Friday, November 28, 2008
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Yays!! I've been back in Kuching for a while now, and im enjoying every second of it! Owh yea, Ching and May & Tim, came from KL to Kuching!! I spent 2 days with them, yesterday, i followed them eating then to Bing! for a cup of coffee and play cards. Lots of laughter, and i learnt that GD = Go Die.. thanks Corny, for the new vocab. It shall remain in my head now, as i intend to use it from time to time.. haha

Talking about today, OMG today.. mann... i hung out with stel yesterday night, to catch twilight - (damn romantic moovie... hugs.. loves..) then she sent me back. The proposed plan was to catch breakfast with Karen the next day, 7.30, because Karen needs to work at 9... Hahaaa... So it was said.. but not done..

Stella, apparantly, my ever-not-so-punctual friend, overslept, and came late. She arrived at my house at 8.15.. and we made Karen waited for an hour. Sowee Karen** She was squating outing her house.. damn cute..

Then we went to Mitsu Tea House at BDC roundabout, to eat breakfast!! Chinese style - Dimsum!! Yays..

the red-bean pau we ordered, in shape of piggies!! Kawaii!

pau, char-kuey, and loh-ma-kai.. of some of the things we ordered..

We ordered quite a lot there actually, not just this, but i didnt take pictures because we were chatting away.. hehee After breakfast, was time to send Karen to work!!

Haha. And after that, i made Stel my official driver of the day.. muahahha. So both of us, went to the famous laksa shop - near Grand Continental Hotel, and met up with Ching, May, Tim, Corny, and Ting!! Yays.. They ate laksa - while we're still disgesting our dimsums... Then we head on over to the Bazaar. I got postcards for Izzie and Shahir!! Then after that to Spring!!

Final destination Kim Lai Heng, cafe... Now that's what i called a day. Apologies and thanks to Stella for becoming my driver... Love ya, always will.. Muaks..

And to Ching, May & Tim, have a nice and safe flight.. Hope you like it here and come back to Kuching soon!

p.s: Sorry, i very malas to give full details.. sorry.. watching 90210!! Soooo lovin it!! Ciao!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
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Finally after all these months, waiting, and waiting...

i'm enrolled for Driving Lessons!! Wheee.. which, in other words, mean, I"M LEARNING HOW TO DRIVE!!

i attended the 5 hours KPP thingy last sunday.. *pheww.. so now i've got to pass my table test! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
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Hey there, before i say anything else, i need to complain.. yes it's about the IELTS test which i did on SAturday, 8th Nov...

It was a finee day, as we (Petronas scholars) raced the sun to get to idp Subang. Little did we know that the actual exam starts at 9 am.. So we waited for freakin 2 hours... **grrr My test was at Taylor's Business School because idp is full.

Written exam was first; Listening, reading, writing... Listening was okay. reading was okay, Writing was okay; Fashion is becoming more and more important in peoples' lives today. Why? Discuss the positive or negative development.... Not until after that day did i notice that i didnt answer the WHY part of the question. All i gave was positive develpoment of FASHION and a little criticism. Anyway, i think i did okay..

Then after that, we ( me, that, pchk) were lucky enough to meet Georgie!! - exclass mate from St 3! We had lunch at a mamak nearby - sorta.. cheap good food.. and then went all the wayy back to idp for our speaking test. Now, the golden moment...

It's the last test for the day, so what the heck.. It was Luqman's turn, then Letha, then me... moment of truth.. while letha was at it.. i can see the examiner.. old, cold.. withered little lady in her 50's.. no biggie, i thought.. When letha got out ( it felt like ages), MY TURN!! So i played it cool, knocked, came in and sat down... She called my name, and started to click her little device and recorded every single thing i said.. mann!!

She asked me a few questions about myself, so i answered.

"This is candidate no 00989dsjhfksh, Joanna. First, i would like to ask you a few questions about yourself. Can you tell me your full name and .... "
"My name is Joanna.... "

Section 2: Art, that was my topic, full of crappy stuff... Section 3: Teenagers.. Well it wasnt that hard, but you kno what the weird part is, she doesnt help you out, she doesnt give you comments or feedback. So she's like MACHINE... a DEAD SILENT MACHINE, dude.. that was like soo turning me off damnit.. When it ended, i was soo blurred out, because of all the crappiness and tension inside the room. I mean, talking to a wall is soo weird. then i went out and picked up my stuff and there just happen to be this Arabi dude.. who came next to me and said,

" Congratulations... you got a 6.5..."
"WTF... 6.5???.."

For the crappiest 10 minutes of my life, and all i got was a 6.5?? !*^&(!*&^&*#. Man. after that i went ballistic!! My head was wayy out from my body, my mouth was blabbering non stop about the crappiness.. and URGH!! The tension, the stupidity, the humuliation!!! 6.5 out of 9.0?? damnit man.. damnit damnit...... curses...

I went back that day, down and all.. But i gave it all a thought..
- i cant possibly get 6.5 imagine what the other people might get..
- it could be an 8.5, because 6 and 8 have curves...
- it might not be my score
- why am i trusting an Arabi??? -_-!!

URGH.. WHY???? But overall i think i did okay.. so.. what the heck, i better believe in myself more..

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
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