Wednesday, November 15, 2006
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AhJo's Barn

Howdie partney, what chia doin ere? Haha. Animals. Don't you just love lookin at em animals. Cute little furry things.. that make noise.. Awww...

Anyway, proud to say that Ahjo's Farm Animals are best of the best in Malaysia, and third in the world (from unidentified sources)! Don't be shocked! Be glad cause i'm showing off my farm animals to you guys today!

First stop is my one and only little chick (siaw zhi, in chinese)! She's claire and she's my youngest breed from all the chickens in my chicken coop. Good sense of humour and love all the pooping around and escorting other chickens and cows (humans too). Dont be fool by the cheecky appearance, she's good at counting and has four toes on both of her feet (mutasi). Actually i found her in the 'longkang' at Jalan Mendu. Nobody's chick and so 'kesian' so i brought her back and gave her a home... (*eww) Now, she works for the man.. Ahjo..

Next, is the mother of all chickens.. Pat! If you ever ask her "Pat, chicken or egg first?" Her answer? Of course, "Mother chicken first la.. no mother how got egg and chicken?" (She answered this based on her chicken brain alright. No offence!) She actually a mutating breed from a planet not so far away from Earth (forgot the name) and i adopted her with the Contract System. First i got a seed then i planted it with fertilised soil and Chemical X and tadaa! Kebo (hokkien please) was born! She has good ears and eye sight and also good company when it comes to chatting or trips. Trust me, those vacation tips.. wahlao.. priceless...

Then, i do not, but have to introduce, the duck in my animal family... siaw yak (chinese), little duck. Same case for my duck, stella i found her in the same 'longkang' where i found claire. Just that when i found stella, she was quacking real LOUD! She's actually a chicken but she quacks! i tried convincing her that she's a pure chicken but she insisted on a chicken determination interview. So we got on the interview, with judges; Paulo Aduh, Randy Jacko and Simon Cowmoo! results are clear! She's not fit to be a chicken and so she's the duck in the family. Mind you, never ask her the ultimate question.. "Chicken or Duck" (Beware of that... )

Well, a current new member of the animals.. the watchdog.. (* a good farmer friend of mine gave this pup to me..) His name is RuuFFFjEEEEREeeemM. Actually that's how he barks.. * swt. Good company and loves to chase the other animals around. Loves crowds, loves grass and loves eeky-muddy places.. yeah that's the one..

I do have more animals but those are ordinaryly lame so i'll lock them up in my barn. Wanna know more abt the animals or see them? Them head along to Geylang, Ahjo's Barn to see these marvellous creatures.. You wouldn't wanna miss it for the world. Aiyak! gotta go.. Cow's on the loose.. till then.. Turraa~

This is an original prodution of the Ahjo/Geylang/crazieanimals Sdn Bhd. do not copy. For more info, never check the website.. just email or send me a note to the address somewhere in this context. Thank you for your attention.. class dismiss!

Saturday, November 11, 2006
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Microsoft Hua
Ello, today's the 11th November 2006, heh 7 days to go before my first paper starts. /swt

Anyway, what will i be discussing today? Let me see.. microsoft hua (* geylang version of microsoft word?) Well, it needs a little bit of publisity. Alrightie then!

Microsoft Hua (pronouced in hokkien not chinese)...
hold on a sec, i've just stopped and watched AMAZING RACE ASIA.. WOOHOOO! With Alan Wu as host, (though i like the original one better..) Well, i certianly the Malaysian team and the Indonesians have a good chance. Well, this episode, they're looking for the pitstop in Menara KL (*salutes) after pacing the go-karts somewhere in Stadium Shah Alam.. ( i actually know this place .. haha). At least, it's in Asia you know.. i mean. Usually they end up in Africa, Nigeria, Barcelona, Australia, Artics, Rome, jungle, ... etc etc.. heck i don't even know which is where. /swt.. am i far too off the topic? Alright, alright..

Microsoft Hua Nothing much about this baby actually, except for that user-friendly easier to understand geylang-language! Ya-baby! i mean like what's up with 'File','Edit','Tools', 'Help'? i mean like, why cant they use some other words like.. 'Menu' 'kuei'(open in hokkien) 'touch-this and your document will be destroyed' 'touch that and your document will be saved later then destroyed' and etc. Well, you do have a point when you say they want to keep the words simple and short. Heck! Bill Gates must be holding a Thesauraus or watching Jammy Boliver; The Naked Dancing Chef 6 when he thought of those words.. i mean like..
'cut' the meat into halves so that it cooks smoothly. then 'insert' the mixed chicken and potato mash into the oven and bake for 270 deg. After that, 'open' the canned tomatoes and mix with the coriander 'paste' which you can buy anywhere in the store. Now, 'save' a little of those tomatoes for the chicken and 'arrange all' the mixed up tomatoes in this big plate over here. Then, we 'customize' the plate by adding some basil leaves at the sides as 'gridlines' and 'clear' all the rest of the junk on your table. Blimey, it almost six o'clock! Get 'help' and 'assistance' from your stupid dumb kitchen slaves and then serve the meat uncooked then get ready to clean up your toilet, cause that's gonna be one sh*t of a night.

Not exactly, a normal tv program. Watch Jamie Oliver; The Naked Chef for the uncooked, special Mediteranean chicken. That'll give your guests a blast of gas and puff at your dinner party. Haha. Making a point there, Microsoft Hua is available in 2 languages; namely English and Geylanish. You can customize your own words by clicking 'Ceh' on the tool bar then inserting your own owrds into it. Or if that's fussy for you then you can use the normal English one (which Phill Mates created) or the sexy Geylanish. For extras, it'll also be in voice command with the sexy woice of Tata Young. Yeah! (* she's also a Ahjo fan ya know.. ) See now that puts Microsoft Hua into a whole new level.

Suming all up of this week's special; Microsoft Hua.. there'll be a bonus cash prize and the secret recipe of that Uncooked Special Mediteranean Chicken FOC for the first 10 downlaoders. So get your cursors ready and click to download Microsoft Hua now! Yay!

Well, i want to do more advertising here but will ya just look at the time! Blimey, it's already late! Tune in next time, at Channel Discovery and Advertising! Where Ahjo will be doing more of her trash talk about her own Microsoft Hua! Signing off, this is Ahjo and have a gastly nice of a day! Adieu!~ (*blows kisses...)

P/s: Stuff above is made up entirely for the purposes of entertainment. Please do not even try to click on the site (but it will be available in the future) and well, if you wanna be a Ahjo fan.. you can email me or something.. Leave a name! Then i'll be glad to register you. And no offenses to the big PC man and the chef.. Sorry, ya mate! Dont go report police ha. later they saman me and i pokai cannot Zhng my car anymore.. Sowee..Hehe. i leave with a neerdy quote.. "Can i touch your software?" (Neerdy Geeky Quotes Volume 2)

copyrighted by Ahjo Fanclub Sdn Bhd.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006
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hot sizling-bling-bling
Hello once more,

Today, more than just any ordinary day, i am personally going to do a real coverage survey of 'hot sizzling-bling-bling' vocalists from the few of more than the outgrowing 10 million bands in the universe. Much appreciated if you would let me do all the talking and braging about these 'hot sizzling-bling-bling' men of the century while you kindly listen to me brag.. >.<>) Gerard is also one of the evoling men, transforming his black-charcoal 'ashley parker angel' hairlook into blond, short and sexy>>> (*Drools). Indeed, Gerard Way hits the number one spot, (eversince i saw him on mtv.. AAAAaaarghh..) with his frag, goth looks and killer eyes.. OOhhlala...

Stepping not far from Gerard Way is All American Rejects vocalist and bass player, Tyson Ritter. ( Aint he just a sweetheart?) First and foremost, curly hair guys rocks and this is only one of em top players from the curly world of typsy-turns. OOhh is right, neglect the fairness of his curls in the video, 'Dirty Little Secret' this guy also looks hot with his 'suspended length hairlook' (as i call it) from the video, 'Move Along'. But seriously, aint that cutie hair style look familiar? Perhaps... Charlie Epps from AXN popular series, 'Numbers' can lend us a hand in this mystery... Charlie, what d'ya say?

Charlie: According to this algebra equation and with my knowledge of rythmic movements along hair brushes plus the application of mechanical physics, i was able to identify the source or, functionality attributes from which Tyson got his hair style looks. And i've sum it up to find that the ever popular tv series, 'Numbers' there's this hot guy, namely Charlie Epps from which i believe the hair style rocks out the rejected guy! What a minute, that's ME!! Dong!

Alright Charlie, thanks for the calculation.. Ermm Moving along we also serve this hot and sexy vocalist from INXS, JD Fortune. (*screams screams). Unlike the other two of hair styles, this hunk with his blazing eyes and the 'panda-eyes' rocks INXS! I mean it! Who would have thought that the cute, litle boy, JD would win and be the lead singer of INXS? Wah ha? (Of course, personally.. i like Ryan Star from Rockstar;Supernova. He's coming to KL by the way.. check that out!) PErfect tatoos in the right places gives JD another plus plus ++ and those abs.. Whooo Hooo.. i'm getting too personal here.. Alright, alright.. JD.. fabulous, whamming, writes good stuff.. hot.. Keep it up will ya bro? Thanks alot, mate!

Well, there you have it 3 of the hot 'sizzling-bling-bling' from the music industry. Until then this is Deborah Kahn from StarNews Asia. Goodnight!

All scripts are intentionally made up to serve the purpose for public entertainment. Thank you!

Sunday, November 05, 2006
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Worn Out
Dear Bloggie,

I have just finished my last day of school.. (well, there's the prize giving ceremony on the 7th nov) /swt.. Anyway, looking back to all the good times and the bad times.. the cool ones, lame, boring, exciting, fun-filling, teacher-disturbing, principal-changing times of my school.. it was pretty drastic!

According to some of my friends,

Friend A: i'm surely not going to miss that school. besides, som is on the way.. gotta study.. no more time liaw..

Friend B: Meh, that school.. okay la.. maybe i'll miss it when i grow up and found a job.. married?

Friend C: I cant believe it's the last day!!! Awww.. how i wish i was back in Form 1.. Quick, must get all my friends to sign my auto!! Quick!! Take pictures..

Obviously.. i was refering to my classmates.. Aaaa.. the bittersweet memories of being in blue-white pinafore, wearing white shoes.. carrying big heavy books and the gossips around the block. Of course, i'm sure most of us will miss doing that but some others might just move forward and leave all the hustle in school.. Yes, last day of school is filled with joy and happiness as everyone shook hands, take pictures, sign yearbooks etc etc.. It's not the end of the world surely.. i quote; if it's the end of something, then it is also the start of something new.

Something new.. i came up with this 'Gey-lang-nese' family among my friends... well actually just me and a friend, claire (aka angie). She's my 'siaw chi' (little chick in chinese) and both of us just talk more and more abt the Gey-lang language.. ey-lang lifestyle.. Well, fictional of course.. no offences to the Geylang people in Singapore.. i just like the name 'Geylang'. Hmmph, with ads and cut-out lines from some mtv shows, tv commecials and friends influences.. TaDaa.. was born (pls people.. this website does not exist! Dont try to click!) i'm sure if you ask some of my friends they would know or might have heard of this crap.. Hahaha

I started blogging again.. wel i hope to keep it constant this time.. since i'm on my study lift and spm's real near.. (knocks head against computer monitor). Maybe i should've continue this long time ago.. Nevermind la.. Wah lao. so long already i type.. Cannot.. cannot.. must stop.. Till then the next Entry.. Show!

please take good care of my enemies and give my friends a break! ^-^
Love, Ah^jo~

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
My WishList
- save money to go to JAPAN!
- Bunjee-jump.
- Fly a plane.
- have a Gay friend!
- Get Punk'd.
- Own a taxi company with Claire
- Travel to Ethiopia
- own 'Star-Spanged-Banner', a restaurant
- Join the Amazing Race
- date a pilot >..<
- Go to TOKYO!!
- learn surfing
- Have a nice Bday bash with stel
- Be a nice tour guide to my friends
- Meet Wentworth Miller.

"Must Do"s
- get an external
- tidy up room
- repaint room downstairs
- be good in driving
- get sims 3
- finish PhotoAlbum

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