Saturday, August 25, 2007
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.. japanese cultural night ...
before the japanese cultural day... (JCD).. allow me to show you how my maths class is..

irk? students sleeping? teacher on handphone.. hahah.. chatting is common in this room...

this is me.. doing my chemistry report in class.. haha cincai cover up with some equations and numbers.. heheheh shsh...

and i stared at the stats book... which costs RM 92.50... cis.. why cant i understand it?

then everything went blur... "Cikgu!! Tak pahamla... explain lagi!"
Japanese Cultural Day.. (JCD)
This is suppose to be a huge 'to-look-forward-to' event.. and it DID lured in quite a huge crowd.. hmm i think i'm using the wrong tone here.. but nevermind.. what i am saying is.. it's a FUN event and i'm glad to be part of it..
There were lots of stalls and activities set up for the night,
~ sumo wrestling
~ origami tree
~ photography booth
~ sushi sale
~ jpop and jrock kalau-ok
~ wasabi eating competition
~ geiko - catch the fish in the net using tissue
~ premiere of japanese movies...
and etc....

i was of course, in the photography booth .. it's a booth where customers get to wear a yukata or a samue or a guy samurai costume then pose then get their pics taken.. RM 5 only.. then additional RM 2.50 if ur friends wana budge in.. heheheh.. this might sound a little exp to you but hey.. here in KYUEM... costumes is just nowhere to be found.. so this speaks opportunity!!>.

that was my first time i wore a yukata for a moment but no pic taken.. too bad.. and i learnt how to actually dress one.. ahhaha esp the tying ribbon.. tricky.. and the guy costume too ahhahah a. and syamim happened to have a kendo stick and a samurai sword (not real) that her brother ownes.. lucky!! so what we did is we set up a background and the props stuff then datangla the customers... berlambak-lambak lagik...

thought it's RM 5.. which costs a million to some of us.. but then we got like the most customers.. a whole waiting list!!! hahah and i was DAMN busy that night... whoa.. hectic man.. but it was worth it... here are some pics..

kcewa.. one of the customer.. luiz...bballer .. and mira behind the payung.. macho nye...

cosplayer michelle dressed up as some character from Oran.. and ABU?? in a yukata?? Wah.. heheh

chaer in one of the kimono.. how sweet!

Farhan (Baku) and Pink! .. pink claims herself to be YUna... heheh

cute lil sabrina.. with her yukata and a kendo stick.. kawaii!!

SO overall!! yaya.. it was fuN!!! but for now.. i need to concentrate on my chem and physics and also .. CP which is next week.. then i can go back .. yaya!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007
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.. dark room in use ...
Dark-room experience..

it's 1344, 22nd august 2007, and i'm in the IT lab, waiting for my next class, computing with mr J... OO yeah.. i went to the dark room just now to develope a few black and white photos... with my dark-room partner (DRP) Neo!!.. he's no guy from matrix kay, but he's a KPm scholar.. muakakak... and i chose him cause letha wants another partner.. of opposite gender too.. so that's why.. no other particular reasons kay.. paham??

Yeah, yeah.. at first.. memang blur when we first step in the room.. dunno wad to do.. macam.. blur la.. but then slowly la.. we remember wad the akak and abg abg senior taught us back when we had out tutorial.. and so, adalah ilmu sikit-sikit.. tak byak tapi cukuplah .. i mean like.. how hard can it be to develope ONE photo? hehe

we went through the negatives and Neo chose a picture of some.. lion statue like the one you can see in the chinese temple.. it's something like a 'Nian'.. statue of it.. so .. what the heck.. try lolz.. he handled the 'dry' area while i handled the 'wet' area.. so his job is to focus the negative on to the paper and select the timing and stuff.. and i transfer the photo to the 'developer' 'stopper' and 'fixer'.. something like that la.. some solution.. OOooooOooooo

first we did a trial.. tear some paper then try try to determine the timing for the paper to be exposed to light.. how many seconds.. and stuff... then baru we do one REAL one.. but then sik cantik sangat.. cause the first time we tried was 10 seconds.. not so nice la.. so second attempt.. 12.5 seconds.. it was clearer and more focused la.. then i throw it in water before hanging it on the line.. yay.. tomorrow can go and take liao lolo.... okayla

these few days quite busy with Cultural Performance and stuff.. studies still okay.. clubs.. whoa.. cool.. and i got tennis match today after this.. i mean like.. 4.30 after class, after music club.. yeah.. then got practise tonight and etc etc.. aduhai... so i guess that's about it la.. very tiring but i'm used to it.. and oo yeah.. maths exams this sat... i hate stats.. -_-!! okay, take care, everyone.. chow~!

Love, Jo

Saturday, August 18, 2007
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One can be bored until boredom becomes a mystical ecperience..

Hahh .. bore.. it's nothing boring about here in KYUEM, maybe at night, while the rest were dozing of in their beauty rest, and i.. was searching for 'relativity' in the internet.. gosh.. bore is just the word.. Mind you, i'm curious about this 'relativity' concept that a senior brought up to me and a couple of others the other day during Creative Club meeting. Let's name the senior, Dr Q.. and i'll relate this story to Abu.. hahah.. >.<

Perhaps this might be a little boring again.. but this thing here.. 'relativity' is natural science.. well, a general theory of gravitation i can say.. it's not som esuper hard thing Einstein created to confuse us humans.. But really.. this is an interesting field that i have yet to discover. Previously, i've had quite a little research about 'Coloumb's Law' and some weird chemical bondage with my mates back in Kuching.. Heeheh.. sounds intellectual but nope.. it's very very simple if you just relate to it ... trust me, if i can understand it, so can you..

Anyway, yes about what Dr Q told.. well initially he told Abu alone about his observations and understandings of 'relativity' and a bunch of other stuff including time space... i can relate to those but i cant seem to draw the line between which and what space time gotta do with relativity.. i mean like... 'relativity' relates to things with mass alone.. right.. time??

Whoa.. confuse dah.. but it's very interesting la. the whole conversation... And it got Abu totally into it. heheh .. Ohh yeah the other thing was, Vector and Projectile Movements... in Kinematics.. heheh i was to chem lab when i saw Abu talking to a bunch of girls.. explaining something lar...

So i penyibuk sikit.. go there and dengar dengar.. it's obvious that he's talking about projectile movement.. chapter 2 of physics, talking about the symbols of negative and positive regarded as directions in our calculations. Bear in mind that WE are the ones who determine the directions of the ball moving upwards or downwards. So if up's positive then down's negative. Once we've stick to that implemnetation, then we can count all sort of stuff.. be it velocity, speed, displacement, distance, acceleration..

Yes and another, thing, gravitational force of the ball.. yes.. we might be a little bit confused about the gravitational force reacted upon the object but remember that gravity always is neagtive if going up is positive.. no matter what condition, gravity pulls up down.. Simple as that. Not to be mixed up by the acceleration of the object.. so it's two things here NOT to be mixed up..

Vectors you say? yes, applying the vector concept into projectile movement can ve useful in understanding and application-wise. It's up to us, any way we want to study it ..


Wow.. do i crap too much?? yes i think i just did.. well .. do tell me if i go wrong.. i can correcr myself then. Anyway, life's not that bad here.. i get all the facilities i need, so it's up to me to utilise them .. hohooo.. but wireless still suck.. -_-!!

Haaa.. i'll be back on the 30th sept .. yays.. less than 2 weeks.. but before that i'll be heading up to midvalley for a shopping spree to get all the stuff i need and the stuff i want to buy for the people back in Kuching.. heheheh dont be surprised if you get something.. i'm very generous.. hahahah

So i guess this is it then. Much love and kisses from me.. and

p/s: stel, shaun, claire.. miss you even more as each day passed... but i hope to see you guys soon.. Muaks.. !!


Monday, August 13, 2007
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... i'm missing you...
It's about time i get homesick, but nope.. i got book-sick instead.. sick of books!! Chemistry was like .. duh-uh LOOONG.. and crammming all the computing notes into my head.. sigh.. thigns should be easier.

hmm i wasnt online lately.. due to the fact that the wireless here.. aint that good yet. But i managed to enchance my skills in bball, tennis and squash, my recent addicted sport! YAy.. and i joined like.. a lot of clubs.. let's name a few shall we??

~ Rotaract Club
~ Chinese Cultural Club
~ Japanese Cultural Club
~ Basketball Club
~ Swimming Club
~ Music Club
~ Creative Club
~ Photography Club

and soon... by persuasion of seniors..
~ Lifesaving
~ maybe.. doing DoE and joining Model UN..

Tadaa.. impressive? too OVER? i tell you there're lots of other ppl joining more than 10 clubs.. the first 2 sem of the year is the only chance for juniors to join tonnes of club.. later on, we'll have to stick to a few.. and the club changes every 2 sem.. so it'll be a new registration for next year..

Commitment you think? dont worry.. i practically live here... so there're wont be any transportation problem.. no parent problem or whatever it is.. you have the time and i got my time and i'm bored.. sports are like once a week.. but i play tennis like almost everyday.. for the house that is... and i still suck.. >.< href="">



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