Friday, November 06, 2009
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life so far...
Hey hey, I haven’t been updating my blog for a while. Well, life’s been pretty busy so far. But im doing better everyday. I have friends that I can trust, friends that I miss overseas, and friends that I love back at home. My family’s been supportive and they’re doing well. That’s always good to hear. Studies have been not too bad. My scores are average… Geology has been interesting topic. It is something new, and it has been an eye-opening experience. I’ve grown an affinity towards rocks and nature, which I think is a good thing. I’ve drawn myself into liking the existing planet of ours, how it formed, how it evolves and how it will change in the future. It is the endless journey of understanding the truth, but for now, I know that im slowly fathoming the reason, why I am here. Why everything is the way it is. This also establish and make steady my own principles which I've held on to for a long long time..

Aubrey has been an awesome friend. She’s kind and nice, always there to help. Understanding, Gentle, caring, She has a beautiful family. And I appreciate being a part of it during my stay at her home in St Louis.

Ethan is an awesome vegetarian friend. He cares, understands and makes me laugh. Though we both have our differences and argue about things that we don’t agree on, nevertheless, we’d say sorry and make up just as couples do. He’s been great help, a good listener..

Trey and Aimee are two of a kind They’re awesome in soo many ways.. They entertain me with her lame jokes, and are always there when I feel alone, at times of need. They showed me the different side of the American culture. Not always a good one, but still, it’s enjoyable. I see love and family through their eyes, and their presence never fails to cheer up my day.

To all Rolla Inn Empire residence… owh, how much I loathe thee!! I am happy to be in the Rolla Inn, and will always be a part of it. The Empire was my bridge to the school, my bridge to the campus, the society, to America. It is my first ho

me, my foundation, and will always be. I’ve learnt things that I do not understand at the time, and now am able to be on my own. I’ve met great leaders, awesome friends and many other connections that make my stay that much more enjoyable.

To all campus friends, hi’s and bye’s, friendly smiles and all… they’ve been the pigments of colors that spread out on my field of blacks and whites, here in the states. And slowly, they’ve made such a beautiful painting….

I’m starting to feel the cold air … and im liking it… :)

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
My WishList
- save money to go to JAPAN!
- Bunjee-jump.
- Fly a plane.
- have a Gay friend!
- Get Punk'd.
- Own a taxi company with Claire
- Travel to Ethiopia
- own 'Star-Spanged-Banner', a restaurant
- Join the Amazing Race
- date a pilot >..<
- Go to TOKYO!!
- learn surfing
- Have a nice Bday bash with stel
- Be a nice tour guide to my friends
- Meet Wentworth Miller.

"Must Do"s
- get an external
- tidy up room
- repaint room downstairs
- be good in driving
- get sims 3
- finish PhotoAlbum

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