Friday, May 29, 2009
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I watched a clip of a Korean celebrity - Kun from 2 pm, giving a casual/random girl an opportunity of a lifetime - being this date for AN ENTIRE WEEK!!!

And after that snippet... my life changed!!


I mean like why not? Korean guys are hot, cute, boy-ish, good-looking and somtimes quite lala*, But yet, they never cease to entertain my eyes in Korean series and drama. They sing, dance, act, perform, PLUS, they're cute, handsome, good in style, knows what to wear and all...

Moreover, Korea is one of the major fashion city... they're bound to be flawless, good looking guys out there waiting for me!!!!!!!!!!

Culture wise.. Korean is quite famous for its rich culture and heritage too!! Their national costume is nice, they have nice music and all..

Even their food is toleratable. Im not a HUGE fan of Korean dishes, but it's similar to Japanese food and i can live with that!!
Heck, even their writings look like Chinese. I guess that's one of the similarities that brought me into liking Koreans... kinda reminds me of the 'ASIANs'

And of course, you'd have to give them credit for all the crappy cool online games they made for us youths... Without them, online games would be.... a bore........

And .... KOREANS are soooo romantic... They're the only breed of people who actually PUTS a lot of effort, into a relationship!!! They work for it. They make it good. They maintain and make it sooo creative!! And that is definitely a plus for me!!

From couple phones, to matching tatoos, cute lala camwhore pics, nice scenery, romantic getaways, creative gestures, cute faces, lovely sightings;sitting by the jetty and learning ice-skating together. KOREANS are the best in surprises and theyre the best ideal DATE EVER!!!

Probably that's why they know how to make good/ worth-crying Korean hit Drama series/movies. Always with a sense of humour, cute-ness, cry-a-lot and ROMANCE. KOREANS are the best in what they do.... MAKING people CRY!! And that proves, once again, that KOREANS are THAT romantic laaaarr....

So ask me again, would i want a KOREAN boyfriend???


Thursday, May 28, 2009
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As the days go by,
Anticipation awaits!!

Talks going round,
what to wear? who to go with? what to do? the afterparty?

I've never been to my OWN prom, i've been to several other parties similar, but never to my very own prom...

What makes me so excited about going then?

... friends... of course, the smiles on their faces, the time shared together..
... dance ... night infused with food, fun and laughter
...the moment .... has it come to an end .. or is it the start of a new chapter?

the night awaits... after everything else is finished..

"It will be memorable.. I promise.."

Of course,
I anticipate you...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
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Like fire in the fields,
There goes my exam week!!
Burning the ashes outta me...
Somebody help me!!!

2 down, 10 to go.. that's the amount of my finals, 12 papers!! Sigh, the first two was okay though..

In the midst of tiredness, i still find time to linger around, chat, gossip, think... 

Soo many things happened, so many are affected, yet so little noticed...

Anyway, ..... some old friend of mine came online the other day.. 
blue - Mr X
pink - me
"Woi, Ah Jo ar, i thought you r v good in photoshop de.. Why all your pic like crap?"
"Excuseeee... me... what pic of me like crap? Which one?"
" All your pics la... you dont know how to use photoshop meh? u dun hav ar?"
"Lolz.. i know how to use lar... sometimes i lazy.. Why? What's the catch?"
"Catch what?"
".. ... i mean, why did you ask?"
" Oo, cause i got this picture of 1 gurl and 1 boy, and i wan to decompose a bit la.."
".. you mean edit... "
" .. huh, okay okay, edit... you can do ar?"
" when i have the time.. is it important?"
".. not really laa... just my pic and my gf ba... i wan put as my desktop"
" ceeh... send to me!"

* a few days later

"Damn siaw man ur photoshop. U damn good.. can make the pic so nice.. "
"It's nothing la.. just adjusting the composure and tone of the pic.. "
"Hah? What composure?? ???"
" nothing.. some button in photoshop.."
" Ooo so you use the composure button to edit ?"
"Something like that.... hehee"
"THanks ar, u help me a lot. when u come back kch i chia u teh c peng"
"Okay, no prob.." *smiley

So, the moral of the story is, I CAN USE PHOTOSHOP okay, though my pictures are crappy and usually i steal/tag/copy pictures from other sites... I KNOW HOW TO USE PHOTOSHOP!!! - But im not that good... i only know how to adjust the pics... Other people can do wonderful things with PS, sorry not me... >..<>

One of my few favs, (*sorry i cant post the pic that i edited for Mr X, he dun allow me to..)

Speciment ID: Shahir Z, 
- best buddy, RC hang out mate
 - loves chocolates, maths, iPods
- hates eggs, annoying people..
- single and available... 
- very tall in stature 

- dont this look like some cut out ad from some magazine?? hehee

Speciment ID: Izzie
- best buddy, RC hang out mate..
-nicest, sweetest, most adorable guy you'll ever get!!
- a gentlemen
- loves: music, maths, red
- hates: *a pest, kuah satay
- single and available..


those are one of my fav pictures, that i've edited.. well, it's not that nice, i know.... 

Back to study, got Physics practical at 10.30 and i havent bath.. UrgH!!! Bye!

Friday, May 22, 2009
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Exams... exams... exams...

Revisions all day and night...

Instead to sharing how stressful exams are as always... i think i better blog about something else to de-stress the level of anxiety for all YOU PEOPLE sitting for exams..

When you're burning the midnight oil... falling asleep, flipping over your Bio books.... sigh... hmm what i usually do is..

1) Get up, walk around for a while... stretch!
2) call / message / kacau a friend who gives you semangat!!
3) Think of happy thoughts, i'd think of holidays, graduation, prom, going back home and all...
4) think of why are you really doing this. What for? Who for?
5) Then concentrate, tell yourself, that this is your FINAL shot,

and then study!!! I mean, it's really tough and hard to keep focused on something, but really, WE HAVE TO DO IT! BECAUSE WE WANT TO DO IT..

So.. do you want it bad enough to do anything for it?? >.<>

Monday, May 18, 2009
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I seriously think that people are getting more lazy to reply messages... sigh... recent conversation with my fellow friends..

"Eh, What time are you going back? Will you be going back with X or you tumpang other people?"

What the hell is that suppose to mean?? Then i resent another sms,
"What's 'x' suppose to mean?"

okay.. that left me puzzled for a while, then the next day i went ahead and asked him.
" Oi, i dont get your bahasa SMS, man. your Eng terrer sangat, i dont understand a thing."
" Haa,, x means Nola, Im not going back.."

.. in my head ... HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO KNOW THAT. It could be no, im not going back, no im going back with X or no im not tumpang-ing other people?

He then added on, X tu... banyak mende tao..
X can mean:
- tak de ape-ape
- X nak
- ntah
- No
- Maybe
- X as in a smiley kinda thing
- target
- salah
- eyes (courtesy of Javey)
... banyak lagi tapi tak ingat..

Wow, so im suppose to decipher every symbol i get in an SMS?? Incredible...

Another example...
" Are you going to the cafe later? I need your help with something. see you there?"
" :p "

with my interpretation skills, i presumed it's a yes.. so i went and waited.. waited... and waited.. 1 hour later... he came..

"oi, knape awal sgt?"
" YOU SAID YOU"RE COMING!!!! But an hour late???"
" i kan dah hantar sms... told u i'll be there in a bit.."
" you hantar smiley face je kot.. how am i suppose to know that you'll be LATE?"
" Alaa.. sorry la Jo, smiley face tu, meaning later... laa.."

So now, i know that :p means
- later
- bluek
- *stick tongue out
- boo you
- x nak
- cant do it/cant make it/cant catch me
- smiley

Sigh. Not only that, i notice that usually it's GUYS who EXPECTS GIRLS to INTERPRETE their Bahasa SMSes.. sigh, it's okay if the girl's are regular and accustomed to these 'new skills' but macam i pulak, susah sikit laaa.... took me long enough to figure out..

nnt bwat mende laen = nanti buat benda lain

i am a B-A-K-U person kay, so mind your BMs on me, bolehla kalao nak short hand, tapi jgn yg terlalu extreme.. * usually i'd ask my chaletmate to bacakan.,.. hehee

Another thing that i notice is, that when guys dont know what to say.. they'd do this..
- :)
- thanks
- K
- Bye
- ??
- *no reply at all

and S = curvy lips (*courtesy of Javey)

I mean like.. be la gentlemen and creative sikit la.. and dont malas to type... try saying..
- Thanks, a lot for the advice. Goodnight and sleep tight now.
- You're the best!! Thanks a lot yea...
- :) you're so nice and sweet. Okay, i'll see you soon. Bye!
- Goodnight, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite! :)

SMileys are nice, but when put with words ...

But then again, guys wouldnt be guys if they dont so these things right.. sigh...

Crappy bahasa sms...

Shhhhhhhh why dont you try speaking like what you type... -_-!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009
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Yearbook.. yearbook.. yearbook... When is it gonna get done. Everytime i turn around, something spurs up. Or when i looked away, weird things happened.. Been a few weeks already, since we *designers, dedicated ourselves into the whole yearbook-drama/commotion. And never-the-less, i DID NOT REGRET, NOT EVEN ONE BIT, that i participated. Last night was supposed to be the 'LAST NIGHT' - where we settle everything, ready to be print today.. Dont know about the guys, but i'll bet they're busting their asses night and day to perfect the yearbook. >.< 

I did all i can, i wish i could have done more... 

Another job done, another lesson learnt. I'm very glad that i get the chance to work with all sorts of people, including the great Oggy, Velu, Dom, Afif, Michelle... Ting.. and all others. It proves my versatility *or not, and that i'm still no good in photoshop^ing.. Im still learning!

One chapter closing, another one opening, EXAMS. yes! My exam's starting real soon! as in NEXT WEDNESDAY! Nope, i'm not 100% prepared yet, but i WILL BE!!! Bracing myself to bring out the bEST in me! For all, this is my LAST SHOT!! >..<

On the other hand, i have things to look forward to.. 
- unis
- End of semester hangouts
- buy a dress
- buy a suit
- Prom - (yes, i will be attending.. with a date! >.<)
- Sarawak trip
- HOME!! - the most rewarding...

Of course, before all else is sweet and sound, the ruffles i have to endure.... -___- tsk tsk tskk... such a loooong way to go, but time's running pretty fast for now.. it's already 8.50am, dang.. 

And i thank my family, my friends, everyday, for being 'there' for me, and encouraging me all the way!! They're the BEST ever! 

No one knows long far long this road is going to, but i know that i'll be seeing YOU on the other side!! >.<>

Wednesday, May 06, 2009
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Wasting time. 

What's the reason for attending classes, when all you do is just sit and listen, not learn. You do and when you want to ask, you'll have to wait. When time do not permit, you leave. So, what's the use of going to classes ?? When all you do is just wander, you stare at your classmates, you think about the impossible, you do the obvious, you dream about other things, you dont pay attention... What's the use of going to classes then??

Wasting time ... sigh.. i'm not implying on ALL my classes, just certain ones.. 

Sunday, May 03, 2009
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i've always liked doing things for other people, helping them with daily chores or in desparate needs (though not THAT desparate). but sometimes i wondered how... it actually feels like to being treated nicely for a day.... being treated like a princess!!

i can imagine... hot dudes surrounding me, bubble beds, fluffy pillows, branded prints, breakfast in bed... urgh!! .. .why cant i have that life???
of course, what i meant by 'being treated like a princess' is not entirely based on cash, diamonds and fancy things. though - most of it DOES rely on 'material goods'... i think EVERY girl dream of being treated like a princess sometimes - of course, in their own special way!

So, what's my ideal treat for as a princess? Hmm, i dont really know myself.. Let's start from our drawing board shall we? the pink ones are what i'd imagine...

First, there's always ground rules e.g: 
- No TELLING me what to do
- No rude, disrespectful intentions towards me .. etc

Then there's the particular interests - little things that you'd like particularly..
- I'd like a driver of my own
- I'd like 3 maids, 1 butler and a nanny?? ... etc

Then comes, the pampering points - what you want/need/adore/dream of
- mostly material goods
- probably someone to get all the things/accompany you for the things you want..

Oooo, not to forget, a prince charming - *drools
- a combination of Hugh Jackman, Josh Duhamel, Leo de Cap, George Clooney, Daniel Henney & Kwon Sang Woo = SWEEEEEET!!! dang..

Last, territory - du-uh, princesses rule their own country, so you'll need a place to conquere!
- i'd like to rule a small little island out in the open sea... my own gateaway..

I want to be treated like a princess, not actually be, a princess.. Whoops, im deviating from the main point again.. 
clueless, i even forgot the last time i pampered myself.. perhaps this sunday.. >..<>

But yet again, wanting to be a princess is of course, unrealistically immature, but every girl can dream, cant she?? I guess my simple definition for being princess is just ... 
' being able to have everything you want, within your own grasp, and that you can make your own decisions in things... and being entrusted by others... loved by others... accepted by others...'

SO girls: Pamper yourself! - treat yourself well, love yourself! - to an extent** and the rest will fall into pieces... let your imagination run wild!! 

...and who knows, your prince charming might just be around the corner someday, and by that, you'd be a real princess, in the little tall tale called Your Life!

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vain me
Despite the fact that i have exams coming up, revisions on the waiting list, yearbook designs to finish and a tonne of STRESS on my head now.. .i still have the time to plan an outing to One Utama today.. wait i meant yesterday.. tehee.. Since it's a long looong weekend... Fri, Sat, Sun off (because of Labour Day).. I, have decided to plan an escape, from KYUEM!!!

Haha, thanks to Thirah, Letha, and Chelle, the plan was succesfull! 

- the wait for the taxi was loong... tch.. from 7.30 AM, we waited for the taxi till 8.30.. tch.. 
- thank goodness, the ktm was right on time, and there was less delay in travelling in between trains!!

Our first stop, MOVIE!! we decided to watch WOLVERINE!! AND OH MY GOD<>
- rm 1 for GOOD FOOD!!! Fries, Popcorn, Drinks..
- rm 1 for comfy seats...
- rm 1 for good buddies!! Thirah and Tha beside me.. 
- rm 1 for hot dudes!!! Daniel Henny, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman.. etc etc..
- rm 1 for ACTION - damn, right from the start till end!!
- rm 1 for GOOD QUALITY!! duh... it's in the cinema..
- rm 1 for NO SUBTITLES - so i can actually enjoy the movie, without having to pay attention to the distracting subtitles
- rm 1 for GOOD trailers.. wow man, the trailers before the movie was damn good
- rm 1 for good sound quality... gempak laa
- rm 1 for good audience .. not the one that usually bising and laugh damn loud..

it was just THAT good okay.. like a carl's junior burger.. it's that GOOD.!!!

then of course, i went mousey around to try out some dresses.. 
okay la, i know i look FAT, so dont comment on the obvious kay.. in case you didnt know, these are for the prom! and i also tried blazers for my graduation, nice, but im not ready to buy em yet... if i've done BAD in my exams, FORGET IT ALL, i am going to MOURN in my room and not attend anything!!
more vain pics of us

owh yea, i had my hair cut at monsoon_id, ONLY RM 23!! for wash+cut+blow... i know it doesnt look any different unless you get a pembaris and go ukur the length of my hair but, it looks more 'shaped' and thinner.. hehee and i enjoyed the washing the most!! Hot guys surrounding me, paying attention to all my needs.. I got 2 different guys to cut, wash and blow myhair.. ALL damn Ah BENG, and GOOD LOOKING.. ~ darnt

Owh yea, i also met some Cosplay ppl at some Jap Fair at OU, and also some fashion show. quite cool la.. Overall, today i spent RM 150... >.<>

Friday, May 01, 2009
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Been pretty caught up with studies and yearbook designs lately.. so here are bits and pieces that's happening so far.. ^_^ I've also included GOOD or BAD things that happened... ENjoY!

1) Housetrip : Pangkor

OMG, i have never ever ever, been to Pangkor so it's my first time there.. It was SOOO FUN!! From college, we took a bus to Lumut, then a ferry to the island, where we then we were brought to our hotel, Suria Hotel via vans/buses. The next day, we spent exploring Pulau Giam, via boat rides, drifty waves, banana boat and snorkelling!! In the night, we had 'SURVIVOR' - hahaa >..<>

me.. with snorkelling googles!

me and letha in the boat!!!

i drew that in the sand..

Good: went on banana boat, boat ride, snorkelling, FUN, the sun, feeding fishies, the wind, the sand, the breeze, the waves... 

Bad: i LEFT Sebastian at Pangkor!!, we lost our room key and had to pay a refund -_-, i injured my leg

Lesson learnt: Never leave pet animals (stuffed or real life animals) in the hotel room alone.. 

2) Shahir's Bday 

26th April - Shahir was BASHED!!! Rahahahha... DOUBLE BASHED, sorry.. with whipped cream and water!! IT was the MESSIEST birthday ever, but yet fun!!!! we all got wet, cept for michelle.. ahahaha MANGO cake!! WHIPPED CREAM!! SHAHIR!!!! 

Good: Shahir was happy, Shahir got nice presents, we bashed Shahir!! it was nice..

Bad: Izzie's phone rosak kene air, my camera kene air... we all got soaked with whipped cream,  and mango cake... had to do landry at night..

Lesson Learnt: Shahir runs fast, he has long legs, BEWARE!

3) Yearbook designs

We had a meet-up the other night to check on our progress. In our demise, we didnt finish what we were supposed to finish in the period of time given to us.. Sigh sigh sigh, but none-the-less, we're still rushing against time to reach the end of it. Batch 10's yearbook is gonna be a success, im sure of it!!

Good: The yearbook's looking good, All departments have handed in their stuff *hopefully

Bad: got Dom's warning (bad), more work to finish, less sleep... sigh

Lesson Learnt: make sure you bring YOUR STUFF to the meeting you're supposed to attend.. 

4) Trials

.... let's just keep it short and go to the BAD part ...

Good:  - 

Bad: sigh.... 

Lesson Learnt: Always study!!!

5) Public Speaking Night out at TGI Friday's - The curve

OKay, though i am NOT an official member of the Public Speaking Workshop... but i got to go, hahahah.... First time at TGIF, ate Sizzling chicken, yum, fried macaroni and cheese, yum, and strawberry milkshake, yum!! Had fun walking around The Curve!!

Good: we're out of college, whee!! Good food, great place, love the atmosphere..

Bad: not enough time to shop, too full..

Lesson Learnt: Always share your entrees... its HUGE!!

6) KYUEM External Dinner/PROM

Hmm it's an annual event, held by the Student Council.. 

Theme: Glitz & Glamour
Venue: Renaissance Hotel KL
Date: 16th June 09

typical prom-like dinner party thingy, could be fun, going with friends, will be after-party and hangovers!!! Whee!!

Good: get to go out of college, socialize, it'a a PROM... , hang out with friends, 'HE' is going... ^_^

Bad: it's RM 100, need to get dressed/makeup/etc... , malas..

Lesson Learnt: -maybe after the night, i have something to fill here-

7) Ipod INcident..

i was charging my iPod, overnight, the next day, when i transferred a file into my iPod and chugged it out... then.... all my music and videos are GONE!! poof!!! 

' there are no files in your library '

DANG, but my memory's still used up, which means the files are still in there somewhere, i just need to retrieve them.. seeking professional help soon... 

Good: nothing good about an iPod with no music..

Bad: an Ipod with no music

Lesson Learnt: Love your iPod... 

... ... ....

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
My WishList
- save money to go to JAPAN!
- Bunjee-jump.
- Fly a plane.
- have a Gay friend!
- Get Punk'd.
- Own a taxi company with Claire
- Travel to Ethiopia
- own 'Star-Spanged-Banner', a restaurant
- Join the Amazing Race
- date a pilot >..<
- Go to TOKYO!!
- learn surfing
- Have a nice Bday bash with stel
- Be a nice tour guide to my friends
- Meet Wentworth Miller.

"Must Do"s
- get an external
- tidy up room
- repaint room downstairs
- be good in driving
- get sims 3
- finish PhotoAlbum

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