Thursday, May 31, 2007
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.. celebrating life ..
Dear friends,

We live to remember the dead.. to commemorate our lives.. the achievements... the memories.. the past... the present... the future.. And yet, we fear death...
Life is beautiful.. And it's only once.. we live and die.. But it's okay, we're surviving each and every day today.. and onwards.. No regrets. Things happen for a reason. Either we like it or not..

It just happens and when we were too busy looking in front we loose our backs and slowly, we lost track of everything else.. then we're just dead alive.. Emotions run deep, desperate times allured us in.. we felt for it.. and now.. we're all torn.. and broken...

What is the feeling called sad.. ?

We're tired.. we're ill from our inner self.. all we need is time.. But things fall too quickly.. too fast for our hands to catch then we just loose it.. we lost our minds... we think irrationally.. we act as if we dont care anymore.. we're sick.. we're emotionally drained..

What is the feeling called tired..?

Stuck in time, we're not moving nor are we moving backwards. All these noises.. we hear but we cant speak for ourselves.. we listen but we dont understand.. we tried committing, but we end up misunderstood.. we failed ourselves.. we were looked down.. we were condemned...

What is the feeling called loneliness...?

Yet again, there's another section of our lives that is filled with wondrous thoughts, sweet memories.. beautiful sceneries.. unforgettable moments.. things that we cherish..

we're flying up high in the skies.. so high.. we see clouds.. the sun is shining.. we're touched.. we're free.. we smiled... WE'RE HAPPY....

the river flows, the air breezes, summer is starting.. the niche of the moment is breathless.. we get what we want.. we want what we need.. for once in our lives.. WE'RE FREE...

we have our supports.. our friends.. our families.. our kins.. our lovers... each face of compassion, love and affection.. we are loved... WE'RE TOGETHER....

Live your life to the fullest.. and there's more to this life than just THAT!!.. >.<

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
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... love ... (the simple facts)

Obvious enough, i posted this in sight of others, with regards to my friends, hoping by reading this , it will enlighten their lives to a much brighter and fruitful place..

What is there to love?

You give alittle, to get alittle..

You fight a little, to gain alittle respect..
You give out your efforts, to gain something you cant make,

You send alittle, to receive alittle affection..

You smile alittle, then you cry alittle,

You sulk sometimes, but you cheered up,

You sneaked around, and you got all lost..

You find your way, you look up to the sky....

You sing alittle, you hear alittle..
You understand alittle, you listen for a while,
You stop for the time, you turned back and sobbed,
You gain back your courage, and you startled just alittle..

But you found your pace, you're scared alittle,
And then you flow through, you're there, just alittle more... Nature is all power, there's the open door,
Then you see the sun, the area is wide open,

Of what you've been through, once again, you're loved..

.... by the one, destiny hast chosen...

Well, it wasnt much for thoughts and understandings. But eat the words up.. love is indeed a selfish being. We love to get what we want, what we need, what we cannot have.. by that Love is powerful because we made it powerful. It manifests on what we expect, from what we want love to be. But thinking back, i watched oprah just now.. quoted from a rabbi guy from the show..

".. Love has two hands.. the profound right hand of giving and affections, divine and everything else .. and also we have the left hand of love.. of taking what was given and returning it, by saying no, but giving a piece of ourselves.. with that.. love is around.. "

In short, love is give and take.. it's just that simple.. you give, and then you get it back. If you dont, then the love doesnt take it's place. The relationship is damaged. Fix it and let love flow. If it's the end.. love will appear in another road. Take your time... love feeds on our feelings, yes emotionally.. but dont worry about it.. time can heal, time can tell us what we've done wrong.. what we were looking for.. Easier said than done.. you think that way then you'd be that way.. my advice, though it's really hard.. write it down, pour it out.. it'll help much more.. take the song remedy.. or take a vacation to rest your mind.. even when you try to think about it... avoid it.. turn oneself to another thing... you'll only know after you'd tried it... for one cannot live in the past of memories....

For those who were neglected and never felt accepted.. Be strong.. Dont turn back and shun yourself.. dont look back.. though it might come and haunt you.. concentrate on your present self... fix it, mold it and change it to a better person.

There's nothing wrong with you?? Think twice, if i am so, then why am i neglected? Why am i rejected by others? Society speaks for themselves.. you have to be open, you have to be ready for criticism and worse, rejection but bear in mind, failure is the beginning of success.. If this society kills you, move on.. till you've found the one.. Maybe not this lifetime? Perhaps the next one? The one after?

I can't change for i am who i am now..?? Really?? Then you should be ashamed of yourself. People change to be accepted, you're you, you're still who you are.. it's just some external stuff that we change.. we CAN never change who we are INSIDE.. unless WE say so.. if you say you cant do it , sorry you CANT!!
"...We can achieve anything, if we set our minds to it... ". That's true..

Be cynical, be optimistic, be pessimistic, be skeptical, be pathetic about life.. think and render about it.. and remember.. there's faith and hope in our way. Thousands more people, living in doubts and betrayed by others, yet they managed to overcome their horrible past in search for the better future.. Stress yourself about the issue, think about it and get over with it.

Move on.. Move along.. Move forward.. And yes, there's always love.. it exists in all shapes and sizes... and bonds.. we love our family, we love our pets, we love our friends, most importantly we love ourselves!! And that is what matters.... nothing else..

Monday, May 28, 2007
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walking high on heels!! WOooHOOo

Hello, me maties.. and welcome back..

Today i am not going to critique on celebrities, nor write another boring post, nor spoil and spill any other movies **yet**.. i am to tell the whole world the wonders of heels... muahahahah

Okay, starting out, me and my little cousin were shopping in Tun Jugah, yesterday afternoon.. then we walked passed Vincci *shoe shop* for a glance.. By the way, i needed black shoes for KYUEM .. and the shoes are on discount (*meh, i wont recommend Vincci shoes that much cause it doesnt really lasts... ). As we were walking.. around the shop looking at cute guys ** phewwit.. then my little cousin had a nasty prank in mind.. Not so far away from us, was a lady in real high heels!! talking about.. maybe 4 -5 inches.. my little cousin was tempted.. he knelt down on the floor pretending that he wanted to tie his shoe lace.. i was busy looking at shoes.. then he crawled near the lady with the heels and ....As i turned back to look for my cousin.. whopps... a lady just tripped down.. LUCKY for her.. she landed on a cushion because she was also trying shoes.. i was like "Awww... DANG!!!" And immediately i stood by my cousin, held him up and apologized to the lady.. She laughed and said it was okay.. Pheww.. then serious talk between me and my cousin..

Me: Why you soo bad... why u make that 'che che' fall down??
Cousin: ** cute voice** because her shoes soo high ma... heheh
Me: You're sooo bad hor.. later i tell your mummy liaw..
Cousin: .. dont want.. dont want... i got say sorry liao le... *sobs
Me: Still, why you soo naughty??
Cousin: That 'che che' shoes so high ... i wan destroy it ma...
Me: waa later she fall down hit the floor and 'liew siek' *bleed how le??
Cousin: Haiya.. call ambulance lol.. hehe her shoes soo high hor.. heheh

Cant help that my little cousin IS very very naughty but then i started to think back about what happened and REALLY her shoes ARE HIGH.. it's no wonder my little cousin cant resist.. Hehe and here I am, bloggin about heels... that women wear (( oOO some men too))

Heels are such an elegant material in the fashion world... Heels are soo pretty .. sooo nice.. sooo beautiful.. soo soooo high... makes all the shorties one shot higher and makes those legs look slimmer and straight down to the cut to the X man... check this out..

So.. how's that for all the ladies out there??? Heels are fun and out-going.. suitable for every event EXCEPT for mountain climbing and other extreme sports la...

So, i'll leave today's post with a tiny saying..

Wear it, Work it, Live it, Love it...
Heels are soo much FUN!!!..
<<<>Seduce, one of my fav brands..

P/s: Vista or XP Pro.. Argh!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007
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... restless ...
Hahahaa... Restless... that's it.. each and every single moment in our lives.. WE are restless.. wahahaha

.. yesterday night ...

26th May 2007, 1.13 am

Me and my maties went to watch Pirates of Caribbean 3; At World's End.. YArrrr.. Yohooo.. YoHooo.. together shall we die...

As we all know, this is the 2nd sequel from the first, Pirates of the Caribbean(Potc); Dead Man's Chest, then Potc 2; Curse of the Black Pearl then. So this is the third movie, aye?? Well, i wont be a total spoiler this time (* as of complained by some people that i totally spoiled their mood to watch new movies..) Dang!! Therefore, all i can say about the movie is.. it's nearly 3 hours long (2 hours 50 minutes + commercials), it's cool with lots of characters from the previous movies and a little more so incomprehensible plot** Yet again, it's a movie worth watching and INTENSE!! a little comments from friends...

A: Whoa.. Hit here.. hit there.. betray here.. betray there.. i wan go toilet.. dissy lo..

B: Orlando Bloom is sooo hot!!

C: Why they can marry when they fight.. HAhahahah funny lar..

D: Eww.. Chow-Yun-Fatt... **goosebumps..

E: Aww.. so sweet.. 10 years at sea, one day at shore???

Summary: (according to me..)
It is a good movie to watch, certainly.. worth the Rm 10 bucks.. But you get to see a lot of Jack Sparrow *somebody mentioned SWALLOW..* little tiny mini-sized ones and lots of small pebbled-crabbies.. wahahahah.. i wont spoil the plot.. i wont spill.. i wont spill.. phew.. Another thing is, there's a lot more Elizabeth (Kiera Knightly) in this movie compared to the previous fews.. Chow-Yun-Fatt?? Nah, he only plays a part as Sao Feng, the pirate of Singapore but lots of concubines, crazy about steam and yes, one of the pirates who stores the eight of the nine treasures to seal Calypso.. then he die liao.. *only show like 20 minutes of him..* WHOPPSS>. i just spilled?? NOoo .. Sorry...

But all in all, it's definitely better than watching Spiderman 3... and Yarrr.. i'm getting all tentacley... OOoo Davy Jones dies... *sob *sob

Ratings: a Respectively,
4.17 outta 5,


this is my lame friend, X who is trying to dressed up as a pirate... mauhaah sry X.. maahahahahah

X.. under 18 la hor.. tsk tsk...

this is what i call a costume.. another friend, Y dressed up properly in a pirate's wear.. with a long sabor sword and an eye-patch, Yarr *salutes!! Cool man...

..The Living Room..

before i went to the cinema.. i went back to me old work place for a visit.. Aahh *Sweet memories** enjoy the pic anyway.. *hint friends**

** end

26th may 2007 , today's post, now..

Just a while ago, my mum brought me shopping for all my needs for KYUEM ** baju kurungs**. So first up, we went to Satok at some baju Melayu shop for a visit.. the baju there are kinda expensive lol Rm 50 above.. not soo nice also.. phew.. but i managed to bought one for Rm 49.40 after discount.. Bright Orange+green. Yayness!! After that we went into Satok.. walk walk.. see shoes.. walk walk.. shop shop.. then go back...

Then, my mum suggested that we head over to Tabuan Jaya *Selection* because they were promoting their baju kurungs a few days ago... So we pergila.. banyak petrol bah.. swt..

Then, whoa.. RM 29.90 ONLY!! Soo cheap! Got kebayas and a lot of baju kurung different material one .. some costs, RM 69.99 with 20 % discount and more or less that price la.. So i recommend ppl to go thr to buy their Baju Kurung or Kebaya or Kebarung la. Cos it's cheap!! But Hari Raya one dont buy there la.. the colors are limited and the corak not so nice lol.. only for those who NEED to wear it but not everday..

Aiyo.. and as for me.. It's tons and tons and tons more.. of FITTING ROOMS... trying this trying that.. putting on this.. putting on that.. ADUHAI>>> Mak.. tolongla aku... i was sooo pissed and angry... ** with my mum.. putting more and more and MORE baju kurungs into my fitting room.. OMG.. then it stopped then i was soo tired... phew.. then next stop again.. in Tabuan Jaya.. start again the MADNESS of FITTING ROOMS.. sheshhh.. i was already so tired.. and now.. more?? But then i wasn't all pissy and messy.. so i started to take pictures in the fitting room.. WHAT??? YEa.. i was entirely.. bored out okay.. i needed some entertainment.. Kekek

Dont ever try that outside in public.. it IS embarrassing.. and i'd probably do posses like 'ah liens' ahahha in baju kurungs.. ahahahah and kebayas... ahahahahah. Still, it was fun.. Psst.. i forgot to tell you.. i didnt try all the baju ya know... Ekekekek... Finally, it was time to go.. So a trip back home.. and peace.. at last... phew.. what a long day....

This is what i did in the Fitting Room while my mum was outside waiting.. ehhehe:

The Many Faces of Jo...
the hand pose.. *actually trying to cover the price tag from my phone cam.. swt.. hope it isnt too obvious.. keke..

Thursday, May 24, 2007
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.. Linux vs Windows ...
The title says it all; it's the ultimate battle between linux and windows!!

Hahha, just around 5 hours, 45 minutes ago, i just got my brand new BenQ JoyBook S31W (* considered JoBook as told by a friend.. ) White colour! YESH!! The Honor and glory will be mine!! muahahahahahha... check it out..

front view.** gleams

the cuteness and 'kawaii'ness.. Argh...

BenQ... what mess really looks like .... in the future world

the thickness and rear view...

once again the awesome.. braND new NOTEBOOK!! i mean JOBOOK!

You must be wondering what does all these gotta do with the title. Here's the dilemma.. when i first got it.. whoa.. love it.. loves it!! then opens box.. switched on notebook and FREAK??? @^%(&^*& What's that freaking penguin doing in my notebook? Then baru i found out it was Linux... swt,, the horror.. and all this while i thought it was Windows Vista.. ** no wonder so cheap.. RM 2 k ++ nia... Aduhai.. my pc guy laughed..

PC guy: Ahahhaha... Linux.. Aaahahaha.. not Vista.. Ahahah.. no wonder so cheap.. ahah eh, you know.. i wrote one of the programmes for Linux last time you know... Ahahahha.. you wan buy mali-chai from me??? Ahahah

*smacks him..

Then my mum told me i've to stick with it for a while to decide whether i wan Linux or to get a XP Pro in addition of Rm 800++.. Dang.. So i'm stuck with it for a while.. Linux is.. memang good.. security's high and it's practically immune to viruses attacks. It's also like.. rare and lasting cos it doesnt update alot.. But it's not user-friendly, hard to install games and open files with it.. and it's my first time.. so.. what about it? Of course i'm not used to it la.. But anyway.. i'm still in
LOOOVEEE with my notebook.. **sayang sayang... it's so pure.. so white.. so licin.. so shiny... loving it!!! So now.. i have to make decision for my notebook lol... Linux or Windows.. haiz.. somebody help me!!>..< ~ one thing crossed outta my wish list.. JoBook Adorer..

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.. sealing the deal ...
Hi people, today i'm going to try out a new font.. Hopefully this would make certain things a lot clearer for viewers to read ya..

Hmm there's nothing but a piece a McD apple pie when you feel hungry.. there's nothing like a glass of ice-cold champagne when you're thirsty. There's nothing but a bite of choc chips cookies when you feel like munching, and there's nothing like a STUPID and MIND-BLOWING phonecall early in the morning that requires you to think using your sleeping brain!! Curses!!

Yes, there i was.. just awoke *cause of my neighbour's stupid CLANKING ...* from my cosy bed.. and i went downstairs to get a cup of milk.. then switched on my computer.. then RRRRIINGGG...RRIINGGGGG!

Me : Hello??
X: Eh, jo.. if the suspension too long kenak the floor have to cut where how much ar?
Me: Huh what? What's that..
X: Neh.. the car one the side skirts very suai liao.. but the back one.. a bit too long..
Me: Okay, a car.. i'm getting there..
X: So my boss say need cut, but then if i cut .. the thing become too small le?
Me: .. er.. you cut both sides???
X: Eh.. ya hor.. both side.. (*Ah TAN!! Cut both sides!)
Me: you call me just for that??
X: Of course not.. still got.. still got.. erm the my house electricity le?
Me: Your house electricity have nothing to do with me le...
X: Ah Ma say you help her pay le.. that day..
Me: Your head! ngai tii** i help her to read.. not to pay.. u pay yourself la..
X: Ceh, i oledi know u not nice one.. okay la okayla
Me: OooO
X: EH, WAIT!!! Wait.. erm.. if the fuel tank accidentally kenak air inside right, then we pump out all the petrol and the water.. that one RM 45, then change new oil tank RM 347, then i wan make it bigger so add RM 100, then i want a very cool cover then add another RM 56, so all you think how much i need.. u agak-agak enough liaw..
Me: $&%(I()&_(* use calculator la..
X: Eehehhehe... no la nola.. kidding la.. ok.. ok.. see you..
Me: **hung up**

Yes, my dear loving friends and family, there's nothing more precious and priceless about a stupid phone early in the morning.. thank yoU!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007
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... down with the blues ...
I don't know why but today's a really down and blue day for anyone.. I woke up this morning at 8?? Do go for a medical check-up (required by Petronas) at Normal Specialist Center. Been there like one whole morning la.. do x-ray.. urine test.. test for tumors and stuff.. blood pressure... and the last test, Mantoux test ( for tuberculosis ). Basically they're just injecting 0.1 ml of PPD Tuberculin into the depths of my skin and then wait for 48-72 hours before they measure the size of my induration.. haiz then go home lol..

Just what i need to see, everyone's offline.. and away.. lonely and sad.. /swt.. so sad.. why ar ?? Haiz.. anyway.. i've sort of drawn out a plan for my party* no one's with me.. * worse comes to worst i'll just do it myself and invite my family for dinner* /swt... what's the problem with people in this generation.. they intend to loose touch, loose interest soo damn quickly.. call me selfish or individualistic but hey, there's a thing called balance in life that you must know too okay.. Like the card of justice or the Magician in the tarot deck.. we are able to balance your needs and wants, our emo self and physical self, our feelings and our actions.. why do people hesitate to do just that??

Maybe because i'm feeling blue myself today, that i'm pouring out.. if you wanted something so badly, then you have someone you love to share it with you.. but then he/she just tore out of proportion then leave you behind? That wouldnt just hurt somebody it hurts everyone.. So then i really hope i wont be THAT person who walks away nor any one of my friends be THAT person.. With this, i end my post with a sneer smile and a little hope that more people would read this and start changing...

Believe in all the sense that makes you free... even if it doesnt make any sense...


Tuesday, May 22, 2007
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you are the entity of desires,
the one full of happiness,
but when passion drives into madness,
people turn around and regret..

dear child, hold your chin up,
look at the skies and soar..
the future holds bright for you..
wondrous changes, faith and more..
before all these comes a little shiver..
a little trick that makes you ponder,
a bit of pain and memories that bitter,
be careful of things, that slits and slitters.

Shake all woes and breathe the air called hope,
Many faces shall come, and many you might doubt.
Have a little faith and believe in yourself,
Challenges ahead, your destiny holds key of wealth,
Turn it once, and you will fail..
Hold it back, and try again..
Turn it twice.. it will be empty..
But turn three times before you go,
knock all problems off, then kick off your way,
For the third time is success and victory you will face..

Yet again, before all comes to truth,
You are not alone...
You have options to choose..
Think wisely and lean back before you go,
Once a road taken, there'll be be no more road back home,
Look within the self, Search for right and wrong..
Evil might come and taunt you..
But you are not alone..

Once, the truth sets despairs..
Fill your heart with gratitude..
Much prayers and thanks..
For you know you are not alone..
You have the spirit of faith and hope..
They are all around you..
Till the days that these things come to live..
Remember this always, let live your life!!

Monday, May 21, 2007
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... a trip to the bank ...
A trip to the bank is always rewarding.. it's either you're getting money into the bank.. or you're withdrawing money .. or you're sending money overseas to your sons and daughters out there.. or you might be opening an account in your own local banks.. that's ME!! i'm heading over the CIMB bank in 2nd mile.. to open a brand new account there.. for the Petronas Account that is..

the normal scene in a bank.. people.. sleeping.. leaning on the wall cause tired of waiting for their number to show on the digital board.. haiz.. the problem with this particular bank is.. there're not enough seats and chairs for everyone! and it's freaking cold in there..

there it is. the friendliest automated machine in every bank. Everyone must go through them before getting on with their business in the bank. press A for transactions, withdrawals and deposits. Press B for western union ( that's for ppl who want to send money overseas). And press C for for questions and customer services. Marvelous wonders this baby can do. It's exactly why every bank wanna hire one of these babies in their bank.. Arhh... i love it when you 'keluarkan bunyi' each time someone presses you... * sounds obscene doesn't it?* yucks!

this is another great machine. The 'chai sen yea' ( god of fortune) for most people. The haven for robbers and sakai never see money ppl.. The boss of all bosses... the ATM machine. Seriously.. the BOSS of all bosses.. let's say.. today's pay-day and your boss deposited your wage into your account.. so you go to the bank happily.. to withdraw your money out and when you reached the bank..the ATM machine says.. "Maaf, rosak!" Who would at that time give you the money huh?? Heheh.. dont underestimate it.. i really got see a lot of people having trouble using it..

That's the help service.. y'know.. some people are blur blur so they ask the friendly guard or girl sitting at that place.
"Eh, cik.. how to get money from bank?"
"Press A.. "
"Eh, miss, miss. if i wan giv money to my soon at Australia how ar?"
"Press B..."

That's what the girl there is used for.. answer and help people.. dahla u get a free smile..

Big form to fill in my particulars... many many words.. many many documents.. and ps: remember to bring ur IC and either ur driving's license or birth cert if you plan to open an account..

waiting.. waiting.. and waiting.. for ppl to go away! when's my turn??

after waiting for like 1 hour.. finally it's my turn..
"Miss.. sorry our connection is currently unavailable.. so if you're still going to wait.. you can jsut sit down.. Maaf, ye.. just inform you.."
APala.. !&(^@*& man.. after 1 hour waiting baru u tell me sik ada connection? apeh.. sik guna.. *sepak u guys... haiz.. but still i have to go again tomorrow lol.. make sure u got connection this time. or else jaga u... heheheh

nothing but a piece of banana pie from McD after the long awaited bank thingy.. Hmm i'm hungry

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... Petronas Scholarship ...
... things grow beneath my feet ....

Just approximately.. 36 minutes ago, i got my Petronas Scholarship letter.. Yay?? okay 'nervousness.. ' * tears out the package..

* okay.. very hard to tear.. use penknife..

then wah lao.. soo many paper.. macam hampir 3.5 kg.. aduh.. so i slowly open them one by one.. but i didnt read cause at that time i'm really really sleepy.. -___-!!!

read read read.. then

Kolej Yayasan UEM, Tanjung Malim, Perak!


gosh, of all like 10 colleges they can send ( 7 or 8 of them in selangor, 1 in perak and 1 in Negeri 9).. i had to go to Perak?? and do A Levels.. for 24 months?? WHY???
but still, i appreciate Petronas for giving me this chance..

Then i hook up the Internet to look for Tanjung Malim.. phew.. it's at the near edge of Perak near the border to Selangor.. and there's the last stop for the KTM from KL central.. Yay!! i get to go to KL still!.. Then i look for the website.. erm.. okay.. la... they didnt put the very detailed version but.. it's just a small college.. guess that's good..

the package as it is.. abx...

tonnes of paper and a KYUEM brochure

breathe** breathe.. ready go! start reading!!

wow.. not fancy fancy la hor.. but okayla.. hope it's no ah lien haven..

Tanjung Malim Perak>?? * faints.... @@

goodness.. look at how thick it is.. aduh * sakit kepala

the title says it.. Perjanjian.. = bonding for life!!

somemore details about KYUEM

high scores they'd expect from you... if not the scholarship's off!

living hell.. kebarung everyday.. blouse and pants.. Nooo what happen to tees and jeans?? and slippers?? NoooNnooo

Sum it all up!!
~ haiz.. i have to open a bank account in CIMB bank.. go for medical checkup.. do this and that.. then send everything back to Petronas.. When am i leaving?? hehe i dont know.. july intake.. end of june i should be there i guess... /ekekeke.. now it's time for my party.. muahahaha

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
My WishList
- save money to go to JAPAN!
- Bunjee-jump.
- Fly a plane.
- have a Gay friend!
- Get Punk'd.
- Own a taxi company with Claire
- Travel to Ethiopia
- own 'Star-Spanged-Banner', a restaurant
- Join the Amazing Race
- date a pilot >..<
- Go to TOKYO!!
- learn surfing
- Have a nice Bday bash with stel
- Be a nice tour guide to my friends
- Meet Wentworth Miller.

"Must Do"s
- get an external
- tidy up room
- repaint room downstairs
- be good in driving
- get sims 3
- finish PhotoAlbum

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