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My review of the MAA
Last night, on the 7th May 2006, 12 am.. the MTV Asia Awards (MAA) was held at Siam Paragon, heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Welly, well, well.. i sure heard from some recent gossips that it WAS going to be hosted by Wang Lee Hom & Kelly CLARKSON, but guess what it's KELLY ROWLAND from Destiny's Child.. man... Alright, alright i'll start from the very begining..

The anticipation pays off with a half an hour 'Road To Bangkok' episode with Same Same (heck, i do not know who they are). The show's about two guy, roaming around the roads of Bangkok... kinda boring.. (just like some travel and living shows... ) At the end of the show, they did show how the trophy was made. The trophy was way awesome.. some action figure thing holding an axe.. 'We wanted to make it a trophy a blast!..' says the designers.. Pfft.. it was kinda cool.. Hehe

Then, the MAA starts with a performace by KORN!! Yeah.. but heck, the camera keeps on switching.. for like.. the whole thing.. Jonathan Davis, drummer, crowd, Johnathan Davis, crowd, Johnathan Davis, band.. man headache la... the laser are nice.. but the arrangement of the crowd kinda sucks.. too much empty spaces in between! Then it was Lee Hom's turn to rock da house and he DID! Aww... he's cute.. (-_-) then it's Kelly Rowland.. singing some of her own songs.. dancing like dolls... / puppets..

Then it started... i think i'll list the performances rather than typing them into long long paragraphs.

Performaces.. (in order)
1) Korn - Twisted Transistor
~ amusing..
2) Lee Hom
~ AAAahhhh .. he raps real fast
3) Kelly Rowland
~ sweet gal i suppose
4) Titanium + Simon Weebe
~ weird combination..
5) Se7en
~ man, he dances good..gotta say.. better than Rain and heck, he even breakdance!
6) Hoobantank
~ hmm.. better than before i guess.. blasting off their new song..
7) Teriyaki Boyz
~ man, these guys are dressed in some army-like tees with the word 'BABE' on it.. and different colours.. they did looked a but gay-ish.. but they're cool in their rapping..
8) Daniel Powter
~ with a nice version of his 'Bad Day' the night wasn't bad at all!!
9) Jolin Tsai
~ i dont really fancy her but heck, he's one hell-of-a good dancer.. even with those gymnastic ribbons.
10) Rivermaya
~ a band from Philipines.. singing english songs..
11) Tata Young + Lee Ryan
~ a duet.. singing .. 'my endless love'
12) Vaness Wu and s korean guy.. (forgot his name)
~ talking about hip hop, rap, and breakdancin.. these guys are so damn awesome.. with their chest exposed shirt.. OOooo

Heck, alright, it wasnt a full review but at least i'm watching it... here's the list of awards...

1) Fav Artist Korea
Se7en - well-deserved honour i guess (his english is way better than Vicky Zhou)
2) Best Breakthrough Artist
Simon Weebe
3) Fav Artist Hong Kong
Twins (not suprised at all)
4) Fav Artist Philipines
5) Fav Artist Singapore
some Indian-looking guy.. forgot his name.. ( Too Phat were the presentors.. 'We boys from KL..'
6) The Style Award
Jolin Tsai ( she talks like a M'sian man.. 'Thanks my fans for 'vorting' for me...'
7) Fav Male Artist
Ricky Martin ( not there... somewhere promoting his tour.. )
8) Fav Female Artist
Kelly Clarkson (not there either... man, she looked fat... )
9) The Outstanding Achievement Award ( pop music)
Destiny's Child
10) Fav Artist India
Jump - 3 guys... they thanked Pakistan and India...
11) Fav Artist Mainland China
Vicki Zhou - 'mmmteeveee... o muey fwends...'
12) Fav Pop Act
The Backstreet Boys (not there)
13) Fav Rock Act
Green Day (whowooo..not there.. unfortunately..)
14) The Inspiration Award
Bird Thongchai McIntyre ( heck, some well-respected guy...)
15) Fav Artist Indonesia
Peter Pan
16) Fav Artist Taiwan
Lee Hom.. (yay..... he won something!)
17) Fav Artist Malaysia
Mawi (well, what an awful shock.. dude that guy won?? and he's not there.. says he's with his family? Lame!)
18) Fav Artist Thailand
Tata Young - well-deserved.. along tahnk you letter!
19) Best Video
Korn- Twisted Transistor !! Yay! i was voting for it.. haha

That's about it.. During the intervals.. they did put on the coehunters as they called it.. ( 4 created chracters.. to feast the eyes of the crowd during each break.. ) They made a short animated movie about those 4 - Shen, Lawan, Nhi & Zom. The story unfolds along the show.. somewhere here and there..My comments about the show.. hmm.. let's see.. it wasn't as organized as before and most of the artist wasn't there... bummer.. you see more of chinese than the western artists... bummer... lousy chairs that's for sure.. and not comfortable too..

The Coehunters: 3 typhoons hits.. (just like the War of the World) then one by one the character comes together.. then it's the attack of some wild boar ( harry things) - just like War of the World.. then the old man with axe.. then they killed the harry things.. then taa daa... Zooom a old git appeared from nowhere, destroyed all those aliens and became the figurine of the MAA. weird but cool... a little....

I'd say.. the MAA this year wasn't as i expect it to be.. i wished it would be more fun and more organize.. But the army thing.. is awesome.. You get to see army guys in suits swinging here and there.. walking with the celebrities.. instead of some fancy models walking here and there... No tables for the presentors.. They have to take the figurine themselves.. odd.. rather strange..

Overall... okay la... but i think last year's was better... more excitement.. more nice performaces.. look at this years.. kinda dull.. Huh... this is getting too long.. so long for now.. i'll be posting if i recall anything.. yeah, bear in mind that i did not watch the last few minutes of the show. i went up at 3.15... it's too late.. and i'm getting drousy.. TTFN (Taataa for now)

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Saturday, May 06, 2006
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MTV.. i want...
Here's a post to remind everyone who went by this blog or whatsoever about the MTV Asia Awards..

Event: The Official, MTV Asia Awards
Date: 6th May 2006 (tonight)
Time: 12 am (redcarpet) until 3.00 am (usually it ends earlier)
Reminder: Stay ALERT dude... STAY WIDE AWAKE!

Huh, tough night tonight, i'm cramming my bio notes in my head now.. wahahah... exam in a week.. ? less than that.. i'm sure to be screwed.. so many things to remember... Good luck everyone.. who's studying for exams... Study hard! ...

p/s: Stupid Taklimat... shish.. stupid taklimat...

Thursday, May 04, 2006
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two stars in one sky..

Two stars, discovered. One, shines and the other, twinkles. Both are equal in beauty and fairness. One night, Mother Sky asked star shine to fly over, down to earth and shower her light over those who are homeless. Then to star twinkle, may her twinkles put orphans to sleep. Both star made their way down to earth, shining and twinkling in the valley of the night.

Before reaching Earth, Star Shine stopped and weeped. Star Twinkle, stopped but laughed. Down on earth, an orphan then a poor begger in the pathway near a grocery store looked up and prayed. Said the begger,

" Please, i do not want a place to stay, nor a place to live. I have what i need, but i need what i want. Help me, dear Mother Sky..."

Said the other, " Please Mother Sky, i do not want parents nor love, i wish to be dead. If i lived, i can't mend my mistakes and if i am dead, no one shall weep in my ceremony. "

Both stars looked upon the begger and the orpan. Then they held hands and brigthen the night sky.. The orpan and the begger died that night...

Haha.. something that i've come up with while i'm in school (ESTperiod!) /swt... FIY: My school choir got 3rd place in the recent choir competition! St Mary got 2nd and Green Road got 1st. Congratulations to them. Bummer for me, it was a lost but i'll be parying harder next year i suppose.. Good job girls... dont give up hope yet!

Yeah about the story up there, well.. let's just say.. it means someone important to me, someway or another. Truth lies in the heart of all men... Hehe but if you really get the story.. Hmm you can let me know abt it.. make an interpretion for it... then i'll compare it to mine... hehe.. my predictions are not always correct but also not always wrong.. Chins up! Peace!

p/s: Mr Khoo's new tuition center starts this week.. Dont forget! Jln Song!

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
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