Sunday, February 22, 2009
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I really hope you like every present that we gave you, and that you'll have the best best best time in college. Though, you cant go back home to celebrate, i hope that this can compensate at least 20% of being home with ur family.. 

I want you to know that you're a very very very very very very (x infinity) close friend of mine, and that i love you very very very much!! You're sweet and kind and you're always there to cheer me up or make me smile or eat dinner with me or go to the rc, and layan me when im emo, and ask me if i'm unwell, send me messaged of smileys, and everything else you'd ever do. Always always keep me in your heart okay.. and you deserve it all.. 

(* and to ur twin brother too!! )

Friday, February 20, 2009
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Valetine's Week is still on, i'm still lovey dovey, goofing over my friends and my new fling! Heheee.. so i'm dedicating the next few posts to my loved ones!!

is she, who tastes like ice-cream,
who melts when she sees Charles & Keith,
who freezes when she meets her friends,
who drips when she has to go to work..

is whom you call when you need a ride,
who rides with you all day and all night,
who freaks out when she sees nipah trees,
who's got no sense of direction, hmm maybe a little bit..

is my manircure mate,
my shoulder, my laughter,
my cry, my fight partner,
my fun, my movie date,
who shares everything, give and take..

is she, whom i care for, 
whom i think of everyday,
she, who i miss and wish to see again,
Stella, my colors, my best friend...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
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my september
you're the apple of my eye,
my sweetest desire,
my song in the high, 
you're my darling september...

muahahaaaaa.. though valentine's over, i can feel the LOVE in the air! Phewit!! College's still the same, but haah, im no longer in the committee of Garnet, Fuyoo~!! Yays! Love being normal again!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
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Been coughing... *cough cough...

It itches in my throat!!!

My lozens are running out... 

cough cough, cough cough...

i need to get well soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009
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Valentine's Day falls on the 14th of February, every year.. Determined as I am, I thought this year was different! But reality stinks... i'm still single... sighs..

'Today is special,' I thought..
I just need to see it more clearly, with an open heart, and an open mind..

hahaa, The irony of it all...

.... those 3 words .....

I'd never thought i can say it on Valentine's...

when all else was occuring...

right in front of my eyes...

1) A Sweet Surprise

A decent surprise, all the way from across my chalet (L-37), L-32... came a package of love ...
Audrey & Shan

2) A Blue Affair
This picture was taken quite long ago.. but it brings back memories.. of friendship, love and chemistry...
This was the recent picture! Friends + Chemistry = FUN!!

CHEM + MR HANSON = LOVE!!! - it's the perfect equilibrium... beautiful!!
Chem class..

3) A cute friend...
A friend, who's cute... who makes me happy..

4) A Witty Mathematical Solution - tehee

Mr D: " Joanna, can you come with me for a moment, i want to show you a video.."
Me: " Err.. okay.. sure.."

* followed mr dant to the maths department.. then on this desktop was Youtube, a video.. of a song..
Joanna - Scott Walker (link).. hehee...
Mr Dant! - my maths teacher!

5) A lovestory Performed;

The class of Ms Rena & Ms Susan Blocks 3 & 4, came up with a short scketch; 'Sk8ter Boy' and 'Your Call' - during break time...

6) Lunch Company..

I''m not really sure why, but during that time, he accompanied me for lunch, and for that, i was happy!!

7) A Yummy Treat!
A pressie from Letha!! Though it's small, but it's filled with her chocolatey LOVE!!.. Ooozzeee!!

8) The Perfect Gift
The perfect gift for this Valentine's - is the ring of friends that i have!!!

And with all that, makes my Valentine's Day a perfect one, i dont need a date or a boyfriend (* im saying that because i dont have one.. tehee)..

With all that i have around me now, makes the most perfect VALENTINE's DAY ever!!


A special dedication..
Thank you Izzie! And Congrats!! You're the BEST BEST BEST!!! ;)

Thursday, February 12, 2009
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.Luck, Be on my side...

Wheeeoww, after all the Bangsawan MADNESS, my life now is 75% back to normal! Only a few more things left...

1) Garnet House Committee 2009-2010
2) Creative Club Handover
3)YearBook Designs

But, so far, i'm doing all good in college..Though my AS results was baaadd .. sucked!! I'm determined (more than last time) to do THE BEST in my A levels coming up, even though it's like hell in May June! Phew.. 

Just today, my sponsor came all the way down from KL just to pay us a visit! Heheee.. We talked about issues regarding Further Maths, BTN, juniors, consequence management, etc.. and the best part is... a raise in our allowence... 

wait, let me repeat that, 


wait, let me freakingly repeat that again, 


Yes, all you people out there, our allowence is now, RM 500!! WOHOO!!! I mean like, the previous allowence was Rm 358, which is more than sufficient for us.. So now, we're LUXURIOUS!! hell YEah!!! Who's ur daddy now, eh!

Im soo gonna spend like hell after this.. hahahah

Anyway, Valentine's coming in 2 days, and i havent got my sweetheart yet.. sighs.. tak pe.. at least i can celebrate S.A.D (Singles Awareness Day..) hahahah refer to my facebook about the Valentine thingy.. 

PETRONAS's the best sponsor yet!


aAAaaa... this is the life... SWEET!!

For all you other people out there, dont be jealous, they picked us...... Tehee!!

p/s: no hard feelings! >.<

Monday, February 09, 2009
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The Bangsawan Aftermath
What a night, of high intense emotions rushing through thin air, and the anticipation of all Houses waiting for the result of their masterpieces.... A night of anxiety, a night when it all ends, a night where i've put my best effort in, and a night that changes my life...

I'm sure that all the Houses have their problems, but the next few paragraphs, i am going to bore/share with you what i've felt, what i've seen, what i've done, and what i've failed to do...

.. As the Head of Backdrop -

Words can never ever ever ever express what i feel as the Head of Backdrop, but as means of description, i'll try to type one by one what i've been through..

Clueless, as i am, i didnt know what to do. I was told that i need to buy cloth, draw and paint a new backdrop then figure ways to hang the backdrop on the night. So i did bought cloth, sew them together then drew and painted it - of course with help!

Others doubt me, saying ,
" Sempat ke Jo?" or " Baru nak start ke??". The timid me just smiled and walked away. Because i was confident that we can finish it in due time, and that i believe that Garnetors will come and help. I was right, we DID finish it in the end! And i was soooo GLAD - that the backdrop is beautiful. Though the colors were not really what i'd imagine it to be, but it MADE a pretty good backdrop for the play. I was soo proud of it, so proud of Bangbil and all the other Garnetors who helped. I know i didnt do much, but i soo damn proud that the Garnetors were able to finish it, way before the Bangsawan.

Just before i could give myself a pat on the back, news came, saying that we're gonna use the OLD backdrop - the one we used last year, and the previous year. I was stunned. It's like 5 different feelings going through your head at the same time. I was soo blur, and since there's only minutes to the rehearsal, i went on with it - yes, using the OLD one.
I was crushed. I felt sooo bad, and stupid, and wasted...

Just as i've predicted, some Guniors came and cried. They wanted an explanation, i was unable to give one myself, but i told them what i have been told, and that i was
terribly sorry. Indeed, i was really really reallly reallly sorry. Of course, all those who've helped were expecting to see the NEW backdrop on, but then in the final hour, the OLD one was used. Who wouldnt feel wasted? Who wouldnt? I felt soo bad and stupid. If i could, i would give back all the time and effort the Garnetors gave towards completing the backdrop.

But too bad, i was just a mere useless mortal, incapable of doing anything right. I know it's not fair and i know that whatever i say its not gonna take the guilt away. So i decided to see Mr D the next day, the day of Bangsawan itself, but instead i got a message saying ".. it's hard to please everyone... ' that i am to decide on whether we're using the old or the new one.

Why? Why? Why tell me the change of plan, and then now shifting the responsibility of being the 'bad guy' to me? So now it's up to me to decide, and if i decide to use the OLD backdrop, it would be my FAULT?? But
i kept all my emotions deep in me for another day. I know this wasnt a solution, crying over it isnt gonna solve anything.

I gave it a long thought and pointed out the
'Greater Good'. If this is for the 'Greater Good' or Garnet, i will become the bad guy, i'll take the dive.. Then came another message saying that i can use the NEW backdrop if i can make it the same size as the old one... Hahahahaah yea right, like i have cloth and paint now and sew it back, then i can use it.. Hahahaaa.. isnt it a bit too late for that now?

Thank goodness, the rest of Garnet made it all easier for me. They told me
"it's okay, Jo".. i felt sooo relieved. Though i know deep down in their heavy hearts,they were unsatisfied and probably felt PISSED, i thank them soo sooo much!!! I want all of them to know that their efforts are not wasted, as long as the backdrops still exists. The backdrop stays a backdrop, but in my heart, their efforts are gold, and i will always remember that each and every one of them helped made this happen.

It really felt like, i didnt do anything at all. And that
i let everyone down. I know i dont have to feel this way, but it's just my nature to keep things deep inside my heart, until it breaks me one day ( though it did break me in the middle of it all... ).

Though we didnt use the NEW backdrop this year, i appreciate and i thank every single of them who helped with the backdrop. I am terribly sorry for what happened, i know i failed you, but let this be known, that it was never my intention to waste the effort, and that once again, i am sorry.
This is a lesson learnt the hard way...


- I cried.. -

Most of you didnt know, but yes, Jojo cried okay... C-R-I-E-D... not like a baby but tears came rolling down.. It was the rehearsal day. Several events that lead me to it..

- lack of sleep and rest

- Change of plan - OLD & NEW backdrop

- complains

- pressure from others

- my inefficiency

- the guilt

- my inability to help Oggy

- my own self

Sorry to say, but i was
sooo confused and crushed that day. SOo much things happened and i just accumulated all of them inside me. Then it just came bursting out. I've been holding it as long as i could, but that night, DAMN, i couldnt help it. I ran to the toilet, and cried my ass out. Not to mention, my nose was bleeding like hell, running like pipe water... but after a while, i made myself stop. then slowly, i went out, then i felt soo hollow...

- My Time & Effort -

Staying up late, painting, sticking, cutting and crafting things are not a problem. I know that someone had to do it, so most of us girls gave up our sleeping time to make it happen for Garnet. And i trust that every one of us have
no regrets - hey, we won Best Props wad...

Just to show the Guniors that if you really set your mind to something, you can make it happen. Even when it involves no sleep at all... heheee.. no laa..
it wasnt that bad, kan seniors?? *giggles

- The Winning Moment -

What really made it all worth it, was when we won Best Props.... It kinda showed me that all i did - skipping classes to buy cloth, carrying heavy spraypaints and poster colors through the busy streets of KL, making others cry, making myself feel like a fool, staying up late to do Props, and all that stuff ... was
really worth it. I was soooo happy and glad that we won Best Props. Prooves that our Props memang gempak laa.. hahahha

- To Oggy -

I know that i can never say this to you personally... i tend to forget what i wanna say..

AS a leader,
i adore you sooo much. You're soo cool, and soo chill. And you're so creative.. You're the best Housecap ever!! I'm just soo sorry i was unable to help you, or even to assist you. You may have ur "emo" moments at times - hey, who doesnt, you're handling one of the hardest, most vital section in Bangsawan tau, but you always manage to pull out a smile somehow.

I feel so bad when i cant get the backdrop up, of which of course is my responsibility and that you need to find time and crack ur head about it. I feel so guilty when you tried so hard to get the backdrop up, and that I was unable to pull the string, and get the backdrop straight. I feel so duuh, when you can act and tie the string damn fast, and that you'd always have to pull your sour face and come help my side - i cant tie it fast even, i cant even tie a perfect knot. I feel so useless, staring at you, when you're doing all the work, and that i can just sit and stare. I'm not afraid of you or whatever. Just that, i want you to know that you did a really really great job!!

I felt that i let you down, Oggy. And i know that i did. I'm sorry i was inefficient, slow and duuh. I tried my very best, but still i cant keep up with you.
So i'm sooo sorry Oggy....

Still, putting matters aside, we're still gonna work together for the yearbook. I really really hope that i can straighten things out, and make this Yearbook GEMPAK giler!!! I know you can do it, and i will try as hard as i can, to keep up with you...

Justify Full
To sum everything up, this Bangsawan is really an eye opening experience for me. I've learnt so much through the course of organizing and making it happen. I'm happy to be a part of it, and i'd like to express my deepest gratitude to ALL WHO's HELPED GARNET, in making this Bangsawan happen. I'm soo glad it's over, and i cant wait to get back to my studies..

so cute la this pic... i like the crab!

To juniors, learn from the seniors, and i know that you're an amazing batch! So next year,


Joanna Kho / Jojo.
My WishList
- save money to go to JAPAN!
- Bunjee-jump.
- Fly a plane.
- have a Gay friend!
- Get Punk'd.
- Own a taxi company with Claire
- Travel to Ethiopia
- own 'Star-Spanged-Banner', a restaurant
- Join the Amazing Race
- date a pilot >..<
- Go to TOKYO!!
- learn surfing
- Have a nice Bday bash with stel
- Be a nice tour guide to my friends
- Meet Wentworth Miller.

"Must Do"s
- get an external
- tidy up room
- repaint room downstairs
- be good in driving
- get sims 3
- finish PhotoAlbum

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