Wednesday, December 31, 2008
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The darkest hour has finally passed...

For days, i've been working day and night on my application (US), and finally i managed to finish everything today.. I've been warned by soo many people, that the application process is tough and tedious, i did take their advices, but still, i can feel the strain and stress of completing it..

It's like, even though you have your essays ready, but you feel 'tak puas hati' to submit it... such a negative feeling.. and when you sleep, you can even dream of submitting/completing your app.. Man, it's such a burden to carry..

So many restless nights, so many never ending passages... finally, i may have a piece of mind...

It's over now, or is it not? I dont know, but i gave my best... now, i am going to rest... And plan my party.. hohohoooo*** excites

Monday, December 29, 2008
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Been busy with my applications lately, i'm so messed up, and im going back to college in exactly one week's time. Many things yet to be done.. as usual...

Anyway, these are some of the xmas pics, i wanted to upload more, but it's sooo lagging.. sorry!

the Christmas tree at travilion.. OOOooo it's snowing... -_-!! it's just some weird foam spurting out of the tree... Kuching ppl are sooo sakai.. haha..

stella... admiring the choir.. Merry Christmas!! x 3

dang, we tried taking pictures, but they were all blurred.. we're bad camwhores.. dang..

we tried to take pictures okay, it wasnt my faulth the pictures were bad tehee..

javey - all subbed ready to go clubbing.. or maybe not...

more fireworks... wow...

highlight of the night, fireworks!!!

it was 10 mins (approx) display of fireworks! SOO PRETTY!!
i have more pics but lazy to upload =p

Owwhh, Christmas is over!! New Year is coming!! whee!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008
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Once every 25th of the year, we celebrate Christmas!!

it is the only time when YOU GIVE a GIFT that you like to someone else...
you sing carols...
you see snow *not in kuching duuuuhh
you dream of santa and reindeers..
you say "MERRY XMAS!!" to everyone that you know or send them smses..

So, here's to wishing every viewer of my blog **ahemz..


p/s: i'll be posting up pictures if what i've done on Christmas eve soon.. hohoho!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
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Today.. 22.12.08
22 December 08... is a day that i will not forget, soo many things happened just in one day.. whoa.. so far, i think this is the most memorable day of my hols.. good things and bad things..

First in line, was
Stel's car accident - of course, with me in her car at that time..

The chronology of events...

went to spring with stel for christmas shopping

clock struck 12 pm, time to go ...

went out, turn to 3rd mile roundabout *near sunway

stel was looking at car coming from her right

kancil in front moved

stel stepped on the acc. car went vroom

i turned in front and the kancil braked!! i warned stel, stel hit the brakes!

2 seconds later, BANG! We were hit!

Wira at the back drove to the side - so did we

Stel called her dad *who arrived moments later - WiraGuy called mechanic, stel's dad called mechanic... everyone was on their cell

SETTLES * i went back, stel went to work... W-O-W!

the damage done...

stel's bumper was dislocated.. one of the lights was broken..

the poor Wira... was hit.. mann... i hope he has insurance...

Lesson learnt,
~ always be EXTRA careful at the roundabout..

~ kuching people are soo kepoh... *they like to stop and stare at accidents
~ dont eat and drive at the same time
~ i think we should all buy 4d/toto/magnum/etc... stel's car num..

Aside from all the BAD news this morning, wait, i meant yesterday morning.. there was good news going on for me too!
i bought a jet plane (*fighter jet) pendant from vincci

we got 3 free gifts from vincci! Whee!! Mysterious, odd looking bunny and cat.. ~meow..

And of course, i decided to paint the front wall in my house.. Well, having the accident wasnt that all shocking and extremely traumatizing! Besides, my sis and i are bored so we decided to paint our house!!

my dad mixing the paint... Fern green!

bye bye empty ugly plain wall..

preparations for the painting..... just a roller and a roller plate..

and we paint, paint, paint as we listen to the HAPPY WORKING SONG!!

the aftermath!! not the finish yet, it's still drying up...
Fern Green HELLO!!

me.. trying to strike a pose, while painting.. hey what you DONT SEE in the pic, is the stentch, the mess, the sweat and the HARDWORK!!.. but ghee.. im still smiling...

I was dead tired after painting so i went to sleep ... until 6.. helped my aunt at her kolo mee stall at 3rd mile hawker stall - where i saw goc.... then back...

my mum asked me to wrap a gift for her friend's son.. Still tired, i took a pair of scissors, tape and ribbons, and tadaaa! Magnifeito!! me likes** i wish i can have it for my christmas gift! it's so preetty... i like what i create!!

it's actually like 10 x 12 inches.. 3 m of ribbon.. man that's one lucky guy ..

i still have the time to show off my new shoe! bought at nose@spring... RM 26 ONLY!!!

and currently my most prized possession.. my baby nephew: KENJI!!

he is such a darling.... AWWW!!

Gosh, it's like nearly 2 now.. and my eyes are shutting.. urgh... so much happened today, and now, im still trying to consume everything in for tomorrow.. sighs... tomorrow will be a better day.. i just know it..

*Stel&Jo went to Spring,
Stel&Jo went for shopping,
Stel&Jo got in the car,
Stel&Jo got hit by Wira,

Stel&Jo didnt know what to do,
Stel&Jo saw the man coming, Bohoo!
Stel&Jo called Stel's dad,
Stel&Jo settled, and that was a wrap,

Still confused, Stel&Jo went back and pray,
Stel&Jo hope that tomorrow's a better day..

Goodnight everyone. Im out!

Thursday, December 18, 2008
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Been cleaning up my room for the past 2 days, it's very messy and all stuck to one place, hated it, i needed a new look, so me and my sis moved some furnitures around and tadaa!! New LOOK! at least in this condition, i can have my friends in my room! HEE,, it looks bigger and brighter, more comfy... love the new look.. yays!

the new look!! still needs more tidying .. gonna do it tomorrow!

me and stella, trying not to sleep... ZzzZzz... tehee!

Congrats to stel, for getting a job at Guardian Boulevard.. hahah soo all you people out there, you know where to find her!! Wohoo! im soo asking her to belanja when she gets her first pay check! Hell Yeah!!

im leaving you with this.. one of my personal fav...

Beyond the horizon of the place we lived when we were young
In a world of magnets and miracles
Our thoughts strayed constantly and without boundary
The ringing of the division bell had begin

Along the long road and on down the causeway
Do they still meet there by the cut

There was a ragged band that followed in our footsteps
Running before time took our dreams away
Leaving the myriad small creatures trying to tie us to the ground
To a life consumed by slow decay

The grass was greener
The light was brighter
With friends surrounded
The night of wonder

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
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Phew, sorry for the lack of update, it's been pretty wild and busy for me this week, i even forgotten how time flew so quickly.. Anyways, a bit of everything..

i attended the MPYO's east Malaysia Tour' 08 at Dewan Santapan, Dewan Undangan Negeri, on the 12th Dec, Friday.. RM50 ticket!! The place was awesome, fancy, and freaking cold...

quite a crowd all, in smart attires.. fancy place i'd say...

the orchestra, we were not suppose to record anything from the performance, as told - this includes photography..

Overall, i'd say the MPYO was spendid, well conducted and OMFG, those youths can play like Pros, BUT... *the catch, haha*, for me, it wasnt worth all the money... i mean Rm 50, you can eat like 20 packets of kolo mee (Rm 2.50 each), or catch a movie like 5 times?? (Rm 10 each), for 103 minutes, sitting down and listening to classics.. wow,i just cant believe i endured that... im amazed myself..

the funny thing is, you dont notice how time flies when you're actually 'disgesting' the whole perfomance. They played, "Overture:Roman Carnival Op 9" by Hector Berlioz, "Cello Concerti in B minor Op 104" by Antonin Dvorak, and "Symphony No 2 in C minor Op 17 - Little Russian" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

WELL.. i must say, i'm very very impressed that Malaysia has their Youth Symphonic Orchestra so steady and well conducted, and i believe that they're the best in our country.. with all the youth and all.. - Bravo** throws roses...

Moving on to today, i went out with stel, to look for the MINEX FINDER"S KEEPERS TREASURE HUNT .. haa... MINEX is suddenly feeling generous and giving out free diamonds to whoever's free to look for it! today's clue was hard though.. but it aint keeping us from looking for it. *fingers crossed*

After that, was an afternoon at the Spring's - haha giving shaun a makeover.. haha not really a FULL makeover, but we thought, it was about time, we'd give him something for his birthday soon, AND we wanted him to do it for himself, not that we're forcing him to do it because of us or something.. geez, i'd like to post some pictures here but .. hm.... convince me to do that.. hehe.. it was FUN FUN FUN!! Owh yea, we met row, g chan, tiff, rach, kelvin c, jem, trac, and emily v there too at nose. hahah.. whee

Later that day, was another trip to the cineplex *condemned place now.. because of renovation* where we watched TWLIGHT AGAIN!!! WHEEE>. *drools.. with Geral O, stel and stel's sis : Jasmine.. heheee.. FUN FUN FUN... Before we ended our night, once again, we circled jln kereta api again, in search for the diamond, but no LOOT!!! Sighs... maybe tomorrow's our day.. hehee..

oo this is a card i made for a special someone.. hehee.. nice lerr.. if you want to order it.. email me, perhaps i would consider making it too.. i can customize it if you want me to.. i hope this pleases her.. *giggles*

Tuesday, December 09, 2008
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Im back!!! Been very very free lately, so this post is a two-some!! 2 in one!


it all started out as a plan to go swimming with stella.. As promised, she came around at 8.25 to pick me up for swimming at MBKS swimming pool. When we actually reached there, it was closed, "Swimming pool buka pukul 2 la.. " .. Fine, then we decided to drive all the way to stampark - BDC. The wheather was fine, windy, not hot ... we landed, parked and got out of the car. Then to the notice board. Goodie! It's open from 9 till 11.30, great.. suddenly a voice from afar..

"Eh, miss you swimming??"
"Err... yeah... "
"Sorry la miss, today the contractor is renovating the cafe at the pool.. sorry la.. "
"Er.. really?? Does it take long?"
"It should be done by this evening lah.. But it's a last minute infrom, so sorry.."
*yeah right, like you can trust a contractor...

Right, with long faces, we left the place and ended up at the road going to tabuan.. We were supposed to go to Kuching Specialist Centre (KSP) *stella's errand.. Somehow this alluring road from the other side of the roundabout drew us into another stream called 'Stutong Baru' - like idiots,we went in, and went on with it.. It was like a 10 minutes drive from the main road when we realised that we were actually LOST!! DEAD LOST!! Houses all over with numerical lorongs all not in order!! And the road leads wayyyyyyy into the unknown area. HELP US!!

From the sight of Nipah trees, Stella freaked, i was speechless... i didnt know where we were. wished i knew, but hey I DONT KNOW WHERE THE HELL WE ARE!! We panicked for like 3 minutes in the car, as each nipah tree passed us, eventually towards a small road with a contruction site at the end.. ZOMG!! We made a u turn, and started retracking.. all the way back.. going pass all the nipah trees.. SCARY!!!

ABout 20 minutes later, we were back at the roundabout, OUT FROM THE LOST WORLD!!! FINALLY, THANK HEAVENS!! We chose another path that *we were supposed to go to earlier on* and landed on KSP!! Yays! Got breakfast, then to the hospital where we searched aimlessly for stella's grannies which later, we found out were not there anymore.. Sighs.. then to Mita, where stel bought blueberry and pandan cake for her grannies... -_-!!

i got back to my house to pick up a few stuff, as stel drove to her grannies's house.. then she came back to pick me up and then back to her house as we waited for the pool to reopen at 2 pm. And as MSN's wheather forecast predicted, it actually RAINED at 2 pm.. so we waited for a while more, then at 3.. the sky was cleared, a sign!! Got in the car, to MBKS swimming pool.. and we had a good swim! Sayang, no cute guys, only annoying ones, trying to show off.. -_-!!

After a good swim, we went to eat at Hong Kong noodles house.. haha.. and that was a WRAP!!

Points to remember;
- always bring googles when swimming -_-!
- always be ready for an adventure when spending a day with stella
- always plan ahead before any outing with stella
- stella has nipahobophobia (fear of nipah trees!)
- any day with stella is a looong day!! hehee

But i enjoyed today pretty much, swimming, eating, adventuring and talking! Spending time with Stel is soo much fun!

Okay i think i over-typed this post, so the next one, is only pictures and tags..

Sematan, 6 -7 December 2008 - a family outing to Sematan!!

even Sebastian decided to tag along for this trip...

the view is breathtaking.. *melts..

of sea breeze and coconut trees.. i could live here forever...

come to think of it, we cooked up a whole lot of food ( my dad's friend + us)
but credit goes to the 'Ayam Pansuh' and 'PorkRib Pansuh' - damn nice..
local Sarawak delicacy.. shouldnt be missed!! YumM!

our shelther for the night, a kinda shabby looking chalet, hey there's air con okay, but the rooms smell very fishy.. very piercing stentch!

the town.. nothing much there.. only people selling stuff.. market..

me parents on the way to breakfast, the next day..

one last view of the sea from town...

we're off packing away.. or should i say, EAT up everything you see, so that we dont have to bring back!!

a last look at the shabby chalet, ** psst, we used the table for mahjong.
haha me dad's kakis..

the beach is such a beautiful place.. i love it... Hmmm..

Tuesday, December 02, 2008
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It has been a week, since i crashed here, back in my lair, with free internet access and food all convenient for me to grab. Wasted.

Anyhow, i managed to do myself good today! Today like any other day, i woke up early because i promised letha to meet her up to transfer files (yes, stella we're trading porno movies!!

Anyway, we made a deal to meet at 7.30 at some dim sum shop at jln padungan. Sadly i was there too early, and letha came late. But no biggie, i'm used to waiting...

Then we headed on over to Chillipeppers at Swinburn (because letha's sis is taking her exams) and wi-fied.. (i didnt, but letha did) at the cafe till 11 something. Stel, messaged and we met up for lunch at Secret Rep. talked.. talked... talked... before sending letha off to Clover Cafe at ang cheng ho.. of which we got lost in the first part of getting there.

After that, me and stel went to Crown Plaza, then to an ipod store in travilion, where we almost got hit by a white car?? DAMNIT! Then to boulevard!

my 'cleaned' desktop

As for the part where i did myself good, i figured..

1) I bought 2 books : "Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments" & "The Origin of Brands"

2) I got stella lost on the way to ang cheng ho - proves im human after all, not a GPS machine

3) I helped stel to do her groceries shopping

4) I ate sheperd pie.. yummie!

5) I cleaned up my desktop

6) I wished my sis "Happy Birthday"

7) I gave a thought about my application

8) I caught up with letha and stel

9) I wished stel Good Luck for her PA

10) I watched 'Another Cinderalla Story' and cried on Oprah.. zomg, not CRY out loud, just a tear

Just for knickers...

i saw this woman, with a bright pink t-shirt, and her 'ENORMOUS' boobs poping out of her small stature, and imprinted just below her busts, was "TRY ME" ..

zomg... what's happening to Kuching people nowadays?

Joanna Kho / Jojo.
My WishList
- save money to go to JAPAN!
- Bunjee-jump.
- Fly a plane.
- have a Gay friend!
- Get Punk'd.
- Own a taxi company with Claire
- Travel to Ethiopia
- own 'Star-Spanged-Banner', a restaurant
- Join the Amazing Race
- date a pilot >..<
- Go to TOKYO!!
- learn surfing
- Have a nice Bday bash with stel
- Be a nice tour guide to my friends
- Meet Wentworth Miller.

"Must Do"s
- get an external
- tidy up room
- repaint room downstairs
- be good in driving
- get sims 3
- finish PhotoAlbum

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