i've warned you that it's something useless..
stella: i'd never think of it.. i thought it's some bracelet or something..
me: least you can rub with it.. but dont do that.. it's too cute..
stella: swt.. where and why you buy this le..
me: .. Christmas ma.. it's about what I like.. not what YOU like.. okay...

*hmm certain parts are edited for the suitability of the post.. Sorry

So there... my proof.. i know she doesnt collect erasers or anything but.. it's soo cute.. and i like it.. so i've decided to give it to her lolz..

Moral of the Story is, give yourself another chance this christmas.. to pick out what YOU like.. to give it to OTHERS.. trust me, they would be shocked (*well, most of them will be..), and more than happy to receive a present from you.. Cheers!

Santa Clause is coming to town.. alallalalala~

P/s: claire, your pressie is still with me.. you get one too.. dont worry... hehehehh


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