Saturday, June 30, 2007
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.. friends ..

Today is the day.. we sent claire off..

It was so a bit down....

It was sad....

It was touching...

Well, it made me think about my departure real soon.. i mean seriously.. THINKING.. Arghh... But it was overall a great thing.. she's going for studies.. not like she's going to jail kar.. or migrate somewhere kar.. i mean she's still gonna come back worr.. Yay!
Then, i thought of something and i dedicate this verse to claire..


as the rose willing to give out the blood it sheds...

i'd share my blood with you...

until time comes, we depart...

our blood shared, shall remain..

as the wind surged...

we shall always be together...

from now till the end of time..


it sounds a bit gay-ish but it's nice okay.. i'm lazy to type the whole poem out.. (i wrote it of course) cause it's way to boring and lame.. talking about 2 fullscape paper dude.. arghh maybe next time lah..

Point is, dont let this be our end, claire.. take this as a start of a beautiful friendship together... with stella and shaun... yes, 4 of us.. hehehe.. wait.. this isnt our end... haha i'm sure you'll get it somehow.. and for all that i've done in the past that was deceitful towards you... i truly apologize.. i quote...

".. for a man is not a man until his feet are bound to the ground and his hands are stained with blood before he truly understand a measure of a man after he is mistaken..."

Anyway, i'm sorry for a couple of things that i wished i did..

1_ Bring you to senso.

2_ bought all three Incanto perfumes.. (Dream, Charm, Shine)

3_ Chia you drink..

4_ Sit in your car with you driving it..

Ahahahah.. guess i'll have next time to do it.. but the list is going to be updated lar of course.. takkan kuching wont have 'happening' place meh.. dont worry..we're only 2 states apart claire!!.. KTM.. very near...

Haiyorr another personal post.. EMO EMO... -_-!!

Tomorrow, Karen will be going.. yet another good friend.. haiz..

Viva forever.. Friends for life.. !!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007
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... another long post ...
Heeya... i'm back this time for another long long post.. get ready .. cause here it comes!! ...

Fantastic 4.. Hahah.. finally i got my hands on this movie. i've been wanting to watch it for some time now.. but i couldn't find just the time and my gang to go our with me... so there i am.. today.. this very afternoon with claire, shaun and javey wavey... out to watch Fantastic 4~~ Jengjeng..

Well, i had to go through quite a lot to go for this movie.. Well, claire asked me out just right about 11 something pm.. While i was having my lunch break.. and shopping at Lilian Too's world of Feng Shui.. at Jln Padungan area lar.. then she asked me.. at first i turned her down because i'm working on that day.. but then i saw her last message... ".. if you cannot go, then i go alone lor.." .. i was like.. HAh.. ALONE?? so.. soo.. 'be pang sim' (hokkien - cannot put down heart).. so in the end.. i just had to come up with Plan B.. which is...

Plan B: Tell my boss i had something important to do this afternoon.. then tell my dad to pick me up from ang cheng ho.. stop whatever i had to go at that time.. and leave it for tomorrow.. then quickly message my cousin (cos he wanted to watch it too!) Atlas, it worked in the end.. haha..

lucky for me i reached home about 1 something then it was ZOOM>> bath and change and wait... and just in time to catch the movie... phew.. the movie was..

SPOILER: ... silver surfer is NOT the vilian.. it's Galactus.. or whatever u call it.. it's suppose to suck down all living things and matter to feed itself.. bla bla bla.. i can truly say that.. the movie was so-so.. funny.. story-line okaylar.. and Jessica Alba is STILL hot.. though not in her usual 'BLONDIE' look.. (it's a bit queer...).. Still, i'd rate this..
4.12 outta 5

After movie, we took a stroll in parksons and swak plaza accompanying javey wavey.. actually.. he's accompanying us! Teehee..

we went around sniffing for products and samples.. WOoohoo!! i'm loving it! sniff sniff.. then bookstore where claire wants to get the nelson mandela book.. and javey bought his book.. then walk walk walk to swak plaza.. claire chia me tokiwado.. and she ate sweetcorn before we stop at coffeebean's.. Javey needs his cup of coffee and we split up there.. and went home.. (*claire got her caramel ice-blended) yays..

A little something to say..

For the past few days.. i did something called self-reflection** Did some thinking.. and thought. haiz.. this is really a small world that doesnt go my way.. but heck, i still have to live with it.. until the day i die that is.. With or without.. i'm sad.. and sober.. haiyoo think about leaving .. i a bit sad.. but very happy too.. well, leaving Kuching means.. starting over for me.. my high school years aint that well.. so might as well try for college life.. it could be a 'cliche'.. but at least i know the mistakes i wont repeat.. haiz.. if you can read through the lines.. . i wrote a little something i would like to share..

Due to the rain, our hearts appealed,
Our hands are tied, we are all dead tired,
Due to the sun, our hearts are broken,
Our bodies embedded, we are all tranced..

Due to our doings, we suffered consequences,
Due to our habits, we starve for addiction,
Due to our behavior, more people hurt,
Due to our feelings, we lost ourselves..

Well actually, i lost myself.. i lost you, i lost us..

In remembrance of a special friend...

Now.. let's get back!

here are a few pics in case you get bored...

the iPod.. stella gave me.. thanks!.. muaks!

At Tao's on Sunday night, soo many mosquitoes.. but a rather nice place

stella.. ahhahah complaining about soo many nyamuk.. shish.. got statue at the back of you lar..

a clear view of the place.. nice nice..

bin full of magazines.. there's another filled with games.. board games etc..

view of outside.. the non-aircon area...

Dominoes.. 'Old man's Game' as Javey calls it.. Shaun brought it.. we played 2 rounds..

the white caramel claire ordered.. yay!!

I aint crapping about my party okay.. so if anyone's expecting.. well.. i'll see to it.. but i think i'll just leave it as it is.. and let others talk about it.. i liked it.. and i enjoyed myself.. after all the stress and excitement! hahah.. sorry guys.. nothing to look forward to here.. teehee..

CURRENTLY in my life..
~ cousin's back.. from Sabah
~ working even more harder..
~ tutoring even more so..
~ saving money for college
~ not enough sleep noooooo
~ westlife craze is back?? no la..

that's all you need to know about me currently ahahha.. here are some more pics i'd like to blog about...

And to think that these type of places still exists.. whoa.. rare.. only in Kuching lar..

Look at those antique staircase.. it's not .. precise.. each square and it's spinning.. cool...

Arced openings for kopitiam.. know where's this??? hehe if you can guess... i'd trest you teh-c-peng at Jln Song.. 5 colors one.. or anything equivalent..!! ahahha
*terms and conditions apply***

Okay la.. that will be all from me now.. hehe talk to you people soon okay.. BYE!

Thursday, June 21, 2007
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.. NEW BOYTOY discovered ...
huh? What? What's the deal here? Okay.. come a little closer.. Psst.. i just found a... NEW BOYTOY!! WooHOoo!! Sure..sure.. it's not the boy.. BOy punya .."BoyToy" my definition for 'BoyToy' here meaning .. objects that impress girls...

i was waiting for my mum to withdraw cash then suddenly.. something of mid air caught my attention.. and there it was... so amazing.. so finely.. craved... so .. so... desired.... it's my NEW BOYTOY!!! I WANT!!!

imagine.. the fame, glamour and glory... it's all MINE!!!! WohoO!!

Haiyoo.. i know la.. girls dont drive this typo car.. Swt. dont say like that.. girls get to drive cool, fast and 'Zhnged' cars too okay... it's not just for guys.. Plus... i think hot girls should drive hot cars too.. Damnnit.. Why do we always see.. guys bringing their hot girls in flashing cars.. 'beemers(BMW)'... 'harrier'...'mercedes'... paling worst also.. 'Zhnged Kenari'.. and then you get to see girls driving so-so cars like.. 'Vios', 'Wira', 'MyVi', 'Savvy' and all those small small vehicle WITHOUT Zhnged?? That is sooo unfair!!

If this were my world, with my rules and my recognition.. it'll be...

** flashing neon lights and screaming girls at the carpark, Medan Pelita.. ***
** wind rushes throw the night as the smell of gasoline filled the air and the smoke chokes the atmosphere...
**** thrilling blows of petrol combustion and street drifting heard from afar...

then suddenly....

Car flashes from bottom ground up to zero level.. then up in midair.. car drifts up to highest peak. ** girls screaming even louder... **

From above, two high beam shone through the carpark, a car steps front, lights of a Evo G6 wowed the audience.. then *silence*

.. door opens.. high boots hit the floor... girl comes out.. WOOHOOOOO!!!!..

Everyone: Why this AhJo.. talk abt lame crap of her dreams... aduhhai.. get on with it liao..!
AhJO: okay okay... sabar...

That was a hysterical illusion of my .. hm... ILLUSION?? in my world.. la harr.... So i was saying... This BoyToy really fascinates me.. though i wasnt able to remember the name of the car .. you can tell me if you know.. i just think it's cool... and definitely pricey..

Yup, that's about it.. BoyToy discovery.. i wonder who own it.. hope it's a girl.. i was one of these 'BoyToy' owned by the taukeh of 'The Rock Shop' via Travilion Mall.. he's nice enough to let me snap a few photos.. and touch... Aww.... thanks..

i leave you...
.. picture of the car...

Saturday, June 16, 2007
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... browse@ petanak market place ...
Hoho.. i went to Petanak Market on Friday morning.. it's not maturely my first time there but it's my first time blogging about a market.. so YAY!!

Petanak Market is situated in Petanak, somewhere along Ang Cheng Ho area.. It's under MBKS territory, and it's a two-floor building. The first floor, we can get veggies, fruits, spices, dried stuff, fish and poultry. On the second floor, there's food stall and 'kuih' to buy.. WoohoO!! I'm not here to leter more or promote Petanak Market, well i just though it would be interesting to hear something about Kuching sometimes la hor.. Ehh enjoy the pics.. *though it's blur... hints to my friends... **

veggies.. veggies and more green veggies!!
From left to right; lady fingers, French bean, turnips, cucumber, 'petola', and some more greens...

Hohoo this is a picture of a man.. picking his small 'kanna chai' ... to make jeruk i think.. 'seng li' is good as usual...

Here we have some reds, tomatoes, erm.. 'lakia kio' - terung asam, and some odd looking gourd.. bah.. ** rubs rubs... any genie in here?? No???

This is baru 'KIO' as in ginger!! Gigantic ones.. the taukeh tanam himself.. so proud of it.. a lot of 'seng li' too.. good for him!! Eh, my auntie bought some too!!

Hah.. this is the 'Gigantic Pandan Leaves' .. Well 'Bak Chang' Festival is coming soon ma.. Next Tuesday .. so most of the people here are selling 'beras pulut' and 'pandan leaves' .. some Chinese use bamboo leaves, some use the small pandan leaves, and some use this.. gigantic pandan leaves.. just make sure you secure your 'beras pulut' and the contains of the 'Bak Chang' properly before put into boil!!>. Eheheh ..

More veggies.. these are 'Che Chai' as in 'Su Chai' (chinese) and green leafy veggies.. ( i call it) .. it's filled with fiber .. gotta need some of these...

Bananas... hmmm ... ** picks** Taukeh: Eh you.. wad are you doing??? Gimme back my BANANA!!!! **Monkey's delight

More local + imported fruits... Bargainable prices... and fresh fresh fresh!! (* of course not all) You can see Kiwi fruits, lychees and mangoes in the picture..

Papaya! And pineapple!! Woohoo.. I'm not a fan of these but .. LOCAL FRUITS ROCK!!

Our local mangoes.. waahh soo nice.. Sweet ~~

This is the upstairs food stalls lor.. Me and me aunties went to eat vegetarian food.. Cheapo... Not the 'A' restaurant.. but Kuching ppl ma.. cincai cincai!!

Some other stalls.. not opened... swt...

This one sells anything from Kolo Mee to Tomato Kueh Tiaw.. hmm ...

DRAGON FRUIT!! SO PURPLE-ish.. Me aunties gave me two of those.. and two mangoes.. whoo.. the color sticks to my hands.. and my tongue.. NOOOOO ** brush teeth.. brush teeth.. !! FAST!!

Okay.. there's a little bit abt Kuching Petanak Market Place.. if got time, visit lo.. hear pasar auntie gossip gossip and see how the cut fish also nice ma.. hehehe

Oh yeah, my PARTY (and claire's) is SOOOO happening liao!! Waa.. cant wait.. It's on the 22th June, 6.30 pm in The Living Room.. you saw the pictures somewhere in my older posts before.. YAY!!... Looking forward to it.. OO yeah, i'm terribly sorry i cant invite the whole 5 science 1, though i really want to.. ** need to jimat** Really sorry lar.. hope you understand.. we still friend, eh?? YAY!! Hi-Fi!

That's all .. Adieu!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
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.. Arabian Nights ... here we come!
Hi Hi.. how are y'll?? It's raining cats and dogs + rolling thunder where i'm now.. Dangerous to switch on computer but heck.. ekekke i'll off later on..

Ermm erm.. i havent been really busy for the past few days but i'm just psyched abt my Farewell Party heppening soon. Opps, it's not just mine, it's me and Claire's muahahahah..
After days of getting together and planning.. finally it's REALLY happening! Yay! i cant wait.. Actaully it was just yesterday when we really.. went through the whole plan and started calling and buying stuff** ekek.. we've also draen out some games and guest-list + seating plan for all.. Gee, i really hope i can invite EVRYONE i know but .. limited $$ lolz..
But anyhow, anyway, we've (me + claire) carefully selected 18 (more of less) of our friends and made our invitation cards! YAY! (* credit goes to shaun, my bro for hitching us a ride.. ~Thanks) Oo yea, i forgot to spoil the party and say.. it's based on 'Arabian Nights' theme.. excites***
Eeheh not much happened yesterday but it was fun!! I guess i'll feed you more on my party after negociating with Claire and abt the FOOD tonight.. tata.. see you soon!
Always.. always tune in to my blog yea... take care.. funny posts coming soon!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007
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... long post ...
Haha.. to all my dying fans out there.. sorry .. didnt post for few days.. aiyo.. AhJo yesterday feel soo down ma.. so here i present to you this long long post.. the longest i've ever posted in AhJo posting history... EnjoY!

Hmm well, let's kick things off with today.. i mean just now.. i was currently thinking abt what to post today.. then my mum suggested to go to KFC... *dunno why.. got motive de...** So me and my whole family went there for our dinner...

We ordered a Combo A - ( thrift plate, 2 mushroom soup, 1 mash potato (L), 1 coleslaw (L), 1 cheesy wedges and 1 free Fantastic 4 magnet *i got The Thing* ) for a price... RM 43.47 *tax included and i pay.. (motive revealed) .. Ouch.. that was soo damn filling.. Oh yea, in case you were wondering, we went to the KFC outlet at 2nd mile.. erm erm.. near Eastmore.. there la...

The red signboard that everyone likes... KFC.. it's finger-lickin good...

tuuu.. tu... open 365 days you know... -_-!!

TaDaa.. the mushroom soup!! What the?? So small.. wahlao.. u think we baby meh... dahla give baby spoon to drink baby soup again... aduhai...
*it wasnt bad/good.. tastes like.. like.. Knogg's mushroom soup** hmmm...

the 'friendly' waiters/waitresses working.. "ehh eh.. jgn ko cuba masuk tgn ko dlm daging aku.. aku benar benar lapar nih..."

wahlao.. soo many ppl .. even ah ma pasar malam also tapao.. 'seng li' is good.. as usual for KFC....

Ah ma wait for 10 minutes still not yet her turn? How come.. they give leng lui first isit.. apala.. must complain lo like that..

finally leng lui sit down wait for her food.. eh.. that guy also sit down wait for his food.. the guy behind also waiting.. whoa.. where's the chicken.. not yet marinate meh?? need sembelih ker???

one of KFC's contest.. predict (not count.. gila u) .. how much rice is there to complete this piece of .. of... artwork.. i think... I personally think it's got something to do with the numbers.. hmm multiply them all together and what do you get?? (32 x 42.9 x 42.7 ....) or maybe plus this.. plus that.. subtract that.. multiply by that..then divide.. Aiyo dunno la... so mafan.. don wan enter!!!!!

**naughty thought... hehe.. this picture looks like Stevie Wonder.. ahahah...

Hohoo.. and that was another episode of.. AhJo going to fastfood restaurant.. swt lol... Hmm ... should i even be doing this.. Ee... later KFC management find me how ler.. i die lor.. but then ar..

i got 5 reasons KFC should be grateful instead...

1) Free publicity man.. i help you advertise for free ma.. not good?
2) AhJo got buy food from KFC.. i still got keep receipt..
3) Contest Promotion.. i help u promote your 'count rice' contest... haha
4) AhJo say your workers hardworking.. *compliment lol
5) AhJo relate Colonel to Stevie Wonder man.. famous ar.. i know Colonel one.. he wont get angry.. my friend.. no problem one..


this was suppose to be yesterday's post.. owh man.. yesterday was one of those.. gloomy.. thunder-storm, blackouts, tsunami, the day before the world end... like that day lol.. Everyone typically.. was DOWN and tired...

I have friends dealing with hardships from their relationships, friends busy with their assignments, friends tired of work and family, and friends of disappointment and resentment.. And me.. i was tired myself..

Just for once, i've got that feeling.. the sensation of trying to be the hero and help everyone.. but say, hey.. who am i? Clark Kent? Carrie Kent?? (Clark's unidentified missing sis) I aint no supergirl.. i cant do anything... well.. i did hated myself for that.. i kept asking myself.. 'Why cant i help her?' ' Why cant i just give him hope?' And i was so disappointment in many.. so 'let down' by their insecurities, their ignorance and their sense of pathetic'ness.. i was so drained.. i was sick of it.. but i pity others.. others more unfortunate than us.. others that have nothing but just a ray of hope.. others that suffer more than we do... suddenly i felt.. very tired... very very tired...

Love is something selfish. HEY, that's from me.. a singler (single = no boyfriend larr...) ... Well, sometimes i hate LOVE for making my friends sad.. i hate it for making things complicated.. and sometimes i hate it because it's so selfish that once you're out of it.. you have to fix yourself.. it leaves scars... and hurtful emotions.. Hehe, i'd still thank LOVE .. for peace, for unity, for friends, for families and for this world... it's just... sometimes..

But i am willing to lend my shoulders over, ears to listen, eyes to observe, hands to protect and heart to share all the problems.. that all my friends have.. and i will do anything in my ability to help them in any way.. that's what friends are for anyway.. so if you need anything.. hey.. AhJo always here okay?? >...<

...Live and let die...

Okay now.. back to the happy stuff.. that's enough emo for one post i think...OO yeahh got something to show you guys..

Teeheee.. i found this pic.. erm erm... like in old files.. pictures of little SD figures, copied from Ben's artwork (Msian artist la..). Brings back memories la... **jiwang time*** .. okay okay.. it's jsut very cute.. and cacat.. eeheh.. last time draw one ma.. whoa.. now still keep.. heheh

OO yeah, i forgot to mention, Stella's back from her 9-days-around-like-a-few-parts-of-China-only trip.. hehe yeah.. including KK (Sabah) too. Swt.. and she brought back LOADS of stuff lolz.. hehehhe Actually i saw her at the airport when she arrived.. but i didnt get to meet and greet her cos we were there to 'pass car' to my mum's office's engineer ... //swwt long story..

Teehee.. then i sms .. to 'kacau' stella .. mana tahu she reply so slow.. soo i leave lol.. at at night and dig dig dig abt whr she go and wad she buy.. some of the things i've heard from her...

".. if we're in china now.. i go your house 1 hour.... china all ah lien.... china ah lien sui and got motive.. china ah lien sui got motive and expensive... i buy perfume for you.. *WADD??* i.. buy pink ipod... i buy t-shirt... i buy 1 skirt.. i stay at 5-star exp hotel that u can never afford.. my mum got 3 cell phones..."

Yea.. that's about what she told me.. * a summary of it lol* heheh.. dont scold me la...

When i heard abt the PINK ipod i was like.. WHAT??? WHY PINK?? i like pink but ... cant you read my wish list hor.. WHITE>>>=i looovee... PINK>>>= i like... apala.. dahla you ardy buy pink one for cc.. and pink one for AhJo also.. you wan die isit!!!!!!!!

It's like.. your friend got a MNG white tees and then you go inside and buy another SAME one.. CIS...
white is elegant.. eccentric... it's like my phone and notebook lolz..

see.. compare the looks... haiz.. useless liao.. she ardy buy lolz...

Okay.. i'm okay with the pink ipod.. i like pink anyway ,, tehheeee... but -_-!! i'm still gonna kill you stella for other reasons... wakakakak be prepared for it..

On the other hand.. i'd like to thank you.. for buying so much stuff and carrying it along your way again.. mafan u lol... and THANKS.. i'd appreciate it .. much...

So people, ahha how's that for a long long post.. WHAT? not long enough.. wah.. my fingers already tied up together lolx.. and the chair panas ardy my butt panggang it.. whoaa... Phew.. enough la.. you got the siao siao part, the emo part and the marah marah stella part.. that's enough la.. ok.. i better go watch some Pam.. **whooppss.. i mean .. watch News.. (eler.. macam le AhJo tgok news.. bulak!!!) .. ehehhehe still then ...

TTFN (Taa taa for now!!!!)

Thursday, June 07, 2007
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AhJo Crap Talk

Caution: The contain below featured a rousing footage of uncensored Kuching Hokkien language + BM + Eng pasar and few of the characters you get to see from Siang Siang korner and Hui Sing hor.. BORE ALERT!!! this is crap talk ** okay okay maybe no footage..ahahha.. enjoy anyway

Yes, my fellow buddies.. TEENAGERS.. i did this when i had nothing to post..

Teenagers now.. tsk tsk tsk.. so wild.. so daring.. so 'ah beng' and yes so 'ah lien'.. haiz .. you know what's even more scary.. do ya... do ya.. DO YA??? I'm a FREAKING TEENAGER too.. though i am still underaged.. *DANG..

But yes, we see corruption, vandalism, gangsters, violence, drugs, love, shopping, sex, stealing, babies, AIDS... and much more.. i will not list it down.. sigh.. Certainly, teenagers are the asset of the country, the pepperoni on the pizzas... the straw of the smoothie and the essence of all the essence that you can think and smell of.. YES, we are the world... we are the children.. we are the ones who makes a brighter day.. so let's start giving... **snap outta it**

Hmmph.. still, teenagers today are not as bad as they look like.. yeah sure.. they might be 'lepaking' at Siang Siang Corner.. drinking Heneiken and Tiger.. sit in big big group.. haiyo.. they're still little kids ma... still mummy and daddy's little baby.. No problem one.. kuching teens.. they all good good one. No harm.. They wont even hurt a fly.. But we seemed to be misunderstood.. why?? Why does this community of ours.. see their own kids as angel while they go and scold the 'ah beng' and 'ah lien'?? Is it wrong to be 'ah beng' and 'ah lien'.. IS it?? IS IT???

AhJo Ahma tell her story...

"..aiya aiya.. u hear me...u see them in Jln Song.. sell DVD.. aiyo kesian them lor.. buy from them.. mana tahu they sell pirated DVD .. so ppl go po mata kia.. then mata come.. then teen tiok su.. teen go balai polis.. mata pun telepon parent lo.. then mana tahu kepo auntie auntie in pasar-kia.. go gossip-gossip... until the uncle-uncle play ki also know.. until the ah ma sell kuih also know... until the Ah Lo make kopi at Hui Sing also know.. then ma tiok su again lor.. this time is 'embarlasment'.. the parent is 'emballass'.. the teen also embarass.. then the whole kuching ma si know our teen like that.. ma si malu. malu to the KL teen.. they all mat rempik.. mat rempik.. Pik tiao the helmet ma si accidelent.. ma si go TimbaLAnd lol.. haiyo.. all the teen ma si today all like .. .. like.. THAT lo..."

Kesian, juak teen kitak hari ini.. so i tell you.. it's such a pity that our teens dont get to choose what they want to be.. We're evolving ma.. bear with it.. in 5 years time.. AhJo foresees a new beginning for all teens.. the time is about to change.. the wheel of destiny has come for us, and to take us to ANDROMEDA... **what the??? ** okay okay.. to a new ERA.. evolution of teens.. lai that baru KENG!!! ma.. like that baru teens wah liew.. ppl look up the sky.. Haiyo.. i now leave u all with a song lyric from MCR - Teenagers.. MCR rocks!!


by My Chemical Romance

They're gonna clean up your looks
With all the lies in the books
To make a citizen out of you
Because they sleep with a gun
And keep an eye on you, son
So they can watch all the things you do

Because the drugs never work
They're gonna give you a smirk
'Cause they got methods of keeping you clean
They're gonna rip up your heads,
Your aspirations to shreds
Another cog in the murder machine

They said all teenagers scare the living shit out of me
They could care less as long as someone'll bleed
So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose
Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me

The boys and girls in the clique
The awful names that they stick
You're never gonna fit in much, kid
But if you're troubled and hurt
What you got under your shirt
Will make them pay for the things that they did

They said all teenagers scare the living shit out of me
They could care less as long as someone'll bleed
So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose
Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me

Ohhh yeah!

They said all teenagers scare the living shit out of me
They could care less as long as someone'll bleed
So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose
Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me

All together now!

Teenagers scare the living shit out of me
They could care less as long as someone'll bleed
So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose
Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me

Wednesday, June 06, 2007
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... McDonald's Nightmare ...

Well, there's just been too many unhappy and happy things happening these few days.. but always look at the bright side! Heheh... The night before yesterday.. i was at mcD's third mile.. whow.. FuLL of ppl wanting to buy bubur ayam and ice-cream.. (what's with the bubur... it's like Rm 3.30 for a BABY bowl.. u can buy one whole big bowl from 3rd mile for only Rm 2.50 lar hor...)..

But anyway.. i was there for ice-cream with my parents yes that is.. stood in queue.. waited.. ordered.. paid and then went for a chill at one of the tables.. A little to my left is . some noisy bunch of kids.. SCREAMING and YELLING .. and RUNNING all over around the place.. and to the playground* in McD's .. Whoa.. it was like little devils EVRYWHERE>..... <<< Arghh they're invading McD's... NOOOOO

look at em' spilling drinks everywhr... kesian the parents**

Evil thoughts** Evil thoughts** Dont do it kid!! DONT

McD lights up in flames.. as the little kids invade the area... We're DOOMED!!

So it is to say... never let your kids roam and run around like crazy in McD's it's literally unbearable.. And dear Parents.. watch your kids... i'm eyeing them.. always eyeing em...

** YEsterday's Post..

Then yesterday.. i went out with claire and sugi to watch 2 movies back to back!! Yayness.. the First movie that we watched was Shrek The Third..

i would just leave the movie as it is.. and No i dont think it's a very suitable movie for kids because you have to be ... erm .. a little more mature to understand this sequel.. i mean like.. asking your four-yeared old to understand how a donkey and a dragon can make kids is like.. whoa...

And as for Artie.. he sounded like ... like.. Justin.. not that i'm skeptical or whatever.. but .. when i think of Justin.. i'd think of '.. Yea... yes.. Sexyback... yea.. yea.. " definitely.. not... Your Highness.. King.. and royalty.. that sorta thing.. But he's okay.. I wont spoil this one.. just watch it and have a good laugh yourself..
3.26 outta 5

The next one that we've watched was 200 pounds beauty.. yes, a korean movie..

Trust me on this one.. this movie is pretty good... Funny too... Hang Kan-Na started out as a fat clumsy girl but with a big heart and a good voice.. Really sad to see her work as some BackStage singer, singing for some lip-sing girl called Ammy (nice body...) bla bla bla.. she kenak tipu to use her voice.. bla bla bla.. so she went for plastic surgery.. and became HOT!! Mama.... ** not realistic lar... ** Oh yea i forgot to mention bat Jung jin-mo. .. hot actor in this movie... ARGHH!! Okay la.. he so-so only.. hhehe **( heart: AAAARghhh melting**)

bla bla bla. ... falls in love bla bla.. then you know la.. typical korean movie mar.. Funny scene: at the end of the movie..the touching part.. Wow.. soo many ppl cried in the cinema.. ahahhaa even sugi cried... ahaha i saw her taking tissues... and worse.. the group of girls at the back of me was like.. crying, pouring real bad.. TSk TSK TSKKKK.... sob sob sob.. whoa.. As for me.. hmm i think i immune to it liao.. Watch too many movies liao.. x.X

Still, this is a nice movie to watch yea... loved the songs (sung by the actress herself) and the story line was okay.. i think this was nicer than shrek 3... hehe that's from me.. What say you??
3.85 outta 5

** muaks... im a beautiful girl... ***

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
My WishList
- save money to go to JAPAN!
- Bunjee-jump.
- Fly a plane.
- have a Gay friend!
- Get Punk'd.
- Own a taxi company with Claire
- Travel to Ethiopia
- own 'Star-Spanged-Banner', a restaurant
- Join the Amazing Race
- date a pilot >..<
- Go to TOKYO!!
- learn surfing
- Have a nice Bday bash with stel
- Be a nice tour guide to my friends
- Meet Wentworth Miller.

"Must Do"s
- get an external
- tidy up room
- repaint room downstairs
- be good in driving
- get sims 3
- finish PhotoAlbum

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