Saturday, May 24, 2008
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smack whack die

This is the time when we reached the very last of our patience line, and when we roar, and score, and jumble up and down for more... ANIMAL INSTINCT!!!

Mind the heading, it's something that i read relating to this post, from some site.. the structure of the question sounds wrong.. Anyway..

There are a lot of things that you must be brave enough to face in KYUEM.. Our physical, mental and spiritual body must be one, to rise and fight against these if we were to survive here in college.. Amongst some are examples, of what we will be facing in KYUEM..

- noisy chaletmates.. (not for all.. mine's not a prob.. tehee)
- Ants on Fire.. red ants crawling your way..
- Anti-privacy..
- toilet sharing..
- toilet CLEANING
- sucky internet connection..

I have been persistent in enduring challenges here in college, up until yesterday night.. when i faced the second most disgusting thing in my chalet.. Meet MR COCKROACH!!!!

Okay, okay... it's small, tiny and harmless.. but for me, it's the NUMBER TWO most disgusting thing in my chalet, LIZARDS being first... Let me tell you the whole story.. i was up late last night.. playing 'Family Feud' -hehee.. where Letha and Wawa were fast asleep and Fara was back in her hometown to celebrate her bro's wedding or something.. (* long before, we knew there was this cockroach near the toilet, but we ignored it and thought it'll leave through the toilet window.. )

I went in Letha's room to switch off her lights, since she was sound asleep already.. And there he was.. staring at me.. flickering it's antennas or something.. He was a few feet above me, near the dresser, so i shooed it off back outside.. As i thought it was clear, i went back to my room merrily.. continuing my game.. And GUESS WHAT!! Who has to come buzzing through above the partition and came to my room for a visit?? Yes.. Mr COCKROACH!!! EEEWWW

i was damned scared by the looks of it.. it was FLYING.. for God's sake.. FLAPPING ITS WINGS.. near where i placed my laptop.. Without hesitation, i took up some objects.. namely.. Chemistry Book, pencil box, pencils, paper, file... but i thought it wasnt a match for the little bugger.. Mr Cockroach landed on the my study table, and at that instance, i took up some used paper and attempted to WHACK it.. AND HE FLEW OFF! I missed!! Dang..

Second attempt, i went out.. feeling all 'geli' and disgusted.. (* for once sec, i was thinking of calling some dude to help me extinguish the little bugger...).. then i saw the broom.. i took hold of it, but then.. it wasnt practical to swing a broom in my room esp when the bugger is near my table.. Damn.. i placed the broom back.. Then i went back in with some plastic bag.. hoping to capture it and bring it outside.. *without killing it.. (see, i'm human too ya know..). I went back in, the air was cool...

He was immersed blending into the surrounding of my room well, but atlas, i found him near the curtains.. waiting to launch his next flight.. Quickly i took the plastic.. and swayy all the way at him.. He was quick, he flapped his wings hard and cause a turbulance.. it was no match for me.. i was disguisted.. i let go off the plastic bag.. As soon as i was unarmed.. the little bugger flew straight towards me, aiming.. i FREAKED OUT!! (Jerked and ran..) i went out of my room and bang my door!!.. Stupid** now i'm outside and the little bugger's in my room.. NO No.. there has to be a way..

I went out to my common room again.. To look for something to whack.. no more ms nice!! i rolled up a few sheets of newspaper and went back in where the cockroach is now on the wall again.. As soon as i detected him, i flung the roll with full strength and hit MR Cockroach, ENEMY DOWN ENEMY DOWN!! He fell on my table.. buzzing and turning anti-clockwise direction.. ( i got a picture..). Then with those sparingly, doggy eyes... it was saying...

i was kind enough.. i took up the roll of newspaper and picked Mr Cockroach up from my table, aiming for the door.. But Nooo.. that little bugger sprang as soon as i picked it up, and fell on the floor.. legs down.. and started running for his life!!! I was angry!!!! VERY ANGRY!! It was aiming for the door.. He ran.. as quick as those 3 pairs of legs can carry him, injured.. for the door.. and


I know, i know.. i'm merciless.. but it was the single MOST disgusting experience i've had soooo far.. YUCKS.. i picked up his carcass.. and threw it out.. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! I cleaned my table.. and all the infected area with clean wipes.. then detoxify myself.. Eww.. before i went to bed, i'd thank God for letting me live another day here in college... Omg... *sleep*

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
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...i want you...
Hmm .. should i or should i not.. Well, i've always been much of a cam-whore person.. *ahaks.. But it's just too sad to say that i DONT, yes, i repeat, i DONT HAVE A CAMERA!!! Sad, isnt it.. therefore i'm compromising with my parents that i should have my own camera... WHY??

1) i like cam-whoring..
2) my friends like cam-whoring
3) me and my friends like cam-whoring
4) i get to take pictures of meaningful events in my life ; childbirth, death, my friend's vomit...
5) my cousins like cam-whoring..
6) i can snap sleepy heads of my friends..


Like duh-uh... why does a person want a camera in the first place?? a big DUUH!!! Refer to the main purpose of why humans invented a camera... so the ULTIMATE reason for me to have a camera is to..

........... SNAP PICTURES ............... du-uuh!!

Shame on those who does not know the capabilities of the human intervention and their purposes.. SHAME ON YOU!! And also, the other valid reasons i have given on top.. Seriously, for a college person not to have a camera, is literally insulting.. not to mention when it comes to photography club or some events...

"Eh, jojo... come come.. let's take picture... Owh wait.. you dont have a camera.... " *walks away.

INSULT!!!! Anyway, (*me being too overly dramatic again.. ) i have decided, as of now, that i am going to buy a camera.. (just the matter of day and time now... months even.. sigh)

Things to ponder about..

Of course, there are a few that caught my eyes already, only after fulfilling some of my conditions..

- They must be pretty...
- They must come in either white or pink..
- They must be brand-flashy.. and slim..
- They must be what i like and what my friends like, doesnt matter if my family likes it or not..
- They must be ORIGINAL!!! NOt some cheapsake, buy-from-China brand.. no offence though..

And here are some of my picks..

Contestant No 1 : The Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS

comes in chic color
8.0 mp, 3X optical zoom
2.5'' screen
.. and somemore of those Canon stuff...

Contestant No 2: CANON IXUS 970 IS

brand new
freakin 10 MP, 5X zoom
2.5 screen too!!
.. and some more of those Canon features..
Contestant No 3: SONY T Series - DSC-T2/W - SMILEY

i so love this one

comes in white and pink

SONY!! smiles..

8.1 MP, 3X zoom, 2.7'' screen

4GB internal memory!! OMG!!


Contestant No 4: SONY W Series - DSC-W130/S

8.1 MP, 4X zoom, 2.5'' screen

metallic silver color

another SONY!!

antishake, antiblur.. etc etc...

And there you have it, my top list of which camera i;m getting my hands on..though i would prefer to try these babies out first when i hit the stores anytime soon!! Weheee.... Any other suggestions that you think would suit my liking.. Bring em rollin in.. im open to any opinions.. Muahhaa cant' wait.. i'm very excited..

p/s: my exams are starting friday.. sigh sigh sigh....

Monday, May 19, 2008
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...stella promise me...
"I never knew I could hurt like this
And everyday life goes on I wish
I could talk to you for a while
Miss you but I try not to cry
As time goes by

And it's true that you've
Reached a better place
Still I'd give the world to see your face
And be right here next to you
But it's like you're gone too soon
Now the hardest thing to do is say

Bye bye.." taken from Mariah Carey's new song, Bye Bye

I miss home.. i want to go back...

Thursday, May 01, 2008
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if i could escape...

i would run run run away from this college..
and bring my mates to another place..
where we can find find find fun all day...
in the sun, and do things our own way...

we're all in this together...

we will sing sing sing, and dance dance dance..
till the night comes and the dawn breaks
and when we feel sleepy, we lay by the fireplace,
and sleep soundly, with fire and woodchalks taste...

in the end...

we have to go back, we cannot stay behind,
we need to return, go back to our time,
Indeed, we had our part of the fun,
but now we go back, our time here is done..

cute isnt it.. the bears.. i got it from marie lu- thanks.. this post is about fun fun fun with our friends. Living in college is not easy - we have to live farway from our families - adapt new lifestyles - new timetable - new food - new surrounding - new people - new everything. So give ourselves a pat in the back for able to do this.

i love the times we sat together and hung out at my place.. we used to chat and gossip till early morning, and then go to class on the next day. We have different backgrounds, different subjects, different styles and laughter. Yet we get along like waves of motion in coherent. Our friendship's the purest!! I miss you guys..

Love - Chaer, Jean, Chelle...

cant wait to see you soon - muaks

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
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- date a pilot >..<
- Go to TOKYO!!
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- Have a nice Bday bash with stel
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