Monday, October 22, 2007
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... unsatisfied ...
people are just so fascinating.. and each time you take a turn, something's changed.. and i bloody guess everyone believes in that..

Being far away, doesnt make me a complete silence, which i can be shunned away from. And even i look like i dont care, i DO, badly.. and i crave every minute i missed back at home.. watching tv when i want to, going to school with my friends, hanging our for movies and late night yum-chas, and time with my family, with myself.. have i not missed all that enough?

Truth is, being away from home, pushes me ahead of others, aside, if you like to put it, seeing things from a faraway point of view, and being prepared for every change that i can possibly handle.. and why would i freaking do that.. ask clairey.. (*whom which i havent speak to in a while.. and God, i miss her soo much.. bless her ) .. it sucks to miss something soo much and then knowing that you're left out.. most of time..

Call it excuses, call it busy, call it unfaithful or whatever... truth is, we'll never know what's there in front of us, it might be something that we longed for in one second... then poof.. it's gone in another.. and for all which and that i have done.. for all the losses that i cause.. i am ready to pay the price..

And i take this post.. after reading my two bestest best friends (Clairey and Shaun my bro), that i will cherish till the end of time (of God knows when).. and i will have them in my heart.. least for now.. i quote this from my journal that i fill in regularly.. at times of needs...

19th October 2007..
".. the fact is i miss my home, i miss my friends and i miss the little surprises i use to make.. and all else that is back home... yes home, home sweet home.. i'm grateful for what i have now but if i were to have either one, i would've chosen home.. Living here is stressful, though there're times of fun.. ( i changed my seating in computing class, i am now sitting with neo, abu and aiman tiger.. it's better this way.. a whole lot better).. and of whom of these three particular people remind me of, hehe of course, stel, cc and shaun.. i cant help it.. i see them everyday.. though they're not around.. and i miss them of course, more than ever.. and i pray to you, God, that i will always have them in my heart, close.. .... "

to this, i pray that God will always look over my family, my friends and others back at home, that though i am not with them, but i shall remain in their hearts, as they have already marked their place in mine...

** recently, after going to church and all.. i got more 'Alim'... and i'm starting to change the way that i think..

Much love,

sorry if i havent been online much, i know this is a cliche.. but.. i'm trying..

Friday, October 19, 2007
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.. unsatisfied ...
hi there...

what happens when backstabbers meet hypocrites?

only one answer, emptyness... why?

Backstabbers are skillfull. Cunning in what they do, they make mess, and leave without a trace. Well, most of the time.. They are good in what they do, they manifest on maliciousness.. on sheer purity and on the pangs of endlessness, they feast on whatever they can get, then destroy it without hesitation... For most of the time, they do what they do, and are satisfied. No future predictions, no circumstances...

Hypocrites? The word speaks for it self. These people know what's going on, know what's going to happened but do nothing about it, to prevent it to either themselves or unto others. Why? Because they are hypocrites! Paranoided about the current, but pretends nothing happened and acts as if everything's fine.. For a more dramatic one, they know the topic's about them, they deny it, pretend that it's never there and then blames it on others and make false accusations.

So, what really happen when both meet eye to eye?

Let's get a situation here, when Backstabber A, and Hypocrite B is who are friends and they do whatever they are best at, are confined in a room to talk... First thing's first, who makes the first move? A or B.. you might think as the braver one, A might speak up but indeed, this case, A has nothing to hide, because they are too good in what they are doing. As for B, they have everthing to defend themselves in their head. But have no idea on how to use them.

So for this case, B should be the one who makes the first move. Then, who puts who in the sad side of the story.. Again, B will start to confront A about what A did. But since A leaves nothing but stories and more bad talks, they start to be confused... then B again, will shut it.. and leaves it hanging.. usually with the cliche line... ".. i dont know.. figure it out yourself..."

This is the ultimate condition for both parties to feel bad.. Indeed, they are independent events. One cannot happen without the other.. and when both happens... sheer emptyness... quiet.. and solemn.. both will regret what they did.. and then it is left hanging..

Well you might thin this is weird, but this is what i relate from a study case in sociology and with relationship around college.. Well, as for my opinion, i'd keep in the silence until the morrow and then i'll watch what i say and say what i think after evaluating through heart and mind... Emotions will not come into play in this situation ... but i'm pretty sure everyone.. (most) know who it feels to be betrayed or to betray others... just take a second and think about it ...

Love, Jo

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
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